IMEI Number tracking: track Samsung phone using imei online

Samsung is one of the top smartphone brands across the world. And it manufactures budget range to premium range smartphones.

If you have ever lost your Samsung phone or someone has stolen your mobile then you might want to track your smartphone using IMEI number.

So in this post, we have discussed how to track Samsung phone using IMEI number. There are many ways to track a smartphone but we have to do few settings before the smartphone has been lost or stolen.

But most of us don’t do those settings and if regret after losing the smartphone. If you don’t have enabled Find My Mobile feature in your mobile then you can track it using IMEI number.

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Who can track phone using IMEI number

We have already told you that setting Find My Mobile in Samsung mobile can help you to track your phone in favorable conditions.

But you can always track your smartphone using IMEI. But everyone is not authorized to track phones using IMEI number.

There are any few agencies who are authorized to track any mobile using IMEI number. Like local police, CERT, cyber cell department of secret agencies more few more govt. agencies.

Phone manufacturer company is also not authorized to track any mobile using IMEI number in most of the cases.

How to track Samsung phone using IMEI

There is no genuine website available on the internet which can track any smartphone using IMEI number. You can find many websites on the internet which claims to track any smartphone using IMEI number.

And also there is no genuine app on the internet which is having ability of IMEI number tracking.

All those websites and apps are fraud and to make money only so you should always be aware of those types of websites and apps.

Telecom companies can track any phone using IMEI number so police inform to all telecom companies to put the IMEI number on the surveillance.

And telecom companies like Jio, Airtel, VI and more. This only possible when theft insert any SIM card in the phone and use it.

But now a days there are more advanced tacking features are coming to the police department which trace the exact location of the theft.

So you must always book a complaint in to the nearest police station. And it is very hard to trace any lost mobile because police has so much work load and they don’t put any smartphone on surveillance until the case is critical.

How Police track any phone

Cyber cell of Police department has special rights to track any phone within the country. If you want to find back your lost or stolen phone then you have to go to nearest police station and ask them to file a FIR for lost of your smartphone.

You need to produce the IMEI number of your phone to the police station. You can produce the purchase slip or order invoice of your smartphone as a valid proof.

In most of the cases police department don’t raise FIR in India for mobile theft or lost cases. You need to put more effort to book a FIR in police station.

When police department raise complaint against your lost mobile phone then you have to wait for the police to trace the phone.

Police department send your IMEI number to all telecom operators like Jio, Airtel, VI and more. When someone switch on your lost smartphone after inserting a SIM card in it.

Mobile will send your mobile phone information including mobile number, SIM card details, IMEI number, phone model and more to the telecom operator through any nearest mobile tower.

As far as telecom companies receive IMEI number information from any tower they immediately gather more information and share to the police station.

Now police physically visit that location and try to catch the theft. Police personal remains in touch with the telecom companies to get the live location and movement of the phone.

In favorable conditions police is able to find the theft and in some cases thief manage to escape from police.

Track Samsung phone using Find My Mobile

When tracking any phone using IMEI number is not full proof solution then you should take some additional precautions before you loss it.

You can follow these steps to enable the Find My Mobile option in Samsung mobile system settings:

  • Go to system Settings in Samsung mobile.
  • Click on Biometrics & Security option.
  • Scroll down and tap on Find my mobile.
  • Enable Find my mobile option.
  • Also enable Send last location.
  • Don’t forget to enable Offline Finding option.
  • Optional: Activate Remote Unlock if you need it.

For more information on how to use FindMyMobile in Samsung mobile you can visit our dedicated post.

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