Samsung Galaxy Fold2 display, battery & spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 is premium smartphone from Samsung. So its spare parts price are much higher than other smartphones. Samsung has focused on display and design in this premium series.

Having Samsung Galaxy Fold2 smartphone then you might be curious about its display, battery and other spare parts price.

Some of you may also be searching for Samsung Galaxy Fold2 spare parts price to replace them because some of your smartphone functions are not working properly.

Many of the smartphone issues are fixed by reinstalling software or updating to the latest version.

Sometimes smartphone parts need to be replaced if hardware is not responding.

So in this post, we have discussed Samsung Galaxy Fold2 original display, battery and other spare parts price in details.

We also have talked about specification of Samsung Galaxy Fold2 in this post. So let us get started with its spare parts price.

You can also visit Samsung service center after your smartphone warranty period has completed. But this time you have to pay for the labor charges as well as spare parts replaced.

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 spare parts price list is given in the table below.

Samsung Fold2 screen repair cost

Your screen can be repaired free of cost if following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Screen stopped responding due to manufacturing defect only.
  • There is no damage marks on the screen.
  • Samsung mobile is under warranty.
  • There is no wear and tear marks on the smartphone.
  • You are able to produce smartphone buying slip or warranty card.

You may have to pay charges for your mobile screen repair cost (labor charges as well as screen cost) if your mobile is not under warranty.

You also have to pay for screen price if your smartphone is under warranty but mobile screen is broken or damaged. But in that case you need not pay for labor cost at service center.

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 Display price

Main Display45,044
Sub Display7,396
Display part repair32,000

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 Back glass price

ModelBack glass Price

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 Mainboard price

ModelMotherboard Price
Fold2 (256GB)30,959

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 Battery price

ModelBattery Price

Samsung Galaxy Fold2 Camera price


Samsung Galaxy Fold2 spare parts price shown above in the table are subject to change according to Samsung internal policy. Some of the things to note about Samsung spare parts price are as follows:

  • Price mentioned above are excluded with GST so Samsung can add GST at the time of purchase.
  • Spare parts price after adding the GST will be slightly higher than the price mentioned in this post.
  • GST price differ from state to state in India.
  • The price mentioned above are for Samsung original parts price only.
  • You may have to pay labor charge if your Samsung product is out of warranty.
  • No labor charges will be levied if your product is under warranty.

You can also visit Samsung spare parts price on their official site.

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