Samsung tablet screen replacement cost at service center

Samsung Galaxy tablet Display price and replacement cost at the authorized service center for all tab models are available in this post. We have dedicated post on Samsung phone Display price for all Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung announced its first tablet at IFA in Berlin on 02 Sep 2010 and it was made available to the public on 05 Nov 2010. Samsung has continued its tablets till now and it has also released so many tab models.

Initially Samsung released its Galaxy Tab number series like Samsung Galaxy tab 7.0 and so on. After some time Samsung also released its 3 more tab series which are as follows:

  • Galaxy Tab S series for high-end tablets
  • Galaxy Tab A series for mid-range tablets
  • Galaxy Tab E series for entry-level tablets

Some of these tablets were based on Windows operating system by Microsoft but later Samsung has also released its tablets based on Android operating system by Google.

Displays are the very important component of Tablets. People also like big display size Tablets but big size screens are more prone to break.

Display life of any smartphone or tablet depends on the quality as well as usage. So you should take care of your Display while using your Tablet to increase its life.

Smartphone and tablet screens are unrepairable if broken, you need to replace the display with the new one. So in this post, we have discussed Samsung galaxy tab Display price.

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Samsung tablet Display price

We have provided complete details of all recently launched Galaxy tablets so you can easily find your tab Display price in the Samsung authorized service center.

Galaxy tab Display price in service center

Galaxy S-series tablet Display price

Tab ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy Tab S8+ (Wi-Fi)16,431₹
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G27,135₹
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (Wi-Fi)27,135₹
Galaxy Tab S8 5G8,756₹
Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi)8,756₹
Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G16,431₹
Galaxy Tab S7 (Wi-Fi)8,349₹
Galaxy Tab S6 lite (LTE)10,073₹
Galaxy Tab S 10.512,526₹
Galaxy Tab S7 (LTE)8,349₹
Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi17,092₹
Galaxy Tab S7+ LTE17,092₹

Galaxy A-series tablet Display price

Tab ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy Tab A8 (LTE)6,274₹
Galaxy Tab A 10.14,800₹
Galaxy Tab A 10.56,611₹
Galaxy Tab A8 (WiFi)6,274₹
Galaxy Tab A75,892₹
Galaxy Tab A 8.04,533₹
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE4,762₹
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite WiFi4,759₹

Note: Price mentioned in the above given tables are without GST so you may have to pay for GST (CGST+SGST) and additional service charges if any at the time of Display replacement.

Samsung tablet display replacement cost

Final Display price at Samsung care will be higher than the price mentioned on this website. There is fixed 18% GST on Lithium-ion batteries so you may have to pay 18% more in the form of tax to price mentioned in tables given above.

You may have to pay labor/service charges if your Samsung product is out of warranty. No labor charges will be levied if your product is under Warranty.

The final screen replacement cost at Samsung authorized service center is the sum of Tablet Display price + 350₹ labor charges + 18% GST.

Samsung Tablet Display Warranty

Samsung offers 12 months of standard Warranty for all smartphones as well as on tablets. And Display inside Galaxy tab or smartphone also has 12 months of warranty. You can check Warranty Status of your Tablet by counting 12 months from the date of purchase of your Galaxy product.

If you replace your smartphone Display from Samsung authorized service center than you will again get 12 months of Warranty on new Display from the date of replacement. You can also refer Samsung Warranty page for more detailed information.

ProductsWarranty Period
Tablet12 months
Tablet Display 12 months
(Purchased separately)
12 months

Samsung has also launched its program where you can also extend Samsung Warranty after paying in advanced.

Here we have tried our best to provide the Samsung Galaxy phone Display prices from all series. Data provided on this post is taken from trusted sources.

But still we don’t take guarantee for the price of Samsung Galaxy Display in your city because Display price may differ from city to city across India.

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