Best way to Check & claim Samsung mobile warranty

Samsung mobile warranty: Samsung is the largest smartphone-selling brand across the world and it is also the second-largest smartphone-selling brand in India after Xiaomi. For peace of mind, Samsung offers a manufacturer’s warranty for its smartphones & accessories.

It also offers Extend Samsung Warranty facilities for its already purchased products to its customers at a very good price. You can CLICK HERE to check Samsung warranty terms & conditions.

If you find any issue with your smartphone, feature phone or accessories you can claim against the warranty. You just need to visit your nearby Samsung authorized service center for repairing your Samsung product.

If your Samsung product is fine and you are having difficulty using it then also you can make a call to Samsung customer care toll-free number 1800-40-7267864 in India. And they will assist you and try to resolve your problem.

Samsung mobile warranty check

Samsung provides a limited time of manufacturer’s warranty. You can check your Samsung mobile warranty easily by calculating it.

Samsung mobile warranty period

Charger adopter6 Months
Charging cable6 months
Battery12 months
Earphone6 months
Handset (Mobile)12 months

All Samsung handsets (GSM/CDMA) including mobile-battery have 12 months of the warranty period from the date of purchase.

Samsung mobile accessories that come with a new mobile like hands-free, charging adopter & data cable have 6 months warranty.

So you can calculate Samsung mobile remaining warranty from the date of purchase.

For the date of purchase of your mobile check out the original bill if you have purchased your mobile offline from any shop.

For the date of purchase of your mobile check our invoice copy of your mobile bill if you have purchased your mobile online. You can find your digital invoice copy at your email id and in order details also.

Samsung warranty claim

If you find any problem with your Samsung product then you can claim Samsung warranty at Authorized Samsung service centers only.

Samsung only covers defects and faults due to manufacturing only. If a fault or problem comes automatically in your mobile then it will be repaired free of cost at Samsung care centers.

Documents required to claim warranty

To claim your Samsung product warranty you need to visit a Samsung authorized service center. Please don’t forget to carry the following things to claim your Samsung product warranty:-

  • Warranty card: Never forget to carry the original & a photocopy of your warranty card. Your Samsung product bill works as a warranty card in India.
  • Invoice copy: Invoice copy of the Samsung product if you have purchased it online. You can find your product Invoice in your orders list.
  • Original Product: You need to carry your original Samsung faulty product to repair it. Please carry your smartphone with you if you want to replace your charger adaptor, cable or handsfree also.
  • Product Box: Sometimes your Samsung mobile box can be asked for. The box is required if your Samsung mobile is locked and there is no IMEI number on your invoice or bill as the mobile IMEI number is written on the box also.
  • ID card: In some cases, the Service center can ask you for a photocopy of any ID approved by govt. like Aadhar cards, driving licenses & more. Id card is only asked when your device is locked and you want to unlock it with the help of the service center.

Samsung phone international warranty

The terms & conditions of the warranty service for Samsung products may vary from country to country. In some cases, you can get an international warranty and in some cases, you may not get it as it depends on country to country.

So you need to contact the Samsung customer care toll-free number at 1800-40-7267864 in India. If you are in another country then search for Samsung customer care number for that country.

Customers requesting the international warranty service from a country not listed shall be responsible for the delivery of the Samsung Mobile or Computer to the nearest International Warranty Center as advised by the local Samsung Helpline.

The customer shall be responsible for any shipping, customs and import and export charges. Samsung will pay for return shipment only. The method of shipment of the Samsung Product shall be at Samsung’s discretion.

Samsung will not be responsible for any damage caused in route to the international warranty center. Any damage caused in transit must be claimed back to the shipping provider.

Warranty terms

  1. A warranty card or proof of purchase is required to claim a warranty.
  2. Repairs under the warranty period will be carried out at authorized Samsung service centers only.
  3. In case of any damage to the product or any misuse is detected at the Samsung service center, the warranty conditions are not applicable and repairs will be done on a chargeable basis only.
  4. Defects caused by improper use will void the warranty.
  5. Warranty shall be void if the product has failed under certain conditions/types (for example Waterlogging, misuse, etc.)
  6. Modification or alterations of any nature made in the circuitry by the purchaser will also void the warranty.

Samsung Extended Warranty

Samsung extended warranty program provides complete peace of mind even after the standard warranty expires. Samsung warranty extension program is also known as Samsung Care.

Samsung believes that customer satisfaction holds the utmost importance. So Samsung has introduced Samsung Care, which extends 01 year additional Samsung warranty. So even after your original manufacturer warranty has been over, there is no need to worry as the extended warranty is similar to manufacturer warranty.


We have tried our best to provide you with the latest information from trusted sources. So we hope that you have understood everything about Samsung Warranty.

If you still have any questions or feedback then let us in the comment section below. Your valuable feedback is always appreciated and we also consider our reader’s feedback to improve this website.

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30 thoughts on “Best way to Check & claim Samsung mobile warranty”

  1. Hi my samsung galaxy f20 , display of phone automatic gone without my fault

    where i can prepare or how i can clime the warranty

  2. I have m31 .It has pink patch on right side of the screen It is now under wareenty period .Can I claim it for new piece or what I have to do for this problem ..

  3. Hy my samsung galaxy f41 , I had visited service center for display of phone automatic gone without my fault , but service center team says that not under warranty .

    Now I am going to consumer complaint regarding this.

    Greetings from Online Legal India! Your request ID is OLI31065691146121

  4. Hi, I bought a Samsung Galaxy A22 5g in August 2021 and suddenly my fingerprint sensor isn’t working. I tried clearing cache too but it didn’t help so is it a manufacturing defect and can the warranty be applied on this?

  5. visited two centre in Andheri east and west on advice of call centre estimated repair of M33.Rs 18000/ only fault mentioned by one centre was charging strip now both centre are saying lcd mother board and charging strip gone inspite the mobile is under guarantee only one month passed advertised as water resisitant on amazon.never to buy Samsung .

    • No they do not, they’ll give you the run around send defective handsets and even ones that have been reported lost or stolen, I have had the worst experience ever with samsung warranty. Good luck

  6. I Brought my Samsung Galaxy S20FE it’s been over heating while on Phone & my left hand always tingles while on phone, it’s only 5 months old Brought it at Robina Shopping Centre, he wants to send it back, I live on my own need the Phone

    • Hey! You probably have bought the Exynos variant of S20FE. I too bought the same and had extreme high heat ups (which would even shut apps down) and a very bad battery life… These issues are normal in Samsung’s own Exynos Chipset phones. I’d suggest you to switch to S20FE which has the Snapdragon Chipset.

  7. I purchase a Samsung galaxy a71 its working good. But last few months a new problem arise the phone atometically bend back side almost 2mm its both end. Unfortunately I take a extended warrenty 18 February 2021. But in berhampur samsung care saying its water damage, if there is water damage how a phone will run in perfect condition, so I ask Samsung care but they will not respond. And the care where open the phones back cover its back cover camara glass slightly crack and they does not re past it. And there is any water damage no pink or red colour sticker in the board.

  8. Respected customer care,
    I am Sandesh and purchase Samsung m31 on June 15 2020 received the mobile from Amazon And person with totally blind yesterday my mobile was not functioning. Due to lock down warnty was extended more than fifteen days. Now service centre rejected and arguing with me warnty is over. Now mobile is not working unable switch off and otg is not functioning. I have complaint more than trice. Kindly solve the issue. At present you can reach me via e-mail. And tThis samsung service centre is located In jayanagar 3rd block Bangalore. Give me quick solution

  9. Our ref with inventor compressor was bought 5 yrs. Ago. But the warranty card was lost . We want to let it know the company to have repair our ref.
    Can we avail the repair of our ref.even no card of warranty?
    Our ref. Is indicated on top of the cover 10 yr. Warranty

  10. I have claimed my warranty on my headphones , it’s been 2months yet i haven’t received my refund or product , very bad service
    Tamilnadu, Trichy, thillai nagar, 7cross

  11. Very bad service centre at Virar west Mumbai
    And samsung mobile service is alos not good. In future I will never purchase samsung mobile and I also inform my relatives and friends don’t purchase samsung mobile.


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