Original Samsung A51 display price at service center

Samsung A51 display price and screen replacement cost at the authorized service center are explained in detail. The Samsung Galaxy A51 was announced on 12 Dec 2019 and it was made available to buy for public on 16 Dec 2019.

Many people showed interest in the Samsung A51 smartphone and bought it. Samsung A series is the first choice of people who want to buy a value-for-money smartphone.

Samsung provides great features including security and data privacy functionality in its Galaxy A series phones.

Samsung Galaxy A51 is the successor of the previously launched Galaxy A50 but both devices have almost the same type of display but the Galaxy A51 has a slightly larger display.

samsung galaxy a51

It has been almost four years since the launch of Samsung Galaxy A51 and people are still using this smartphone in 2023 with ease.

It is obvious that smartphones start malfunctioning after 4-5 years of usage. So if your Galaxy A51 is not responding well then you might want to fix it.

If your Samsung A51 display is broken or showing a Samsung green line then you need to replace it with a new one. You can consider replacing it at an authorized service center near you.

For more information on other parts prices, you can also read our dedicated article on Samsung A51 spare parts price at the authorized service center.

samsung a51 display and rear view

Samsung A51 display price

The original Samsung A51 display price is ₹5,000 at authorized service centers. The Samsung A51 display price mentioned here is excluded from GST and labor costs so you may have to bear these extra charges at the time of repair.

Samsung charges ₹350 as a service charge for the repair of out-of-warranty Galaxy devices. If your Samsung Galaxy A51 is out of warranty then you have to pay ₹350 as labour cost.

And there is a fixed 18% GST on all electronic items and their repairs so you also need to pay ₹900. So the Samsung Galaxy A51 total screen replacement cost will be approx. ₹6,250.

Samsung A51Price
GST 18%₹900
Labor cost350₹
Total cost₹6,250

Samsung A51 screen replacement

The Samsung Galaxy A51 screen replacement cost includes the A51 display price, labor cost or service charges, and fixed 18% GST.

So the Samsung Galaxy A51 total screen replacement cost will be the sum of display price, labor cost, and GST. Service charges or labor cost is charged to customers having out-of-warranty Samsung A51.

The Samsung A51 total screen replacement cost at the service center is approximately ₹6,250. Samsung service center always uses the original spare parts including the display so you will get the original display there.

samsung a51 display quality

Samsung Galaxy A51 Display

Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with a 164.0mm (6.5″) Super AMOLED display. The Super AMOLED is the improved version of the AMOLED display which brings a few enhancements to the AMOLED display.

The Super AMOLED display gives better picture quality and viewing angles than the IPS LCD display. It also has the advantage of vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast. It can produce great colors and contrast which gives an immersive viewing experience.

samsung a51 display price

The 164.0mm (6.5″) display in the Samsung A51 is large enough to provide sufficient space for watching videos, playing games, browsing the Internet, and multitasking.

Galaxy A51 features a Full HD+ display with a screen resolution of 1080×2400 pixels and a pixel density of 405 ppi. The higher screen resolution and pixel density help to produce sharper images and text and also make it easy to read and view content on the screen.

Samsung A50Display Details
Display TypeFull HD+
Size164.0mm (6.5″)
TechnologySuper AMOLED
Resolution1080×2400 pixels
Pixels Density405 ppi
Color depth16M
Screen-to-body ratio87.4%
ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass 3

How to protect Samsung A51 screen

Protecting the Samsung A51 is a very easy but continuous process. Anyone can protect his smartphone display from any mishaps by following a few precautionary measures.

Protection provided by Samsung

Samsung has already taken precautionary measures to protect the Samsung A51 to counter different types of threats. Samsung A51 is equipped with defense-grade Knox Security features. The Knox Security by Samsung is world famous and is a hardware-based security.

Samsung Knox is deeply integrated with the hardware of the Samsung A51. And you can also find the features to use the Knox security in your Galaxy phone. It provides you the facility to create a secure folder where you can keep your apps and data safe.

samsung knox security

Other than data and information security Samsung has also provided Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection for the physical security of the Galaxy A51 display. Gorilla glass is very useful when it comes to protecting a smartphone screen.

Guideline for Samsung A51 users

However these measures are not the permanent solution in terms of device security, so you need to take some extra precautionary measures at your level.

There are two compulsory things that every smartphone owner should do, always use a screen guard and back cover. Yes guys you might be surprised to read and think how the back cover can protect the smartphone screen.

But here I must tell you that a good quality back cover plays a vital role in protecting your smartphone screen and corners. If you use a good quality screen guard in combination with the screen guard then it will absorb most of the impacts and jerk on your Samsung A51 phone and protect it from low-level physical damage.

Sharing personal experience with smartphone screen

It is my personal experience that I am sharing with you guys, I was using my smartphone with a good quality back cover, and one day I removed it as my smartphone design was stunning. I started using my smartphone without a back cover my smartphone slipped many times from my hands and fell down on the hard surface and within one month my smartphone’s corners and the screen were damaged.

I learned a lesson from there and since that day I have been using a screen guard and back cover with my smartphone and my smartphone is still safe even after 4 years and not having a single scratch mark on it.

Other than that you should always take care of your smartphone. You should always keep it in the front pocket of your jeans. You should always take care while handing over your phone to kids.

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Original vs duplicate Samsung A51 display

The price and quality of the Samsung A51 display are different in the authorized service centers and local repair shops. Here we have tried to explain the difference between the Samsung A51 original and duplicate display.

Samsung A51 original display

The display price at authorized Samsung service centers might be higher than your expectations and sometimes may be beyond your budget.

The original Samsung Galaxy A51 display is available with service centers only. It is very hard to find an original Samsung A51 display in the local market or third-party service centers because Samsung doesn’t sell its smartphone spare parts separately.

Samsung authorized service centers always use original spare parts to fix a Galaxy device. They also have access to the original tools required to repair a smartphone. Technicians at Samsung authorized service centers are also trained professionals.

Samsung A51 duplicate display

You may get a display at a lower price from the local market or third-party service centers but you should always know that they only use duplicate spare parts.

If you want to save some money in fixing your smartphone then you might consider repairing your phone at a local repair shop otherwise you should always fix your Samsung phone at service centers only.

Samsung service center provides 90 days of guarantee on spare parts replaced. So if you fix your Samsung A51 display at the Samsung service center then you will get a 90-day guarantee.

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