Samsung phone screen replacement cost at service center

Samsung has launched many smartphones with different screen types and sizes. If you own a Samsung phone and facing issues with your Galaxy screen then you might want to know Samsung phone screen replacement cost.

Samsung manufactures basic feature phones to advanced smartphones which support IPS LCD to Super AMOLED display.

We continuously receive so many screen related complaints in the comment section. And there are so many people which claims their phone has got issues after updating their phone to latest version.

Sometimes Galaxy users say that their phone screen showing lines after update and some says their phone keep on restarting after the update. Samsung must consider this types of complains and fix them as soon as possible to save their brand reputation.

Samsung has also launched smartphones which support foldable display like Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. This is the latest technology .

In this post, we have discussed the Samsung phones display price for all smartphones.

Samsung phone display price

We all know that display is a very important component of a smartphone. You can’t do any operation in your phone without display.

Samsung screen replacement cost

Here we have provided all Samsung phone display price. We have categorized Galaxy phone according to their Series.

Galaxy premium series display price

samsung premium series display cost
ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy Fold2Main Display 45,045₹
Sub Display 7,396₹
Component repair 32,000₹
Galaxy Z FlipMain Display 31,750₹
Sub Display 20,086₹
Component repair 24,000₹
Galaxy FoldMain Display 40,282₹
Sub Display 6,311₹
Component repair 27,000₹
Galaxy Z Flip3 5GMain Display 23,298₹
Component repair 16,000₹
Galaxy Z Fold3 5GMain Display 42,712₹
Component repair 30,000₹

Samsung Note series display price

samsung note series display price
ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5GMain Display 15,799₹
Component repair 12,000₹
Galaxy Note20Main Display 9,723₹
Component repair 8,000₹
Galaxy Note10 Lite7,492₹
Galaxy Note10+18,708₹
Galaxy Note1016,010₹
Galaxy Note 911,928₹
Galaxy Note 89,061₹
Galaxy Note 59,798₹

Samsung S series screen replacement cost

samsung s series display price
ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy S22 ultra16,357₹ (256GB)
15,631₹ (512GB)
Galaxy S22+10,098₹
Galaxy S2210,157₹
Galaxy S21Main Display 9,552₹
Component repair 8,000₹
Galaxy S21+Main Display 9,790₹
Component repair 9,000₹
Galaxy S21 UltraMain Display 15,567₹
Component repair 13,000₹
Galaxy S20 UltraMain Display 13,892₹
Component repair 11,273₹
Galaxy S20+Main Display 12,537₹
Component repair 10,184₹
Galaxy S20Main Display 12,904₹
Component repair 9,950₹
Galaxy S20 FE6,126₹
Galaxy S20 FE 5G6,510₹
Galaxy S10 Lite10,073₹
Galaxy S10+1,3229₹
Galaxy S10e8,386₹
Galaxy S1011,886₹
Galaxy S9+10,504₹
Galaxy S98,564₹
Galaxy S8+8,574₹
Galaxy S88,683₹
Galaxy S7 Edge10,731₹
Galaxy S74,805₹
Galaxy S6 Edge+9,118₹
Galaxy S6 Edge9,389₹
Galaxy S65,611₹

Samsung A series display price

samsung a series display price
ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy A805,760₹
Galaxy A134,072₹
Galaxy A725,196₹
Galaxy A715,000₹
Galaxy A70s5,069₹
Galaxy A704,918₹
Galaxy A52s5,785₹
Galaxy A525,155₹
Galaxy A515,000₹
Galaxy A525,155₹
Galaxy A535,829₹
Galaxy A50s3,390₹
Galaxy A503,381₹
Galaxy A313,636₹
Galaxy A323,936₹
Galaxy A33 5G5,784₹
Galaxy A233,677₹
Galaxy A30s3,390₹
Galaxy A302,881₹
Galaxy A21s3,327₹
Galaxy A22 5G3,500₹
Galaxy A20s2,966₹
Galaxy A202,797₹
Galaxy A033,544₹
Galaxy A03s3,248₹
Galaxy A10s2,449₹
Galaxy A122,600₹
Galaxy A102,561₹
Galaxy A9 20185,664₹
Galaxy A9 pro4,607₹
Galaxy A8 Star6,093₹
Galaxy A8+4,841₹
Galaxy A7 20183,563₹
Galaxy A7 20174,337₹
Galaxy A7 20163,932₹
Galaxy A85,535₹
Galaxy A6+3,645₹
Galaxy A62,508₹
Galaxy A5 20173,801₹
Galaxy A5 20154,083₹
Galaxy A5 20163,509₹
Galaxy A2 Core1,611₹

Samsung M series screen replacement cost

samsung m series screen replacement cost
ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy M53Check Now
Galaxy M13Check Now
Galaxy M516,212₹
Galaxy M52 5G5,665₹
Galaxy M313,599₹
Galaxy M32 5G3,285₹
Galaxy M33 5G3,920₹
Galaxy M212,999₹
Galaxy M122,199₹
Galaxy M113,262₹
Galaxy M01s2,449₹
Galaxy M01 Core1,399₹
Galaxy M012,485₹
Galaxy M022,485₹
Galaxy M102,119₹
Galaxy M10s2,399₹
Galaxy M202,679₹
Galaxy M302,793₹
Galaxy M30s3,390₹
Galaxy M31s3,599₹
Galaxy M404,000₹
Galaxy M423,711₹
Galaxy M21 20212,999₹
Galaxy M324,427₹

Samsung J series display price

samsung j series screen replacement cost
ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy J8 20183,651₹
Galaxy J7 Pro3,695₹
Galaxy J7 Nxt2,202₹
Galaxy J7 MAX3,399₹
Galaxy J7 Duo2,527₹
Galaxy J7 Prime2,661₹
Galaxy J7 20163,127₹
Galaxy J7 20153,039₹
Galaxy J6 20182,587₹
Galaxy J6+2,230₹
Galaxy J5 20162,201₹
Galaxy J5 20151,950₹
Galaxy J5 Prime1,745₹
Galaxy J4 20182,309₹
Galaxy J4+2,230₹
Galaxy J3 Pro2,367₹
Galaxy J2 20161,752₹
Galaxy J2 20151,889₹
Galaxy J2 Pro1,688₹
Galaxy J2 Core1,296₹

Samsung F series screen replacement cost

samsung f series screen replacement cost
ModelDisplay Price
Galaxy F625,508₹
Galaxy F42 5G4,075₹
Galaxy F413,599₹
Galaxy F223,813₹
Galaxy F233,926₹
Galaxy F122,199₹
Galaxy F02s2,717₹
Galaxy ON71,131₹
Galaxy On7 Prime2,260₹
Galaxy On5 Pro1,004₹
Galaxy On Max3,456₹
Galaxy C7 Pro4,546₹
Galaxy C9 Pro4,756₹

Samsung phone screen replacement cost

Note: Price provided in this post are basic prices for Galaxy phone display and these prices don’t include GST. You need to pay more for the display at Samsung authorized service center because final price includes GST (CGST+SGST).

So, the final display price at Samsung care will be higher than the price mentioned on this website. There is fixed 18% GST on electronic items so you may have to pay 18% more in the form of tax to price mentioned in tables given above.

The final screen replacement cost at Samsung authorized service center is the sum of smartphone Display price + 350₹ labor charges + 18% GST.

Samsung phone display Warranty

Samsung offers 12 months of standard Warranty for all smartphones as well as on tablets. And Samsung Galaxy Display also has 12 months of warranty. You can check Warranty Status of your Galaxy device by counting 12 months from the date of purchase of your Galaxy product.

Samsung offers limited Warranty period on any repair carried out in case the same part fails again depending on the part. In order to avail the warranty, customer shall be required to produce the customer service record or invoice of the repair of the said product.

If you replace your smartphone display from Samsung authorized service center than you will again get 03 months of Warranty on new display from the date of replacement. You can also refer Samsung Warranty page for more detailed information.

ProductsWarranty Period
Tablet12 months
Handset12 months
12 months
(Changed separately)
03 months

Samsung has also launched its program where you can also extend Samsung Warranty after paying in advanced.

Here we have tried our best to provide the Samsung Galaxy phone screen replacement cost from all series. Data provided on this post is taken from trusted sources. You can also refer Samsung official site for more detailed information about display price.

But still, we don’t take guarantee for the price of Samsung Galaxy screen price in your city because phone screen replacement cost may differ from city to city across India in authorized service centers also.

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  1. One and half year Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has been developed green line on display.
    It is a Manufacturing defects I have to spend Rs.8,300 /-
    Very worst responce from Samsung Service center.
    There is no worh to purchase Samsung android mobile.

  2. I have galaxy flip 4, at present not working as display screen issue, front display is working I can receive calls but phone fully cannot use
    Suggest about the phone I want to repair it near by me
    My current location is midc mahad 402309, cell number is
    9421260465, 8446303979
    Waiting for the favourable reply

  3. I have F42 . It slipped from my hand, fell down and the touch pad has developed cracks and breakage. Need to replace . Pl let me know from where I can get it done

  4. I just discovered a Crack on my s23 ultra screen. And it’s just one month. They say it has strong glass then how scratches came on the screen.

  5. I need a replacement screen for Samsung Galaxy A9 and the back glass, please how can I get the original, I am in Nigeria please help thanks


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