Samsung Galaxy A50 spare parts price at service center

Samsung Galaxy A50 spare parts prices at the Samsung authorized service center are provided in this post. Samsung A50 spare parts price includes Samsung Galaxy A50 battery, motherboard, camera, and display price the service centers.

If your Galaxy A50 smartphone has started creating problems then you might want to fix it at the authorized service center only. Because Samsung service centers have access to original Samsung spare parts.

The local repair shops and third-party service centers always use duplicate spare parts and some technicians also claim they use original Samsung spare parts but they make people fool because Samsung doesn’t sell their spare parts to local vendors.

samsung a50 display price

If you want to replace your Samsung A50 spare parts including battery, display, motherboard, and camera then we recommend you to get your smartphone fixed at the Samsung authorized service centers only.

You may have to pay for the higher amount at the Samsung service center but they will only provide the permanent solution and use the original Samsung spare parts.

Samsung Galaxy A50 spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy A50 spare parts price table consists of the price of all the major components of the smartphone. You can find the Samsung A50 display price, Samsung A50 motherboard price, Samsung A50 battery price, and other parts price.

Spare PartsSamsung A50
Display₹ 4,243
Battery₹ 799
Motherboard₹ 2,938
Front Camera₹ 1,735
Rear Camera₹ 2,581
Rear Glass₹ 1,604

Samsung Galaxy A50 Display price

Samsung A50 features a 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display. The Galaxy A50 display has a 403ppi and 84.9% body-to-screen ratio. The Super AMOLED is just an improved version of the previously launched AMOLED display technology. The Super AMOLED display also produces great colors and contrast. It also has great viewing angles.

samsung a50 display price
Samsung A50Display Price
Display₹ 4,243
GST 18%₹ 763
Labor cost₹ 350
Total cost₹ 5,356

Samsung Galaxy A50 original display price at the authorized service center is ₹ 4,243 excluding GST and labour costs. You also need to pay for the additional 18% GST and fixed 350 as labor costs at the time of repair at the service center.

So the Samsung A50 total screen replacement cost at the authorized service center becomes ₹ 5,356. And they will also provide you with a 90-day guarantee on the spare parts replaced even if your device’s Warranty has expired.

The screen replacement cost at Samsung authorized service centers may differ from one state to another at the authorized service centers also. Samsung also provides a 90-day fixed warranty on spare parts replaced.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Battery price

Samsung A50 supports 4000 mAh Li-po non-removable batteries so you can’t replace Galaxy A50 battery at your home. You need to get help from a smartphone technician or an authorized service center.

If you want to get your Samsung A50 battery replaced with the original one then a Samsung service center is a great place to get your Samsung A50 battery replaced.

Samsung A50Battery Price
Battery only₹ 799
Labour Cost₹ 350
Total Battery replacement₹ 1,355

If your Samsung Galaxy A50 is giving very less battery backup and it is still under Warranty then you may get your smartphone battery replaced free of cost at the authorized service center.

But in case your Samsung A50 is out of Warranty then you may have to pay for the battery replacement cost. The Samsung A50 original battery cost at an authorized Samsung service center is ₹ 799 excluding GST and labor costs and the total battery replacement cost including 18% GST and labor cost will be ₹ 1,355.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Mainboard price

Samsung A50 supports Exynos 9610 based on 10nm manufacturing technology. Samsung A50 has a motherboard with has integrated CPU with having Octa-core processor and all core details are as follows (4×2.3 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A53). It also supports Mali-G72 MP3 GPU.

Samsung A50Motherboard Price
Motherboard (64GB)₹ 6,347
Labor costGST
Total₹ 7,902

Samsung Galaxy A50 Back glass price

Samsung A50Back glass Price
A50₹ 1,604

Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera price

samsung a50 camera lenses

Samsung A50 supports a 50MP triple rear camera setup with a 50MP main camera lens, 8MP ultra wide-angle camera, and 5MP depth sensor lens.

The Galaxy A50 also features a 25MP selfie camera with f2.0 apparture. So its selfie camera is also an wide-angle camera and can capture wide-angle selfies.

Samsung A50Camera Price
Front Camera (main)₹ 1,528
Rear Camera₹ 3,033

You can also visit Samsung spare parts prices on their official site. You do really require using VeePN VPN to avoid any suspicious and dangerous situation on your Android device.

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30 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A50 spare parts price at service center”

  1. there is IC problem in it. If u go to service centre they will ask u to replace full motherboard, but in market my phone repairing cost was Rs 2500 only.

  2. Its was my worst decision of life to buy samsunga50s i have wasted my 22500
    After purchasing a month later the mother started heating an no battery backup no charging decreases also when we are not using phone the phone get heats in few minutes after using so hot the process becomes worst all glitches in phone an service centre do nthing.. such a bad experience

  3. Hello
    My name is Sandeep.
    And I am using Samsung A50 then suddenly my mobile display turned pink, and I went to samsung service center they said display is gone but touch pad is fine and lcd display is gone
    So what is the price of the LCD display?

    • Hello sundeep,

      Samsung A50.. same problem with my display got pink after that full display turn on black. i went to Samsung store in Hyderabad they said display got patch so i asked the price they said 7200 rupees. 90days warranty. i simply came back home.

  4. I would be glad in SAMSUNG gives us such rates on the websites that are available or that the customers need to pay at the service center at the time of replacement of the respective equipment of the respective devices. If it is not possible to do so, then you can show such that are not hiked up above 10% from the prices that are mentioned here.

  5. I have asked to change the display of samsung A50 DISPLAY change and in service center they told me that the cost will be approx 5500 in Darjeeling service center

  6. samsung a50 display u write here 3300 lumpsum but in service centre cost is 4500 what is this in uttarpradesh bareilly

  7. My A50s Samsung mobile, purchased over a year ago. The phone screen has stopped responding. It gets stuck at start. Please let me know what should be done to repair and where I can access genuine service in Madurai.

    • Maximum owners of a50s unfortunately have faced same issue including me !
      I was asked last yr to pay 9k for this issue to replace motherboard.
      Company should replace the motherboard of all such defective pieces … why they are ignorant towards customers don’t understand!
      I wasted 22500rs in buying this model .

      • Same here. After purchasing of next day itself my mobile display was black screen…when reached to service centre they didn’t replace though it was a faulty item…just explained that it happens sometimes .but it was occurring every time….dey didn’t even respond of my emails complaints…


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