Samsung customer care service email id

There are various ways to connect Samsung like Chat support, WhatsApp chat support and more. Contacting Via email ID is the most preferrable and official way to connect with Samsung.

So in this post we are going to discuss all email id provided by Samsung for its customers.

Samsung customer service email id

Here you can find all types of contact methods to connect with Samsung support team.

Samsung Support Email ID

[email protected]

Samsung CEO email ID

[email protected]

Samsung support contact ID

Samsung SupportDetails
Support Email ID[email protected]
Shop emailSSO (
Business EmailSend Mail
CEO Email ID[email protected]
Online ChatChat Now
Toll Free No 11800 40 7267864
Toll Free No 21800 5 7267864
WhatsApp Number1800 5 7267864
WhatsApp ChatStart Chatting
AppointmentBook Now

Samsung Email App

You can download Samsung official email app for your mobile from Google play store. Although it comes preinstalled on most of the Samsung smartphones yet you can download or update Samsung email app from google play store.

Samsung Email App – Google play store link

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  1. Dear Team,
    This is to inform you that I am facing a problem with A70S last three months.
    I also visit three-time at the service center and also rais complain by your customer care no. I am sharing all details with the attachment for your reference.

    I purchased this mobile dated 18 May 2021.
    I am giving you the service center reference number- 4331732038 dated-06.09.2021.
    I am also sharing customer care complain no- Usha (Customer support Executive)-1170577885, 1170601923, Prashant-8465521859.
    Purchase date- 18/05/2021
    serial number RZ8MB0DQSBT
    Model name – galaxy A70s
    Model number – SM-A707F/DSM
    No one is back with the solution, I already requested to area manager with this ref- 1170577885.

    I hope this mail will resolve the issue because I don’t want to go to consumer court regarding the same.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mob No. +91-9893972555 / 9773553718

  2. Nihad A.Helwa
    Address: 16 Ibn Kotaiba street, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
    Mobile :+201270005014-+2 01220190806
    Reference no : Maintenance order no: 4249407863

    Messer Samsung;
    I wish to complain about the smart TV with the following data
    Model Code: UA 43NU7100SXEG
    Version No.:DA04/|UNU7100
    S/N :04D03K3KB00627X
    Made by Samsung in Egypt
    that I purchased in May 2019- Cairo
    I am complaining because just 2 months after the warranty expiry date , the LED Bar was malfunctioning . We were informed t from the Maintenance Department at Samsung , that the life span of this part is only 2 years, and the cost of this spare part is almost 50% of the tv set current price now .This means that Samsung with all its reputation and ego is selling products that will go malfunction just after the expiry date of the warranty i.e long lasting products that has manufacturing defects . This is a kind of cheating and stealing , to sell a product that its life span is just the warranty duration(Defect Products).
    To resolve this problem I would like Samsung to fix my tv set without money or at least with a moderate price as I did nothing wrong except that I trusted a grand name like Samsung .
    When I first learned of this problem, I contacted the Maintenance Department at your company in Egypt through both the what‘s up and phone . They told us that the call is recorded. Then they answered back and I was told that nothing could be done about my problem as the warranty is expired though this is an industry defect and there is no misuse from my side . I believe that this response is unfair because there was no misuse from my side . I do believe that the company has an obligation to me. I would like a written statement explaining your company’s position and what you will do about my complaint.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. I request you to take this case as priority and get my TV fixed and provide guarantee that it won’t happen again
    Nihad A.Helwa

  3. Dear All,

    It is a waste to buy samsung products in India, their post-sales services are pathetic.
    If nobody is listening to you in samsung whether their simple support system, service head, or even CEO (India), please raise a consumer complaint at the national consumer helpline and further to Edakhil to prosecute samsung legally.
    This is how you sort out the issue with a pathetic company like samsung, I am sharing this out of my experience.

  4. R/s,

    On 4th August 2021, we made a purchase of a Samsung 1.5 ton split AC.
    From day 1 we have reported cooling and remote issues. Even the technicians who have visited twice have confirmed the same.
    They have said that we will arrange a 2nd level technician visit. For the last 10 days we have approached customer care multiple times , still no Senior technician has visited and no further path is shared, just keep on getting messages that they are trying to expedite it.

    Further we raised similar issue with Samsung service head email address.

    We got a response from Service head email address, the person arranged a visit too from another Service Center, they also confirm the cooling defect in AC. Still not action has been taken.

    This is going for long, address it at the earliest.

    Rohit Srivastav

  5. i purchased samsung mobile model a22 on 03 aug 21
    from (m/s goyal brothers enterprises,sangatpura,mandi gobindgarh pb) (gstin:03BISPK8082M1ZK) with bill no.801

    within 10/12 days of purchase the phone was started hang up
    but no any satisfaction from samsung service center
    service center job-sheet no is 4331378745

    i am very upset with this phone model a22 5g 6/128
    wrost phone, very bad service after sale
    i am thinking to go at consumer court

    मैंने 03 अगस्त 21 को सैमसंग मोबाइल मॉडल ए22 खरीदा
    से (मैसर्स गोयल ब्रदर्स इंटरप्राइजेज, संगतपुरा, मंडी गोबिंदगढ़ पंजाब) (जीएसटीआईएन:03बीआईएसपीके8082एम1जेडके) बिल नंबर 801 के साथ

    खरीद के 10/12 दिनों के भीतर फोन हैंग अप शुरू हो गया था
    लेकिन सैमसंग सर्विस सेंटर से कोई संतुष्टि नहीं
    सर्विस सेंटर जॉब-शीट नंबर 4331378745 . है

    मैं इस फोन मॉडल a22 5g 6/128 . से बहुत परेशान हूं
    खराब फोन, बिक्री के बाद बहुत खराब सेवा
    मैं कंज्यूमर कोर्ट जाने की सोच रहा हूं

  6. Dear Concern, It’s extremely sad the way Samsung has treated or cheated me while purchasing a Fridge worth 40,000. This could have been a nice experience, but this nightmare has made me resolute to never buy from Samsung Again. I have been handed over a dented and scratched refrigerator, after umpteen complaints to the Samsung, Sonipat, they have not been able to either exchange the refrigerator or the door/screen/parts. Meanwhile, I have been contacted by 12 people or so, saying this and that. So just as a suggestion – try firing a few ones, to reduce the fat and improve the bottom line. Below are the phone numbers, who made a fool out of me: +91-9254688212, +91-9205700493, +91-9289109514, 9896337404, (not sure about this one, after all, there were too many calls!). I have a feeling that this is a business as usual for pushing the defective items. Although now I am not expecting any exchange of the refrigerator or it’s parts from the store or the company, I am just writing to you to tell you that you just lost a customer who was thinking of getting back to you for other home appliances. Even though LG products might not be as good as yours, their after-sales service is amazing as compared to yours, which to say the least is nightmarish. Just as a suggestion, don’t cheat people, it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, almost unforgettable. Thanks and regards Chitresh +91-8084029266

      • I wish to highlight my problem here, On 12th september morning i came to know that my phone M31 needs software update, so i put my phone on update, post software updation the phone was not restarting. (The screen got White).

        I visited the service center (Ghatkopar west) of yours. They simply refused to cover the warranty stating that the phone came in contact with water.

        Let me clarify here that I am staying in Mumbai & here the rainy season is on but my phone never came in contact with water.

        The phone is always in the phone cover.

        My phone is under warranty & Bill is attached.

        My request from Samsung is to please look into it and do whatever it takes to work.

  7. Dear Team Samsung
    After the 10th july 2021 i am contacting you all people, many mails i sent, But i sorry to say you this is really shameful experience from Samsung customer care and no one is caring about customer issues, is this Samsung Services…?
    Only fake assurance and promises giving and i can say that Samsung is playing with customer emotions even the small mobile repair technician have a good customer service rather than a big Brand.
    Due to low cooling in my refrigerator , I have lodge the complaint on 10th july 2021 and the same on same day with

    charge of Rs. 2922 /- .

    But the problem is still pending from 10th july to till date . in this view I have lodge many time call to Samsung help

    line No. and Service Center No. but they are not listen my complaint seriously .

    I am very greatful to you if you repair my refrigerator earlier .

    Thanking you

    (Sanjeev Gupta )


  8. Sir/Mam,
                    Here I have a Galaxy M31 device with a charging problem so I’ll send it to Namakkal authorised Samsung service center on (09.08.2021). they said your device on motherboard problem it i’ll be ready to on 15 days its on warranty claim,  but still (28.08.2021) they will not respond to me it takes almost 20 days, they ill created the job card on yesterday onwards. why they will not created the job card in the last 18 days.  and also they will not inform me to take a backup of your device. I want to know how many days are taken on service time. if you don’t have a spare for a product then why are you launching the product on the market.

    My information, product detail & service center job card copy & my service confirmation massages are attached below.

    check & revert me ASAP…
            If you can’t repair  that product in 10 days of service time can you replace the product?

               I’ve already filed a complaint, details mentioned below…
                    Still im didn’t have job card number   Thank you for contacting Samsung customer care. Your reference number is 1170066223. For any query, WhatsApp us on 180057267864 or click

  9. I have purchased GALAXY M31 Android phone in May2020. On 20th August 2021 suddenly my phone hanged. I approached SAMSUNG SERVICE CENTER in Khandwa MP, there it was told that this problem of FREEZING AND HANGING is due to software update done in JULY 2021. Due to which MOTHER BOARD of my mobile will require to be changed which will cost around Rs.8500.
    Your customer care when contacted on phone tolled that SAMSUNG MOBILE are facing this problem due to this. Within 3,4 days SAMSUNG will take some decision.
    Sir, please confirm what should I do.

  10. I have been Cheated by a Non-Indian Company. I had Purchased a Samsung Plasma 55 Inch TV some Years Ago. This is the 3rd Time I Getting Troubled because of it. First its Screen got Damaged then Second Time Any Internal Part got Damaged. I have Complained More than 1 Month ago. And, your Service Person Visited my House for Checking it. He told that he will do Solve the Problem and took 300/- from Us as a Visiting Charge and told us that the part would cost near about 6,000/- his Name was SALIM SHAIKH. Today He Visited our House again after a Complaint Lodge. Then he told that this Part is not Available in the Company, and he is Telling Us to talk to the Dealer ‘Parakh Electronics, Nashik’, and He is Telling Us that he Can’t do anything in this. We are Very Much Fed Up because of the TV. Now a Days we have a Fear of Purchasing Samsung Products because of this kind of Service. Call Regarding this ASAP on +91-8605690711 & +91-9822210766. Our Service Number 4330890772.
    Tushar Gupta.

  11. Hi Team

    This is regarding Bill no 4330362695,
    my phone stop working while watching facebook on 15th Night
    On 16th I went to your service center “Trimula communication” Kukatpalli Hyderbad to get it to fix.
    I requested your service center staff to repair my phone by 16th as it’s very important for me to get it to fix on the same day
    Your service center staff had argued with me and was asking for the Bribe to repair the phone on an urgent basis
    I denied paying the bribe and there was a hit argument happened and after that, they are saying that my phone has a dent. which is false
    I told your service center staff why you are doing this, I simply requested you to repair it asap and when I denied to pay you a bribe why are you mentioning this.
    Your. service center staff was biased and adamant about it. I asked him to show me the phone which you are saying good condition and thankfully I have taken a snap of that both phones:- Enclosing the attachment
    I have shown my phone to multiple customers who visited the service center and cross-verified from them in front of your service center staff to check if my phone has any dent on the phone and everyone told your staff that there is no dent.
    Your team has written warranty status as “full Warranty” on the job sheet and defect description as Blank Display Dent on Display
    At last, I signed on both the job sheet :1 remains with service center and the other is with me as acknowledgment latter, but I circle out the Dent on display on both the sheet and mentioned my comment that “Forced by the service center, There is no Dent, verified from multiple person in service center “:- Please find the enclosed snapshot of the acknowledgment slip and you can also cross verified from the service center to send the scan copy of. the job sheet which is with service center staff
    On 17th August, when I checked the status of my phone it was showing as repaired:- please find the enclosed screenshot
    I kept following with your human assistant staff for this and raised the concern of the service center staff with all details:- request number 1169863176,1169930815
    On Sat 21st august, your supervisor called me and I explained to him all the situation verbally
    support center supervisor promised me that my issue will be resolved by Monday 23rd August but no luck
    Please expedite the solution as I am facing a lot of problems without that.

    Navin Kumar



  13. Dear Sir,
    I bought a Samsung A32 mobile on 1st June 2021. And ever since the mobile has been taken, there is some problem in it. Sometimes it hangs so much that if an important call comes, it is not received, the application automatically opens in the mobile kept on its own, there is no call conference. If so much problem comes in new mobile then how will it work.? All the members of my house have only Samsung mobile phone but till now no one has faced so much problem. And I myself like Samsung brand so much that I have recommended to take Samsung in my colleagues, friends and also in my office. All the work of my office is done by mobile but now it is not being done. Kindly request you to replace my mobile.

    I also got the software updated from the service center but still the same problem is coming in front of me. Please do some help.
    I am losing a lot of my office work.

  14. On 6 June 2021 I bought a Samsung A32 mobile phone from you. I have discovered that the phone has the following problem Hanging camara mobile not working proply .

    The [Consumer Rights Act / Sale of Goods Act 1979] makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

    As you are in breach of contract I am entitled to have the phone replaced and I would request that you confirm that you will do this very early
    customer care is very fraudulent tumache service center pan proper reply karat nahi spacially Omkar electronic vashi haware Fantasia I have not been able to get out of the service center, I have not been able to get out of the bag, and I have not been able to get the customer to miss me.

    I have lodged a complaint with the Vashi police station For that person Rajesh Sing

    I also require you to confirm whether you will arrange for my phone to be collected or will reimburse me for the cost of returning it.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Yours faithfully,
    Rohit Dhanawade

  15. This issue is about the complaint I have raised for manufacturing defect in Samsung 345L Double Door Freeze which is covered under warranty. I purchased this product from flipkart on 18.10.2020 and started using it from 10.06.2021 post my marriage. I observed too much water leaking from inside and outside the freeze after couple of days post using it. All the foods kept inside were spoiled completely and water was spreaded all over the place. Then, I raised the complaint number 4325974160 dated 12.06.2021 and provided all the details. After copule of days the complaint was automatically closed by Samsung Service Center, Begusarai even without visiting my place or even contacting me over phone. When I did follow up with customer care, then came to know about this.

    I escalated this issue to the supervisor team and then they logged another complaint number 4326206235 dated 16.06.2021 and insured me that it will be resolved in 48 hrs. I waited for couple of days and again nothing happened. After doing multiple follow up then one Service engineer guy ,named Michael, came to visit my place and he checked everything and tried all options and finally told us that there is manufacturing defect in freeze as too much water was leaking which is not the usual case. Please raise this to customer care and ask for replacement of fridge. Then I contacted the customer care and they told me that they will sort this out again in just 48 hrs.

    I can’t even count now – How many 48 hrs have passed from the day I raised the complaint. I have done follow up more than hundred times and every time I get reply – Sir we will arrange the replacement or send some expert. But nothing has been done till today.

    I am literally frustrated now and being mentally harassed by kept on waiting to connect to customer care, listening covid care protocols thousand times. Most often it takes more than 30 mins to connect to customer care representative, and many times they used to disconnect the call by keeping me on hold for more than half an hour. It’s ridicolous , no body is bothered about the consumer. This is really pathetic experience , and I never expected this from a brand named SAMSUNG. I am unable to use my freeze till date that too in peak summer season.

    Please let me know whether you will investigate this issue and get it resolved immediately or tell me – Why should I not take legal action against the company?

    I have all the call records, compalint details/documents and you can also easily track the number of times I did follow up by going though the complaint number mentioned in para 1 and 2.

    You can reach out to me at +91 6287123373.

  16. Sir I purchased a phone from flipkart on 18 October 2020 phone got a pink patch on screen..I go to service center and they talk so rude…they checked ph from out side and told that this pink patch got from dropping on the floor…they even not open the back cover also …so how can they know that????…I called flipkart About this they say to take a complaint copy ….service center give me astimate bill for repair of 4600rs can a middle class person afford this kind of service? The samsung warranty is waste of money and time…plz don’t buy samsung products….I don’t expect this from a brand like samsung…in future we will never buy any thing from samsung

  17. i purchased samsung television and ii got a message from samsung that installation team will come on 28.07.2021 and gave me the number of the service engineer name RAM having mobile no 8800664615 he didnt turned up, when i called him he refused to come and said he will come on 29.07.2021 in the morning before 12.again he didnt turned up when i called him again he was very rude while talking and he said he will come according to his comfort and wish not by my request. When i called CC against the same they said they will arrange someone who will come in morning between 9 to 11 on 30.07.2021 but again i got a message from samsung that engineer will come between 2 to 5. this is height of unprofessionalism from such a big brand name samsung. they harass their customers and their staffs are very rude to talk i talked to 3 to 4 executive they all without any knowledge and they simply say sorry sir sir. extremely disappointed by such after sales act by samsung would never buy any product from samsung again. even a local brand has people who talk decently with their customers.

  18. Dear Team Samsung

    Since the 21 June 2021 i am contacting you all people, many mails i sent, But i sorry to say you this is really shameful experience from Samsung customer care and no one is caring about customer issues, is this Samsung Services…?

    Only fake assurance and promises giving and i can say that Samsung is playing with customer emotions even the small mobile repair technician have a good customer service rather than a big Brand.

    Pushpendra Singh Panwar
    TVS Auto Assist (India) Limited

  19. It Is to be update you that my Samsung Galaxy M21dispaly is not working, and we visited to your exclusive show room they are saying 4000 rupees will be applicable which is under warranty. Please find the shop details for the same. Wz- 261, Main Najafgarh Road, Opposite Pillar No 670 Uttam Nagar, Delhi – 110059, I would request you to provide the resolution for the same. PURCHASE DATE 14 APRIL 2021

    • SM-M317FZKEINS_serial number RZ8R40DVFZK

      Samsung Team,
      SAMSUNG M31S bought Last month on 11/06 suddenly stopped working due to boot loop issue, when phone switch on showing only SAMSUNG logo.. i approached customer care center, without check they declared screen issue and asking money to pay..i will file complaint in consumer forum.

      Phone details-
      Purchase date- 09/06/21
      serial number RZ8R40DVFZK
      Model- SM-M317FZKEINS

      No one there to get customer pain , you feel fool after paying hard-earned money to purchase Samsung products

  20. worst product and worst service ever.. i have purchased Samsung A32 phone, it having a horrible network and heating problems…! I have tried to return or replace it within a 4 days.. but they are not considering.. not replacing or refunding my money…!! I am struggling since last 3 to 4 months..!! But company not paying attention or giving any solution..!!

  21. Very Very bad experience with Samsung Support Team.
    Ther mobile phones are are just horrible and they don’t even consider under warranty.

    • Yes you are right man, worst product ever.. i have purchased Samsung A32 phone, it having a horrible network and heating problems…! I have tried to return or replace it within a 4 days.. but they are not considering.. not replacing or refunding my money…!! I am struggling since last 3 to 4 months..!! But company not paying attention or giving any solution..!!

  22. Hi Sir/Madam,
    Myself karthick from thanjavur -District, tamilnadu-State. Lastweek my mobile phone (SAMSUNG M21) facing the hanging issue.
    I have visited your CARWIN ELECTRONICS (SAMSUNG)service centre in thanjavur.
    They kept my mobile phone and said we don’t have the board to change.
    We can place an order by today and get it by 4days and get back your phone by 5th day .
    Then I go for day 6 again they are saying the same . Then I go for the 8th day they are again saying the same.
    Kindly Check with them..

  23. I have sent several e-mail regarding my note 9 handset (quality issue). Reference no – 1168350524.
    No specific response received.
    Everybody is only assuring and asking for more time to respond. Already 07 days gone till date no solution.
    Customer care executives are only referring each other and reference numbers are being generated, subsequently closed at their end.
    Sad to note that Service engineer of karuna Management Pvt. ltd uploaded the false remark in the system regarding mobile condition and while objecting different report submitted to me by doing some changes in hand.
    Very sad to note that Samsung like brand is not responding to customer.

    I lost my money on Samsung product, not recommended.

  24. Hi,
    Writing this mail as I am completely frustrated because of the service and the product that I have bought is having a manufacturing defect (3 to 4 dark lines are appearing on screen), main importantly as there no resolution for a week now :((

    Coming to the point, dark line started appearing on TV screen last Saturday (26th June 2021) and I have escalated on the same day (I have taken a picture at the same time when this issue started) it’s just 6months TV :((
    Monday a technician has come and taken all pictures and said it will repaired as soon as possible and went but no response till now, I have invested money for this premium TV of samsung to face these kind of issues ?

    Now the lines are increasing day by day and I am done following with the samsung services team and these are words I am hearing from them ” We are looking in to and we need approvals we are waiting for higher authority” I mean seriously !!

    It’s having a manufacturing defect and it should be addressed very soon but what is happening here? I was having a Huge trust with Samsung and we always buy Samsung products only and now I am only facing all these issue :(((

    I request you to take this case as priority and get my TV fixed and provide guarantee that it won’t happen again, I bought this in Flipkart (invoice copy is attached) and it’s Just 6 months which still under guarantee

    My complaint reference no. is 4326899989

  25. I had issue with my Samsung A50S and as per your instructions I have booted it and visited service center. They kept my device 5 days and returned me back. Still the issue persists. What is the solution now. It’s not even 1 year old phone and I’m facing the hanging issue. Better you guys change your company name from Samsung to ‘Hang’sung. Have some common sense before you commit anything to your customers. Tell me the solution now.


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