Samsung customer care service email id

There are various ways to connect with Samsung like Chat support, WhatsApp chat support and more. Contacting Via email ID is the most preferable and official way to connect with Samsung.

Samsung has many departments which deal with specific types of services. So, they all have separate support email IDs.

So in this post, we are going to discuss all Email IDs provided by Samsung for its customers.

Samsung customer service email id

contact samsung via email id

Here you can find all types of contact methods to connect with the Samsung support team.

India-based Support Email IDs

The below-mentioned Email IDs are the most important and useful Email IDs. You can get support from Samsung from the Email IDs below.

Here we have provided two mail Email IDs including a support email ID where you can get general support from Samsung.

And we have also provided the Samsung CEO Email ID where you can directly reach the Samsung CEO office if your complaints are not being resolved by other Samsung departments.

Samsung Support Email ID

Samsung CEO Email ID

Other ways to contact Samsung India

Samsung SupportDetails
Shop emailSSO (
Business EmailSend Mail
Support Email
CEO Email
Online ChatChat Now
Toll Free No 11800 40 7267864
Toll Free No 21800 5 7267864
WhatsApp Number1800 5 7267864
WhatsApp ChatStart Chatting
AppointmentBook Now

United States-based Support Email IDs

Samsung has separate contact numbers and supports email IDs for different countries. So, if you live in the United States then below mentioned email IDs can help you to solve your Samsung-related queries.

The best way to contact them is to visit Samsung official website and go to the contact us page.

ServiceEmail ID
Product and
Warranty &

If you are not sure which Email ID, you should contact then you can reach Samsung on the General inquiries Email Support ID mentioned above in the table.

We always recommend you contact Samsung through their official website to get the latest information. Samsung can change its way of providing support anytime.

Note: Email IDs provided here are collected from the internet including Samsung’s official website and other resources. So, we are not responsible for anything, you can only use these IDs at your own risk. However, we have tried our best to provide updated and good value here but still, we are not responsible for these IDs.

The best way to contact them is to visit Samsung’s official website and go to the contact us page.

If you still have any questions or feedback, then let us know in the comments section below. Your feedback is always appreciated as it helps us to improve our services.


What is Samsung contact email ID?

Samsung has different contact Email IDs for different departments. Samsung support email ID is and Samsung India CEO contact email ID is CEO is the service head of Samsung.

How do I send a complaint to Samsung?

You can send your complaint to Samsung using a phone call at the customer care number, you can contact them through an email ID. Samsung also provides support through Website chat support, and they also provide service at WhatsApp Chat support also.
However, sending a complaint to the service center via mail is the most professional way as there will be a record of legal issues if something happens during the conversation.

How do I contact Samsung customer care?

You can easily contact Samsung using a phone call at the toll-free number 1800 40 7267864 to the Samsung customer care number, you can also reach Samsung through their support email ID. Samsung also provides support through Website chat support, and they also provide service at WhatsApp Chat support also.

What is Samsung customer care WhatsApp number?

Samsung customer care WhatsApp number is 1800 5 7267864. Save this contact number on your mobile and send “Hi” to this number in WhatsApp.
Or CLICK HERE to directly start chatting with the Samsung support team on WhatsApp.

Where can I send feedback to Samsung?

You can send feedback to Samsung directly from your Galaxy device.
Go to Settings >> Accessibility >> TalkBack, then open the More options menu and select Help & Feedback. Here you’ll find a list of popular help articles and a link to send feedback.

Does Samsung have technical support?

Samsung provides technical support on all of its products including smartphones, Accessories, Home appliances, Gadgets and more.
You can get technical support from Samsung’s toll-free number and chat support.

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149 thoughts on “Samsung customer care service email id”

  1. Hi,

    As required,

    When I purchased this AC, This problem has been going on ever since I bought a new one. And I have complained multiple times for the same, But every time your engineer goes away saying, there is a problem in the AC, Replace it. But I also complained many times for replacement for my AC, But no call was made on my complaint, Just on the 11th a fire broke out while walking like this, Due to which the paint on the walls of my house got burnt, And the TV panel and TV got damaged, I am continuously following since 11th, on the 12th two engineer was came for inspection, but we didn’t received a single call from Samsung, every day I’m following up with customer care service, But they don’t have any answers, Not even any company has such third class service. Please sort out my problem otherwise I will go for legal action against Samsung,

    One of my LED and TV panels and wall paint got burnt due to fire, I need compensation for it also.

  2. Hello . sir ,mam
    Me karnal se Bhavna baat kar rahi hu
    Humne 28 april 2021 ko TV liya tha aur tab se tv ka 2 baar pannel kharab hogaya hai,
    Humne kai mail karvai hai service centre se bhi check karne aagye hai sabne kha hai ki pannel ki problam hai
    Hum pannel ke paise pay nahi kar sakte kirpa karke humari request sune aur tv change karvye

  3. Unsympathetic approach of services centre.

    Ref. Complaint number – 1186851608,Date- 25/06/23, Model no. Samsung Galaxy S20

    Dear sir.

    I had purchased the Samsung hand set model no. Samsung Galaxy S20 during the year 2020. Till dated 27.05.2023 and at that time my handset was working perfectly. On 28.05.2023 at ,10.58 pm software was updated which came through your system and automatically got updated. From very next day there was a green colour patches started appearing on screen on my handset.

    I visited the Samsung service centre at Vashi on 15/06/23 and explained about the problems. They checked the hand set and said this can be repaired at chargeable basis and not free of cost.

    I came to know afterwards that this being a technical issue, Samsung had started rectified/ it free of cost. I got this confirmed through social media and your call centre also. Very next day dt.24/06/23 again I went to show room and explained about the Samsung policy of repair at free of cost, but they refused to accept it. Then I had a bitter argument with them again they checked the handset and changed their stance stating that since the handset model was more then three years old, it was not eligible for free of cost repair.

    As I was not carrying the purchase invoice bill, I called your call centre and given my handset details. On verifying the same they clearly stated that this particular model had to be repaired at free of cost as it was only around 2.6 years old. Then I requested call centre executive to speak to service centre executive and explained to do at free of cost as per policy. After this incident they took my hand set and examined it and again changed their stance stating that there is a dent on hand set hence it could not be repaired free of cost. During every visit and at every level of discussion service’s centre executives misguided and mislead, kept changing their stance and gave various excuses to not repair it free of costs and also gave wrong feed back to the call centre executive. In this process I visited four times to service centre wasting my time on four days. How can they afford to treat their own customer so badly? This kind of attitude of service centre is not acceptable to any customers and I am sure any employer cannot afford the luxury of having such customer service executives. Such employees are a big liability to your company.

    Sir, after useing the handset for two and half years it cannot remains as a new one. There will be some scratches here and there. According to me there is no such big dent is there, it is just scratch kind of thing.

    Inv iew of the above, kindly look into the matter and inform service centre to rectify the issue at
    free of cost and please ensure to mark a copy to me. Please also confirm the service station address in and around Navi Mumbai where this technical issue can be resolved
    Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the letter and do the needful.

    Awaiting for your earliest reply.

    With Warm Regards.
    Ramkripal Chauhan
    mail id-

    • Today it’s been 49 days since my phone no one has done anything yet. This is the condition when I have got insurance which covers the entire phone and extended warranty of 2 years. I didn’t know that Samsung does this with the customer too. Rejected my case after talking to someone else. I did not get any verification call from Samsung. I called Samsung repeatedly and said that I do not have any call, even after that nothing happened, I prayed many times.
      Mobile no.8199992181

  4. To
    Samsung India Electronics Pvt.Ltd

    Subject – Refund for delay of delivery.
    I have order Samsung mobile phone Model “Galaxy F14 5g 6/128″ through Samsung official website on June 2, 2023 with reference order ID: 12336178527. Samsung official website mention that priority delivery will be on June 2nd 2023 but till the present date 6th June 2023 the product haven’t received . I have contacted Samsung customer care 180057267864 they have raised complaint regarding delay of delivery with reference ID: #109002157.which seems to be delay from your side, while talking with Samsung customer support (180057267864) I got a call from your Samsung service (04461438116) I asked refund for delay of delivery, but the person refuse to answer the question, without my permission he disconnected the call this how service team work right. so if you say sorry we (customer ) need to accept if we ask refund for delay of delivery you ( Samsung service ) will disconnect the call right . I don’t encourage these. We need refund for the delay of delivery .I request immediate action into the matter.
    Looking forward to a response from your side soon.
    Thank you,
    Mubarak ali A.M

  5. Hello sir,              I am Major Mayur Moyara S/O Mrs Aparna moyara from surat gujarat. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator on 21st july 2019 and I recently faced issues regarding low cooling capacity of my refrigerator Model no Samsung REF RT65K7058BS Black INOX and my registered mobile no is 9574773748. After registering the complaint Mr SAJID from Samsung Surat visited my place to check the issue and he could not resolve my issue and assured me that it’s a low gas issue which will be further resolved by  Mr YAKUB of Samsung Surat Gujarat, which he never visited till 28 May 2023 on a sunday that too when i registered multiple complaints with Samsung Surat and another Engineer Kunal was assigned to me on 27 may 2023. On 28th may 2023 I was told by Mr YAKUB that one part needs to be replaced but he wants to check the circuit with a device and he will come on Monday 29 May 2023 and as usual no one visited me. Today on 30 May 2023 I received a call from Mr SAJID again mentioning that he will come with a device today and will check the CIRCUIT. Please go on Records and check my details. Before I could say anything he said i will charge you 710 Rs even if your issue is not resolved ( I am a Serving Indian Army Class 1 Gazetted Officer, 710rs is not an issue for me my concern is functionality of my product) then i told him why would you charge me for something which you are not sure off, that time he started misbehaving with me and I told him that Mr YAKUB told me he will change the part on that he replied ” USKO BHUL JAO VO LEAVE PE HAI DO DIN KE LIYE ” (means forget about him he is on leave) Such atrocious behaviour is intolerable to me. Mr SAJID literally started fighting with me on call and I told him your call is being recorded. He said I will speak like this and do whatever you can. I told him to speak to me peacefully. He told me to go and file a complaint against me. Mr SAJID is one shameless employee I have ever come across from any firm I dealt with till date. I am completely fed up with your company, before buying this fridge I thought Samsung was a good company but now I will have to change my view. My warranty has ended but my gas and compressor is still under warranty .  I  will take this issue to all Social networking platforms especially to Twitter mentioning the rude and lethargic behaviour of Samsung Surat Gujarat especially . I want you to take some immediate and stringent  action against Samsung Surat for unnecessary trouble caused to me,because I have been waiting since long and will not wait any further. I have Mr SAJID’s Call recording with me and the way he treats his consumer that’s a SHAME to Samsung community as a whole. I will circulate his recording everywhere on social media defaming Samsung India.  I hope you will take notice of my problems and will do the needful. I also tried to reach out to Samsung customer care but again only a complaint was registered with ID 1186251533 and I was told to wait for this again. I should keep on waiting only and then nothing . I also received a msg on my registered no that samsung surat is intentionally cancelling my service request 4371265111 without resolving my issue, the copy attached in the email . Now I will only pay Samsung if they assure me to resolve my issue. I hereby attach a copy of my bill attached in the mail.

  6. In my family we have 3 Samsung Mobile phones, 2 Galaxy buds, 1 85″ TV, 1 55″TV, 3 Monitors and a samsung Watch 3. We have never faced such poor service as today. Very disappointed over this and would request you to take proper action in this matter.
    Recently in my Samsung Galaxy S20 plus a green line on screen started coming since the software update I installed. For which I went to Samsung’s Authorized Service centre. First I went to Vimal Electronics Service Centre there no lights were on when I inquired there was only one person from Samsung side there saying they don’t approve for Inverter that’s why we are sitting in dark since electricity is not there. When I showed my phone they said talk to customer service online since your back body of phone has a crack we won’t be doing it without charges and you will have to pay for Green line as well. When I tried to connect to your customer service representative I was on hold for more than 20 minutes which shouldn’t be the case with a company like Samsung. Even after that issue was not resolved. I had to visit you other service centre hello enterprises then. There the service centre guy talked to a representative there and told me that told me don’t your issue will be resolved I have talked to the person there. But that person was on lunch till 4? Don’t you guys have lunch timing? Even after that person came up from lunch she said that you will have to pay for screen as well as back body as in there ESG it was mentioned till 31 of March only and asked me to talk to you customer service online. It again took 10 odd minutes to connect to customer service online. After the online guy said to her to check ESG again as this is extended till 31st May she told me to give my phone and she will check ESG and let me know the charge on Monday. Why can’t she check her ESG or whatever it is straight away.
    And I don’t want my back body to be replaced I like it to be damaged please do the needful and get my screen fixed without the charge as it is the issue due to your software not my fault. Also my back cover is damaged from last 1.5 years I am fine with I don’t want to pay extra for it I only need my screen fixed.

  7. May 26, 2023

    Samsung Electronics Company Ltd.
    Samsung Team

    Sir / Madam

    With deep grief want to forward my immense dissatisfaction regarding M31 MOBILE PHONE being purchased just 2 years back. I was using normally and whenever used to charge, kept the MOBILE DATA OFF. Still, since day before yesterday, it started ‘hanging’, also again & again was ‘restarting’.
    Ultimately, yesterday it was totally out of service. When I showed it to your SERVICE CENTRE near by my house at SAPNA SANGEETA ROAD, INDORE (M.P.), he said that the MOTHER BOARD has been damaged. I really wonder how it can be damaged just within the 2 years. He also said it’s so because RAM is now corrupted one.
    I saw the previews of your ‘M’ SERIES MOBILE PHONES, most of the customers had to face the same problem in some or other way.
    I also noticed the COMPANY, to one of the CUSTOMER had changed the MOTHER BOARD on her cost.
    Therefore, I too demand that me too should be helped out for the same, as it would cost very heavy to me & according to SERVICE CENTRE, total cost payable will be around Rs. 5000/-.
    Also, bring in your notice that the warranty after the CHANGE is of only 3 months.
    Therefore, kindly contact me and suggest, what should I do now.
    Hope for the best possible solution and helping nature.

    Yours Sincerely
    Dr. Akash Agrawal
    (88715 – 78885)

  8. am disappointed your product samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g (only in name 5g ollu jio true 5g India) premium phone note 20 ultra (rs 105000) the phone that comes with so much cash is not getting 5g even if it is 5g.Samsung thinks that there is no cash value for Indian people. If there is, the business should go ahead and you should understand it. It has been 7 months since 5g came. Even now when I call customer service they tell me to wait. Or to port Airtel. They say that it is an S 20 ultra 5g. Is it only Jio that will get Airtel? Now the poster banner against Samsung started coming in every state. Many people have complained to the consumer court and others have filed a case in the court. I know Samsung will face it in the court. But one thing must be remembered that the goodwill of the company will be affected.

    Samsung is developing 5G software .But the date is still not mentioned .It will be 1 year at the end .

    I am using a second hand phone (original bill is with me). When I was legal and looked at the OPINION, the advocate said that the case should be moved forward. I have not made a final decision. The customer service is looking at my case RESHMA (they said they will give me a second hand phone stand by phone and I first agreed. Then I said when I told the second owner they said that is not possible. You have to remember that you are giving me standby second hand) I don’t want your standby phone.
    Now social media YouTube, Twitter , Samsung and FB are going viral.
    Anyway, I will decide whether to join the league or not after the mail reply comes.

    I had trust in Samsung and it’s gone.

  9. Respected Sir/ Madam,                 On the 7th April a complaint was launched in a Toll free number (4368191808) regarding my TV. Your Service Engineer attended my call on the 8th and informed me, he will take the TV on the 11th since it cannot be done at my place. On the 13th the Undersigned called the Service Engineer stating that the TV hasn’t been taken for service, he have assured it will be done by evening. but still i haven’t received any response from your end, the undersigned as raised a complaint again in the toll free center on the 17th, he has again assured me that by evening 8’0 clock things will be sorted and till now we haven’t received any intimation from your center or service engineer.                I’ve never expected such a terrible service from Samsung customer care. Hence if i don’t get any response within 24hr. I will be forced to go the consumer court where the article i purchased from you is around 2.40 lakhs.
    Thanking You,
    Brian Christopher Williams.

  10. I have purchased QLED 49 ” TV 3 years back . I am not getting the support from Samsung for replacing motherboard. TV is under breakdown since 7th of April 2023. Nobody is responding to replace it though i was ready for payment. service request no 4368158124

    • Sir
      I Am Purchesed Samsung q led 4k 50 inch Tv. 25.10.2020.
      Model No.QA50Q60TAKXXL
      S/N.09W336 TN800656. Purchesed Time Samsung company 4 years.Releance 3 warrent .giving. Bill entry.
      24.07.2023 TV Penal Problems coming. I AM INFORM show room .service men visit tv PANAL problem Declan. PANAL cost 41000 Rs
      My tv also warrent period. Also eligible. Show Room or not any Respond. I am every day inform no Response.
      Please My problem email calling not Response. As early as possible My TV PANAL changing .immediately. you are post phone problem
      I am going Consumer court. Other social Media.
      I AM Purchesed Tv . Ongole . PRAKASAM. St. ANDRAPRADESH.India. pin 523001. My cell no. 7672020298

  11. Sir
    मेने note 20ulta 5G लिया था जो कि मुझे 5G बोल के दिया था जब 5G शुरू हुआ तो पता चला कि इसमें जियो का 5G चलता ही नहीं है अब सर्विस centre के चक्कर निकाल रहा हू कंपनी बोल रही है कि अभी इसमें नहीं चलेगा आप को इन्तजार करना होगा…… कितना ये नहीं बता सकते हैं जब वे लिया था जब मुझे बोला आप सैमसंग के preimem customer हो आप को सर्विस फास्ट मिलेगी आज पता चला कि कितने फास्ट सर्विस है
    मे सबी जो भी मेरे भाई ये पोस्ट pad रहे हैं वो कभी preimem customer मत बनना और अगर मोबाइल ले वही सभी फीचर देख लेना नहीं तो एक आदमी सर्विस सेंटर के चक्कर के लेय भी रखना

    job no-4367624703

  12. i am very disappointed with your worst horror lewd dirty booty service.

    I had purchased AC on 16/03/22 in the name of M/s Cogent Technocrats Company. Invoice no is-UTN-1/GT-0642 As per your company policy 3 free service provided by you in 1 year from date of purchase I had my 1st ac service done last year but 3 service yet due Yes, I had called for AC servicing on 12/03/23, and also told your executive that I am out of Delhi on Monday and Tuesday so please send service engineering. on 15/03/23 but no one came and response on wednesday and thursday today i called mr in your call center. Satyajit’s executive told me that your time limit is getting over and you have to pay for AC service.

    Why would I pay if I had already booked an appointment and I had told your executive that whoever would come should come on Wednesday(you can check call recording ) to do the service, and neither did I get any calls nor messages on Wednesday.
    It’s not about money, it’s about trust, it’s about service that you promise, which third vendor doesn’t understand, which you put on contract basis, all your acquaintances don’t buy Samsung products. I will request for this and will also share this incident on social media. So that those who believe in Samsung products can see after sales service. How come this Samsung call center, 3rd vendor, and the entire team of Samsung think the customer is crazy and make them crazy and collect money from them.

  13. Sir, many ads are coming on my phone even without using any app. I have become very upset due to this, only after opening the internet, many ads start appearing, whereas at that time I am not even using any app. I open the phone to make a call, but so many ads are coming, I am disturbed by it. Please find a solution for this, otherwise I will never use it, nor will I allow anyone in my family or relatives to use it.

  14. Sir, I am getting calls from your customer care every day and I am being insulted by saying that it is your fault, maybe you will have to pay. May I inform you, on 5th January 2022, I have taken a flagship mobile flip 3 from your Samsung store, which I have paid for 85000. Whose I took insurance of 5000 which your salesman told me accident and liquid damage 1 year 1 time claim Samsung authorized service center. On 3rd January, going to your Samsung store from home to exchange for a new phone. While going to your store, my phone fell and it was hit by a car coming from behind, due to which it got ardently damaged. At that time I don’t remember whether my phone is under warranty or not I immediately went to your store and told them that my phone fell and broken,You have to check whether there is warranty or not. He checked and told that my phone is still under warranty for 2 days and you have taken insurance for it.At that time there is no yellow spot in my mobile so I clicked the photo and I share it with you.sir after that i called toll free number 18001082222 of servify and registered my claim and paid them 2000 and told them how my phone broken Then after 1 hour I went to service center and on that day yellow spot started coming which they say that this phone is burnt.Sir I have told you the whole story now if you can not help then stop the CEO desk in which the problem of the customer does not get shorted out. And please call again and again that don’t find out my fault, they don’t know anything, they just disconnect the phone saying that it is your mistake, it will be paid. I hope that your CEO desk will help me.

  15. Dear Sir
    On dated 12.08.2022 I had ordered Samsung TV (Model: AU8000) from official website of Samsung (Copy of Invoice attached) and the same was installed by your engineer Sh Sushil on
    After few days a blue spot was observed on left corner of the TV (Copy attached) and therefore a complaint was lodged by me with Samsung through Samsung customer care on dated 21.11.2022. Against the complaint service request number 4360404635 was allotted to me and I was told that an engineer will soon be visiting you.
    On dated……engineer from Samsung came and checked the TV. He opened it from the back side and later informed me that one of its parts is faulty and needs to be replaced. I also received a message on my mobile from Samsung that part has been dispatched and the engineer shall be deployed soon. But after few days I received a call from the engineer and he told me that as my TV is damaged the part shall only be replaced on payment basis for which I have to pay around Rs 20000/-. Sir, I was surprised hear that, as till that date engineer had not reported anything like damage to me and therefore i didn’t not agree to pay the same and Samsung had cancelled my request.
    Then again on dated 14.12.2022 I called Samsung customer service to reconsider my request as I was not satisfied with initial report submitted by the visiting engineer. Subsequently, Samsung again issued me another service request number 4361688604 against which service engineer from Samsung visited my house. The service engineer deployed by Samsung this time was the one who had visited during the installation time. The engineer outrightly said that since the TV is damaged they can’t cover it in warranty and I ll have to pay against the part to be replaced.
    Sir, being a cooperate employee I understand the value of reporting the right and genuine information to the customer at the right time. Sir, my only concern is that, if the TV would have been damaged from my end, your engineer should have told me at the first instance. In fact, he had agreed that the there is some issue with one of the part of the TV and needs to be replaced. Now as the newly ordered part has been received, he is saying that your TV is damaged. Sir, TV was not damaged till your engineer visited my house and it may be the case that your engineer would have damaged it while opening it and now putting all his blame on me.
    Sir this is really unfortunate that a company like Samsung is lacking its professional attitude and I expect that whatever report your engineer is forwarding is true and genuine.
    Sir last few days have been so full of stress to me that I cannot keep my-self focused personally and professionally as well. Being a faithful customer of Samsung, I request you to kindly look into the matter and resolve the issue at the earliest for which the company like Samsung is known for.
    Hoping for an early response
    Thank you
    Hira Singh

  16. Dear Sir,
    Good Day to you
    I am Ahmed Elhalwagy – From Egypt – Logistics Dept. Head of LC WAIKIKI – Egypt Office
    I am honored to present my problem and seek your support after I lost hope in Samsung Egypt Team
    I purchased the Samsung A72 phone in March 2022, and this was the first time to use Samsung Handsets, I am used to having a Sony & I-phone, and unfortunately the experience was not successful.
    • In September this year this A72 device suddenly broke down and the screen turned off and did not respond to any attempts to open it or to charge it last September, so I went to the Samsung Maintenance (1) in Egypt and the technician told me that they would repair it within 48 hours, after pushing them I received the device after 10 days The technician then told me that they had Maintained it and problem is gone (Maintenance receipt attached).

    • The same malfunction occurred again after four days of repair (the phone turns off completely and does not respond to attempts until the battery runs out, then it starts to respond to charging). I was then outside the country and I lost a lot of money and a whole deal of garment accessories due to losing all contacts and numbers while I was in Turkey finishing a business trip, and after two days the handset came back to life again after the battery reached zero%, then it responded to charging.

    • The same malfunction occurred again last October. I went to Samsung Maintenance (2) in Egypt, and the technician tried to switch it on and gave it to me at the same time when it responded to his trial.

    • The same malfunction occurred again in November, and I sent it for Samsung Maintenance (3) in Egypt. I left it and received it the next day. (Maintenance receipt attached)

    • The same malfunction occurred again on the 11th of December and I sent it for Samsung Maintenance (4) and I left it, and it is now there. (Maintenance receipt attached)
    I am asking for your help and support to apply for the warranty which stipulates that the device has to be replaced by another new one due to the recurrence of the malfunction more than twice during warranty duration. Please note that literally all my work has been suspended since then, waiting for your intervention to solve this problem, as I see the procrastination of the employees and customer service is not helpful, they are ignoring and just pushing my request ( right ) with no grounds, I make about 5 calls every day and complaints but they never responded until I am trying to worry about using Samsung Services in future and they are all diluting the problem trying to find a reason for not fulfilling their commitment towards me.
    I am afraid to tell you that their inappropriate behavior made me think of starting to file a legal action and sue the company (I am a lawyer and I have a license).
    Thank you very much and I appreciate your urgent action – all Import and Export shipments literally are at risk and I am losing every hour of delay.

    Ahmed Elhalwagy
    LC WAIKIKI – Logistics Manager – Egypt

  17. I am very Sorry share a bad experience i have experienced from the service leaders of Samsung. I have purchased around 70 nos of LED Hotel TV having model no: HG55AU800AKLXL (138cm) for my hotel. Three days before I have faced an issue of connecting wifi to the TV and because of that guest was unable to play Netflix. So have contact the service Manager of Wayanad region(Kerala) -Mr.Denny for assistance and connected one of the technician through con call and the technician very clearly said that , it is not possible to rectify the issue over the phone and need to check the TV physically and for that he need to come to the site. So requested Mr.Denny to send the technician next day. Next day since morning , till evening I have called Mr.Denny for the technician , not a single time he picked my call. so it betwee i have registered a complaint the toll free also. and somehow i collected the shop contact number from which we purchased the TV and they called Mr.Denny from their side and after their call, Mr.Denny called me in the evening and told that he was on OFF and because of that he didnt attend my call which never should be an attitude from a senior level manager. Again I requested him to send the technican for the next day. today morning also till 10.30 AM , i have waited for a call from the service manager which i didnt get and because of that i have called him around 10.45 Am and asked for the technician , simply Mr.Denny said technician will not come and you have call the IT manager Mr.Sivadas . I was helpless , because i have [purchase SAMSUNG brand TV. So i called the IT manager Mr.Sivadas, he simply denied that it is not possible to connect netflix in your type of TV. Then I explained him that we are not able to connect the wifi also and earlier in one of the TV we accessed the netflix through browser and was working and now the issue is that we are not able to connect even wifi. Finally he adviced some remote functions to access the wifi and the same was I already tried and informed him which is not working with the TV. Then he told it is because of the way you are operating the remote keys. So requested him that I will connect you whatsapp video call and just show me how to operate. but the same was denied by Mt.Sivadas. Then I requested him that i already registered a complaint in the toll free, please your technician, because we are facing issues from a long stay guest . He asked to share the complaint registered details and i have shared the same to his whats app. But there was no response from his side . I have shared the same to Mr.Denny also. no body responded . Even in the evening , three times i have called Mr.Denny. But the result was the same, he didnt attend my call. The same irresponsible attitude.
    In my last 20 years of experience , this is the first time I m facing such a bad response from an international brand Like SAMSUNG.

  18. I had deposited my mobile for 14 days in replacement policy 2 days after purchase but in 3 problems today I am having 3 months none of my problem has been resolved and now my mobile is completely damaged and scratches and dots have also come so i will not take this mobile back now and give me a new mobile or give me my money back asap else i will have to take legal action because you guys have wasted my time and i have lost your samsung Have seen the service and product, both are absolutely arthritis, China product is better than this
    purchese date 25/09/2022
    next day deposit handset
    bill no 4354975455
    bill no 4358360380
    bill no 4360646107

  19. But 1st time Claimed samsung A-12 something 12000 rupees ka mobile dameged hua h iska claimed Kiya tha jo ONE MONTH SAMSUNG daily daily mere ko pagal Bana rha h or abhi tak mobile repair nhi hua h.
    Mera jis accident m mobile dameged hua usi ke saath meri bike R15 bhi dameged hui jisme only =350 or 5 din me bike fully thik hoker come back home or 12000 rupees ka mobile or jisme 890 rupee dekar bhi 10 din mobile dameged tha dameged vapas NYC Samsung

  20. This is regarding inconvenience caused with Samsung Galaxy A33 5g. I have bought the said phone (IMEI No. 356600352213786) on 26.10.2022 from Mullick Infocomm, Benachity, Durgapur – 713213 (Mobile – 9333900666 vide tax invoice no. 955 dtd. 26.10.2022). On 15.11.2022 I faced screen black out issue on display i.e. phone display is not working. After that I visited Samsung Customer care (Address – S.P Infotech (0003261063), 105, G T Road, East End, Sreepally, Bardhaman – 713103 ) for assistance. There I faced tremendous harassment. The servicing official/ technical engineer (Name – Mr. Tausif Mandal) told me that after inspection that there is no issue of damage cause by outside. If there is any issue regarding hardware, I have to pay. Then I told him that the phone is under warranty period. They deny that and I have to wait for over 6 hours at the service center for final outcome. In the meantime I contacted Customer care executive elaborating all the issue through whatsapp and also over phone. They gave me a reference number (1181815150). After over 6 hours, the service centre engineer ( Mr. Tausif Mandal) told me that there is no issue of phone damage either by outside or by inside. The phone is faulty right from the beginning due to display problem and they made a job sheet (No. 4360226572) and handed over me. He said company will repair it without any cost. I request him for complete replacement of the phone immediately. Now let me raise some points over the matter:

    1. As per the service center executive there is no sign of damage either in outer part or in inner part of the phone. That proves that the phone is originally faulty right from the beginning.

    2. I have bought it on 26.10.2022, i.e. the phone is in warranty period.

    3. Why the company is not checking properly the phone before selling.

    4. In no sense it is established that any damage is occur at my part. Then why I will accept the repaired phone just over 19 days of purchase. I want total replacement with new A33 or refund the amount paid while purchasing with due interest and penalty not less that 1 Lakh due to harassment.

    Now, I want a total replacement of the said phone. I will not accept the repaired phone. Therefore I am requesting you to kindly do the needful towards early replacement of the phone with a new one and thoroughly pre-checkup or refund the amount paid while purchasing with due interest and penalty not less that 1 Lakh due to harassment. . Being a Public Grievance officer in Central Govt. Department, I know every corner that I have to approach. For the sake of convenience I raise a complaint to INGRAM portal (Regd. No. 4029502) which will be received by you shortly. If the replacement is not done immediately I will definitely approach to Consumer Forum Court and other end very shortly. I will also expose the issue in social media if not positive response is received from your end.

    I have faith in your company, most of electronic items I bought from your concern and never faced this kind of issue. Therefore I am requesting you to kindly look into the matter with uttermost importance and replace the original phone with a new one (Samsung Galaxy A33). I am attaching Tax Invoice of my purchase and Job sheet of the customer care for your kind perusal. Hoping a favourable reply from your end. and a copy of acknowledgment may also be communicated.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Anamika Thakur.

    (Phone – 9476421349)

  21. samsung very bad service its been a month no solution found

    Washing machine is not working I have been calling for a month, it is said daily that it will be corrected, was it my mistake I took Samsung’s machine

  22. My name is Sachin. I purchased Samsung S20 FE 5G on 23rd September 2022 through amazon shopping platform and the product delivered on 27th September 2022. The invoice no. of my Today (9th October 2022) the display of phone is not working. In amazon shopping site the return period of phone is showing 5 october 2022 but as per samsung policy return period is 14 days of delivery. Since today is 13th day of purchasing of phone. What is the solution now.

  23. To,
    Samsung India

    Daate: 22/9/2022
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had bought a Samsung fold 3 on Jan 25th 2022.
    On 20th Sept 2022, evening, I realized that my inside screen is not working. On the foldable part there is a thick black mark and the right side of the screen is not working.
    I contacted Samsung Service centre at Sattellite Road and told them about the ordeal and told them that my phone is within the guarantee period. But Instead of accepting my claim they have been forcefully saying that there was an accident and hence the screen inside is not working. The operator Ms. Jyoti Chauhan , took a photograph of the upper side part of the phone and said that there is a white spot which means that there is a dent and hence my claim is rejected.
    Sir my counter is as under:
    1) There has been no fall of my phone at all in the last week.
    2) There is a white spot on the top side portion of the phone. But if it was a dent, there should be a scratch which can be felt by nails or fingers. There is no such thing. Even the service centre representatives agreed to this but were unwilling to write this on their notes. Not only your service center, but even executives from Sattellite Branch of Croma, who sell thousands of phones of Samsung agreed that there is no outside dent.
    The spot seems to be on the inside. And its is so small that it is harly visible by normal eye. Do you think that your elite customers who buy phones of Rs 1 lac plus would have the time to see such small spots every week, make a note and table of the spots seen and send you a weekly email so that in future if there is a claim , those spots would not be used to deny a genuine claim???
    3) If the phone has indeed fallen as claimed by your service center, then there should be a major damage on the side where it has fallen. There is no damage but the screen inside is not working.
    Despite many reminders and calls, your service center is simply not willing to accept my genuine claim. Sir, if this is how you treat your elite customers who buy phones above Rs 1 lacs, I am frightened to think of how you would be treating your normal customers.
    I hope that you look into this and accept my claim and also make a genuine effort to change the thinking and training of your service centers to just deny any claim.
    My complaint no is 4356017650
    Maunal Gandhi

    • Samsung Fold has major complaints.

      Most of the service centres are not equipped to handle /check the high end sets.
      Due to their inability they will ask for mother board replacement which will cost more than 40000.

      My fold 2 wifi was not working.I had taken it to the service centre.
      They used the inbuilt app to check the complaint for my phone.
      They couldn’t find any know issue.
      Then they assumed that it is because of software updation and then reloaded the software.
      After the software updation still the wifi was not working, but my battery back up went down.
      Battery started lasting for only 3 to 4 hrs.
      After two weeks my internal screen stopped working.

      Fold has major concerns and to add the service centre people lack knowledge or skill to diagnose the issue and sort it.

      These were the concerns which still I have and not resolved.

      1.They have not checked my phone properly. Service centre people have not done a proper checking neither they found the real issue.

      2.They lack skill expertise /knowledge to repair high end sets.

      3.There is no physical damage.If there is some issue that is with the software.For that why motherboard change is required.

      4.They have not found any defective component in my Phone.
      5.In the Diagnostics available in the phone it was found that there was no problem with the handset.

      6.Since they couldn”t diagnose the problem they are suggesting for a motherboard replacement.

      7.Since the trial and error method of Service centre people was costing nearly Rs 40000, I had asked some discount.Even one rupee discount also they have not offered.

      8.Before asking customer to pay a big amount they should check properly with the company.

      9.They have not done the basic check properly neither they have tried to repair it.

      10.Also they have emailed that my enquiry /request was closed.

  24. Mr SHAJIN.
    Samsung Team
    Chennai India

    Ref Samsung Invoice No 33S010062257 on 22-8-2022

    Sub Purchase Warranty issue raised on 1-9-2022

    Samsung Washing Machine 7kg
    Model WA70BG4441BGTL
    Serial 05A05PBT800812K

    We are not happy with Samsung

    Mr SHAJIN this is my 6th mail you for same issue
    we spoke with you on 13-9-2022 regarding this issue.. past 18 days we raised this issue through CUSTOMER CARE and EMAIL and WATSUP CHAT and SERVICES CENTRE and now with YOU (Mr SHAJIN) please resolve the issue ASPS

    We brought the Samsung Washing Machine 7kg topload on 22-8-2022 from Samsung Shop App delivery on 26-8-2022 installation on 27-8-2022 Warranty covers 3 Years for all and 12 years for Motor mention on time of purchase

    So Warranty covers until 2022 to 2025 as per purchase
    So we paid to Samsung service center extended warranty 3 years Rs 3510
    Paid warranty 2025 to 2028
    But we received Extended warranty only 2027 on 1-9-2022

    We purchased for 3 years warranty means 2022 to 2025 and paid warranty means 2025 to 2028

    So kindly send documents for same 6 years until 2028

    Kindly reply for me through email or call or watup or text but reply is must as of now I received only ticket no through mail not reply

    Click attached below for your reference

    Vidhya Hemanth
    Chennai India

  25. My son had bought the latest Galaxy S22 in US and gifted to me. The Display had problems and when I gave it to the Samsung Service Center, they are saying that they will not be able to service the Galaxy S22 purchased in US as the local model and US model are not compatible and they cannot get parts for the US model and fix it in India.

    I escalated to the CEO Customer Care and in no vain as the response is the same.
    My Service Call number is : 4355021522

    This means that as customers, we need to take the RISK of using the Samsung Phones purchased outside India and use it as long as it works.

    If one does not want to take that Risk then better avoid buying or gifting Samsung products to your loved ones in India.

    Just thought of Sharing my bitter experience if it is useful for others.

    • Samsung nowadays becoming frauds and they only looking for stealing money from innocent peoples

      Thr service center is like junk they holding cheap slum fellows they not even properly communicate and the service is very far away hopeless

      Dont buy any samsung devices they selling china phones with samsung brand

  26. I have bought Samsung’s newly launched product Galaxy Book 2. Its 2 months old laptop and showed hing failure that separated the layer and the screw that holds the display together is loosed that caused the crack on the display holding frame.
    Now Samsung service center is denying to cover it under warranty saying its an physical damage. They are not ready to cover in warranty for the product that is damaged due to manufacturing problem.

    This is not the experience I paid for and also not expected such services from the service center

  27. Hi Team,

    I am a loyal user of your Galaxy mobile phones since last 10 years and I just love the product. I had bought S10e in 2019 and found it a complete phone as per my need. Its compact size, light weight and almost every possible flagship feature got me addicted to it. Many friends and family get amazed by my pocketable phone, despite them owning i-phones and other latest Samsung products. Since than Samsung has stopped manufacturing small size, flagship products.

    Its a suggestion, as none of the companies are making compact mobile phones and all are in a rat race to make large-heavy phone and just trying to increase battery capacity for improved run time, it would be amazing if Samsung launches compact flagship smart phones, with all loaded features and with equally strong camera. Battery capacity of upto 3500mAh is enough for a common user. Also, a price point of USD 500-700 would be superb to capture large mass market,where people are trying to upgrade from mid to flagship phones. Also, as apple has hived off its iphone mini, there is a great room to capture that market too. Many of the people I know are not able to find a better alternative like S10e and looking forward for a strong feature loaded galaxy flagship phone to replace it. Request Samsung to launch a flagship with all top quality features in small/compact/light weight/pocket able phone soon.

    • Hi Dear Anshul,
      We are very happy to hear from you. Your feedback is very important. We want to inform you that Samsung has already launched the compact size flagship phone equipped with the cutting-edge technology. You can checkout Samsung Galaxy S22 compact size premium phone which perfectly fits with your choice.

      On the other hand, you can also checkout Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 pocketable smartphone with amazing features.
      Thank you

    • Hi Dear Anshul,
      We are very happy to hear from you. Your feedback is very important. We want to inform you that Samsung has already launched the compact size flagship phone equipped with the cutting-edge technology. You can checkout Samsung Galaxy S22 compact size premium phone which perfectly fits with your choice.

      On the other hand, you can also checkout Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 pocketable smartphone with amazing features.

      • From,


        47/F3 Ambrose street near Hariharan catering Narimedu madurai .2


        The Manager,

        Sumsung Inverter AC 5 star

        Reliance digital Vishal D Mal

        Madurai 652002

        Date: 18.9.22

        Subject: Complaint against defective Air Conditioner

        Respected Sir/Madam,

        This is to bring in your notice, that I am S.Ramkumar and my residential address is 47/F3 Ambrose street near Hariharan catering Narimedu madurai .2

        I am writing this letter to bring in your notice, that I purchased an Air conditioner from your showroom on Reliance digital Vishal d mal Madurai . Here are all the basic details of the product and its purchase:

        Date of purchase: 01.03.2021

        Model Number: SAM AR 18AY5YTZ

        Name of the Product: Sumsung Inverter 5 star

        Mode of Payment:Cash

        Bill Number: 894311121500594

        Warranty time assured: 5 years

        I want to bring to your notice that I am facing problems in the product. The product is not working and cooling ,water leakage Since the product is still under warranty, I am extremely disappointed as it stopped working A/C .I would either like to get the product repaired or replaced. I am attaching a copy of bill for your reference.

        I am providing my contact details below for any other details. Wish to hear from you at the earliest.

        Thanking you

        Yours Faithfully,

        S Ramkumar

        Cell No:82486 67562

        96779 52346

  28. I am writing to inform about the Discomfort,Pain and Difficulties I experienced by purchasing a Samsung TV. I purchased the TV on 5Mar2021 which is SAMSUNG LED UHD

    Exactly one year, that is, by April 2022 all of a sudden the TV went off. We tried to switch it on but it didn’t happen. We called the Samsung service center. Mr Srikanth from the service center came to examine it and said it’s a display issue. He said he will place an order for a new display. We waited by continuous follow ups after one and a half months and finally the display was replaced. Again the same issue started within 1 week after the replacement of the display. Again we called Srikanth and informed the same issue is repeating. He didn’t come to examine, he said
    I have already placed an order for a new display and he said once he receives it he will come and fix it. We had to wait again with continuous follow up everytime we called. They used to say we received a damaged product. Once or twice receiving a damaged product is fine but everytime they have only reason to receive a damaged product I wonder if all the products in Samsung are defective. After 2 months finally Srikanth came for the second time to fix the display even after fixing it the TV did not turn on he informed us the display again is defective He said I will take the TV along to examine and check if there are any other issues with it. It’s been more than a month since they have taken the TV. We kept following. The same dialogue we received was defective. I spoke to Mr Sajin from the Head office team and he promised us that he will get it fixed within the 9th. On 9th Srikanth called and informed us that the TV is ready he will get it fixed but we will have to pay 6800 however he new that we are not going to accept for payment they just played a fowl game to extend another day later Sajin called and informed there is no charges that I will have to pay and he also informed Srikanth will come and fix the TV on 10th 2022
    Today I am trying to reach Srikanth he did not respond to my call I directly went to service center were the TV is. I got to know from Mr Arvind that the TV is not ready yet.
    I am seriously exhausted by following up on this case. I have paid 70k and now the TV is in the service center. They are saying that they are not getting the part for this TV. What is the solution for my problem? there is no resolution for my issue given by you people since 5 months.
    Kindly take this issue as priority. Look into this matter. I need a replacement or a refund. 4 times the display has been replaced. The TV is still not working, it is a defective one. There is no chance for such an expensive TV to get problems if it was not a defective one. After exploring many brands I finally purchased Samsung for its brand but it was really the worst decision that I made to purchase in Samsung. My previous TV was LG. I used it for 7 long years and I never faced a single issue.

    What is the solution for my problem?

  29. name:-rikhav m. shah
    your new samsung galaxy Z flip 4 model is very good but main problem is i am not insert memory card then please solve this problem then i will purchase next Z flip series model

  30. Dear Team,

    As discussed, Instead of few hours almost 24 hours past but not getting any response from neither samsung shop nor service department.

    There is serious problem in fold 4 hinge..cracking sound and vibration feel when fold and unfold….I found issue when I just received, worst experience from customer care and customer service.

    Just call on customer service and they are just passing my call from samsung shop to service and service to shop…I am helpless now..

    I urge you to kindly expedite the resolution, Still My phone is in samsung service center.

    Now my trust is broke on samsung…and feeling cheated.

    Once again my humble request you to please be kind and give me resolution.

    I had checked thrice and compare with other fold 4…there is no any sound which is coming from my device.

    Looking forward for your kind response.


    • My experience with Samsung customer service is worst. I will be replacing my New Samsung phone with one from another vendor, so I will not have to deal with Samsung again.

  31. Order ID: 11530674438

    Full communication thread on:

    No response since I sent last email 7 days ago. Not satisfied with customer support and lack of attention to what I had to say.

    My fault, I opened the box myself after waiting for your support support team to get in touch for 2 days, and found that it was damaged. Reported directly as soon as I found it. Your answer: return policy. I learnt my lesson but what about your responsibility? In this day and age of online buying, you guys expect customer’s to own everything? Check my pts below where you could have made sure that your customer actually uses the product they buy.

    This is what i need:

    1. Improve your product page, clearly mentioning that customers need to check the product in front of the delivery boy, small devices rarely get into other issues, it’s mostly damage as happened in my case. That should be sorted when the product is delivered, many people know how to install monitors, it doesn’t make sense to ask them to wait till an engineer comes.

    2. The Product page also says ‘schedule installation and demo’. This clearly makes this an optional thing. You guys should push for installation and demo yourself, by calling people instead of waiting for them.

    3. Train your delivery boys to communicate this to the customer

    4. Stick a label on the box saying the same information

    5. And refund the repair charges as your support engineer estimated.

  32. Dear Sir,

    I purchased new washing machine , its dryer unit creat some problem I raised complaint(4353842886) to samsung on 18Aug. But till no action taken by the service team.

    They daily call me 5-6 Time asking for problem and location but no any service engineer visit in my place.

    7 time i call to samsung care but no satisfactory answer I get from them. After that i write two mail to They give quick reply on mail only but work is not done.

    Please tell me how i believe in samsung product with this kind of feedback. I am extremely sorry for buying your samsung product I will never buy or never recommend to anyone for buying samsung product.

    But now only this time i request you to kindly provide service engineer to my place. I will never give trouble to your team its my promise.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pawan Malik

  33. Dear sir/Madam
    I had bought Samsung”s washing machine, which is not working well yet and for this I had done a complaint 3 days ago, the assistant employee says that tomorrow will come tomorrow but it has been 3 days, so far any has so far any I don”t expec this type of service from samsung which I bought

  34. Sir, I bought a mobile of your Samsung Company which is galaxy f22 on 21.01.2022 on online cash on delivery from flipkart but I paid it by giving a gold loan whose loan application is attached to it.

    On 26.06.2022 some dark spot started coming in it like liquid has spilled inside when i take it to your service center.

    Was taken to Satisfaction Service 4 a 17 Talwandi Kota then they said that it is not in warranty condition

    So without saying anything, I got its combo inserted by paying Rs 4912, after a month, the sam problem sam support started coming on the same screen, then your service center people showed out warranty and said that it will work on chargeable basis, so now it means that I will give you 5000 rupees every month and get its combo. Let’s do it one more time, what is the guarantee that this problem will not happen again.

    If the same problem is coming again and again, then it is a defect in your F22 mobile, why am I being pressured in this?

    You are requested to take some action as soon as possible otherwise I will have to take some legal action.

    Whatever it is, please answer it within 3 working days.


    • Please take legal action.
      Samsung will not listen to you.
      I’m also facing lot of problems with samsung products
      Samsung is providing defective products to customers and don’t entertain when product shows defects after warranty period.

  35. the Samsung team have no courtesy to maintain relation with customer, such a pathetic service has given by your service center I had purchase on 22 Jan 21. within few month its charging socket gone, I replaced new, which is not cover in warranty. many more times I am facing same issue now the service store ask me to change IC for charging issue for what I have you to pay 1200 which work is not cover in warranty. all the time we should pay charges for replace the part not a single part we can expect to replace in warranty.

    • Name: Raghib Ali
      Phone number: 9927775055
      Company name: Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.
      Company address: III M Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad
      Date of Purchasing: 30-11-2021
      Dear Samsung Team,
      I would like to complain about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 that we group of people bought on
      30-11-2021 to avail corporate discount.
      I am complaining because the way you deal with customer service is very poor and not
      resolved yet. To solve this problem, I want you to think about how to buy Samsung Mobiles,
      which always believes in breaching customer trust.
      When I first discovered this problem, I contacted your customer service at your company,
      and was told nothing could be done about my problem. I believe this response is
      inappropriate because you gave me satisfactory answer for few days and after that you reply
      me you do nothing with my problem which is related to your default product. I need a written
      statement explaining the position of your company and what you will do about my complaint.
      I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to solve this problem. If I do not hear
      from you within 7 days, I will file a complaint with the appropriate consumer agencies and
      consider my legal options. I am enclosing the copies of my receipt. I can be contacted at the
      above address and phone number.
      I am going to keep in loop the all concerned departments related to consumer rights along
      with media officials also I going to DE-campaigning of Samsung products on social media
      All relevant mandatory information is attached like purchasing receipt your communication
      mails & your service screen shots.
      Raghib Ali
      Phone number: 9927775055
      Company name: Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.

      • They deserve a iron fist fight in Consumer court. But i still dont understand how are they able to progress in India with such falsehood. Not possible without the support of some govt machinery taking bribe to ignore rising dissenters of Samsung Service failure?
        Its a shame to the world popular leader Mr Modi riding on gullible taxpayers and allowing such TRASH to survive in Indian Market ????

    • Dear Samsung Team

      I Ankit Kumar saraswat, Bhiwadi Alwar


      Date :- 10.08.22

      Dear samsung team,

      On [07.07.22 & 21.07.22], I repaired my mobile samsung galaxy A-50 from the service centre, Bimal Enterprises and my Mobile phone back cover was not covered properly why?. I was also told and seen to dealer but My phone back cover was not fix properly in that moisture has been gone inside of my phone as which screen colored has been changed.

      This is pure responsibility of Samsung. If they have failed to repair the mobile phone .



      Unfortunately, my mobile has not performed well due to your service being inadequate & Mobile phone screen doesn’t work properly, the service wasn’t performed correctly, I was billed full amount to samsung.

      To resolve the problem, I would appreciate a action to refund, or repair or exchange.

      I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait until 24 Hr. before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or other assistance. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at 95822157453.

      Please find the below attached details.

      Invoice copy 1st time

      PIC-1 Light pass on from back cover when phone torch in on condition

      PIC 2 2nd time screen color change

      PIC 3 3RD time screen fully color change

      Next time I can see any word on my phone, how I will work and who will bear the loss of my work.

  36. I bought Samsung A23 from your Samsung Store and it has been just 1 month and 5 days the mobile is having battery backup problem and even it started to hang due to which i have been going to the store from last 2 days but everytym they say me to come afterwards then the nxt day. Today they called me to the store at 1:00pm and made me wait till 5:30pm after that a staff from the store came and told me to take the model to the samsung service centre without even checking the mobile once. According to me if they wanted to do this only then they could say me this beforehand only instead of making me run here and there and waste my time unnecessarily. And i earn the money with very much dificulty due to which i had to take this mobile in emi procedure and just aftr 1 month the condition of mobile is going to worst and if i would have knwn that the staff of your store acts in this manner with their customers i wouldn’t have taken it from there and with this harsh behaviour you say your service is best which is totally a lie.
    This is my last warning and reqst to you that if i dont get my mobile replacement within next 24 hours or return back the money which i paid then you have to pay the consequences for wasting my time anonymously and my even my money. And even i want a clarification from you that why your stores customer service is so worst when their customer is in any problem with their model which is their duty to solve it.

  37. There was intermittent auto water cut problem in my washing machine. I made a complaint on customer care on 02 Jul 2022 and a service engineer visited my home on 05 Jul 2022 and replaced some parts (Pressure sensor + Inerwall as per invoice) but after replacing the part, machine became totally unserviceable. After that I called many times to the service engineer but he hardly picked the phone and when picked , just bluffed and not reported so far.
    Since then, I multiple times tried to contact to the service center but the given contacts in service report were closed.
    On 5th evening(07:22pm), I approaches to the customer care. They assured that it will be attended on 6th. On 6th, when called it was told to me that within 2 pm, it will be attended. Same day at 06:01 pm again contacted and got assured that today within 7 or tomorrow within 11 am, it will be attended. I contacted again and again to customer care (On7th-01:49pm,05:15pm, On 8th-10:20am, 01:51pm,05:02pm and today on 9th – 03:21pm) and got only such types of assurance every time but noone has visited and attended the product.
    Sir, I fedup with your service and request you to please don’t sell your product in India if you can not provide support. Your service is very poor and irresponsible people are handling the services as per my opinion.
    It is pertinent to mention that I am in a very responsible post at Govt of Indiaso not having such time to contact multiple times and holding phone every time for 10 to 30 minutes.
    Request to please see the matter.

  38. I got hung up on twice, then they asked for a survey on how well they did.
    If you guys don’t want to help customers, you can save money by eliminating the entire department.

    • Very true, am facing same challenges with my new phone which is warrantee and they are not giving any services as parts are now not available. what a shit service they are giving to customer after spending 1,5 lakh on phone we need through this phone on bin now.

  39. I have a none working almost $4000 fridge at my home that I got 5 years ago from Costco, a month ago my warranty was over and I have been dealing with Samsung support, plus Costco support, plus Allstate warranty for over 3 weeks, this became a Samsung problem and every time I call I talk with them for over an hour and now it’s been over 6 hours of dealing with them plus I have chatted with them on their website. First of all, they said they would do everything they could to get me the right help, then they sent a tech to help me with the fridge, they charged me $100 to tell me they couldn’t help me because there was a problem with my compressor and they didn’t work on them, many people I spoke with said good luck with Samsung because it’s hard to work with them, half the time I spoke with someone I couldn’t understand, they had very strong accents. Everyone said they would help me and do everything they could, someone told me if there’s a problem with the compressor then it will be fully covered and then after hours of waiting they told me they would make me an appointment with a different service center. But no, after hours on getting they told me that there was no service center in my area, and mind me that I live in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, near San Francisco, a very populated and well-known place. How do you tell me that there’s no service center here that can work on my fridge. So then they told me that I needed to make an appointment with my near by service place and they will pay for it after I pay for it. They also told me that they would refund me all the money that was spent on the food that was thrown away. Today the service agent I got to come and check out my fridge said it would cost me over $2000 to fix and that the problem was a malfunction problem. I paid them $80 to check out my unit but I couldn’t allow them to work on it because I am not sure if Samsung would pay the $2000 and why would they when a new unit is $4000 and they need to reimburse me with the food cost, an other $1000+. This is so disappointing and it’s not only making me stressed and exhausted, but my baby doesn’t have her milk, my kids don’t have their food and it’s taking my time away from their summer vacation fun, this is extremely disappointing and imagine all of your food going bad on the daily basis.

    • I’m having the exact same experience with Samsung on my refrigerator that is under warranty and it needs a new compressor. Let me know if you want to join in a lawsuit against them for breach of warranty. Note to any consumers here: DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS



  40. sir,
    ref: INVOICE NO. : NO2MP2223149847
    INVOICE DATE : 30/05/2022
    PO REF. : 11162079889
    ORDER DATE : 29/05/2022
    I have received my m33 ordered through Samsung website yesterday evening (5/6/22). Even though physically it was ok, device restarts frequently. From today morning onwards the frequency of restarting increased. By evening the device is in beyond usable condition. even though contacted customer care through chat , they are saying samsung doesnt have any replacement policy. worst experiance. hope you will rectify my issue

    • Same issue i am facing with f 41. And they know this very well, that there is an issue with particular devices like F41, M30, still they are selling and asking customer to pay for the repair.

  41. Samsung freeze service is very poor at Greater Noida. They don’t give any response for service. I will not recommend to purchase samsung freeze. Better to go for other brand say LG

  42. Complain Number 4345275314
    My Name is Deepak
    Let me tell you the story of my phone buy process…
    I waited for the M33 samsung as it’s was coming like it will launched on 2nd of April as date was postponed for 8th of April I waited till 8th April from this …

    understand my Emotion for this phone I was very happy to get this phone. I am very sure that I was the first person to get this phone from samsung as I am the employees of savex. ….
    Along with I will get 10,000 Rs also subsidy but what to do when it’s not working with as per my requirements your agent shagun said thats my mistake that I order this phone you can please find our the recording the way she said me like this….

    Now I have a question from samsung management it’s this true that it’s the mistake of the customer if he order the phone and buy from samsung… Every customer has expectation and requirement , if these does not match than how to deal with…


    And dear service center head you only answer me if I buy a new phone and from the day one it is giving me the problem dont you think it will disturb my life and daily routine of office work do you think I should keep this device… Consider you will understand the feeling and the time value of the customer and an professional I hope you understand this…

    I’d you don’t understand this I will make you understand .. To the whole samsung company…
    I will start posting on social media and other content platform like quora I hope samsung service team will understand this… Coming to my point refund refund refund only refund
    I was I thin like I will take replacement but now I have only the one refund


    Note : now also I wasted my lote of time to to type this…

  43. Hello! I lost my phone and I cannot complete the 2 steps verification to access to my samsung acc. I dont know what to next. Help to recover my account, please. I dont have to the previuos phone not phone number

  44. Model number Qa65q60aauxke
    Serial number..06qr3k6rc00038k
    The tv arrived damaged and Samsung don’t want to help me . It has vertical lines and bought it 3 days ago

  45. My 65 inch tv Model number Qa65q60aauxke
    Serial number..06qr3k6rc00038k is with vertical lines and appear broken screen . I just bought it expensively 3 days ago . Im told to repair at my own cost and the damage was not from me. I want Samsung to assist me replace the screen or share part of cost.

  46. Service Reference no. 4343192156
    Dear Sir,

    With very high hopes I had purchased a Samsung 50″ Smart TV, however, the same had issues and stopped working during the warranty period itself.

    I had been following up on this since 12th March 2022. But till date no action has been taken and my TV is still not working. In between, Samsung Service Engineer, had visited and opened the TV several times and brought a new display but the same was faulty too.

    I had requested Samsung to replace my TV and provide a new 1 year warranty from the date of supply.

    Please help me with the above as since last one month I have no TV at home in spite of purchasing such a high cost Samsung TV.

    My sincere regards,

    Rahul Jain
    Ajmer, Rajasthan
    Note : I logged complaint on 12 March – problem No Display
    Product Model Number : UA50AU8000KLXL
    Product Serial number : 0AKW3PAR600186N

  47. I am happy to announce that, as of this Wednesday, I will end the miserable relationship I’ve had with Samsung appliances. I am thrilled that the last of my Samsung appliances will head out the door. The $30 I have to pay to have the lemon of a refrigerator hauled out I will gladly pay. I have owned a worthless Samsung dishwasher and an even more worthless refrigerator and they have now been replaced. My nightmare is over.

  48. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I Moin Ali, one of your loyal customer of Samsung brand, with disappointment would like to bring to your notice the mentioned below.

    I am using a S21 Ultra(Model:- SM-G998B/DS) mobile phone IME No 355987190609593 in which there is a display problem and the phone is under warranty.So did I took the phone to your service center Jorhat.
    The service center took the mobile under their custody and reported that they will inform the next process, the same day they informed me over the phone that my mobile cannot be repaired under warranty as there being a very slight scratch on the body and for your information “my display is clean and no scratch on the glass”.
    However I went to the service center to take over the mobile and to my surprise the mobile that was given to me was not in the condition that I had handed over to them, some GLUE-like substance was being pasted on the left and right side of the display (ref:Video attached ). On raising this issue none of your customer support executives accepted the same and denied the fault and very regretfully to say they started to blame me itself that this was from before, if it was so then they should have not taken the mobile under their custody in warranty claim.
    I have raised the above issue to your customer care with request no 1175006512, 1175053458, 1175104761 & 1175129467 but I am still to get any support from your end.

    Now I seek your support on this issue and resolve it to my satisfaction, further I request to cover my service under warranty as the scratch mentioned is negligible.

    Hoping for your prompt reply and support for smooth relationship with brand SAMSUNG.
    Thank You.
    Warm Regards,
    MO: 7002710835

  49. Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name if Ninad M Devre and my registration number for prebooking of S22 Ultra is 9822036412. I was one of the participants for you Epic Unboxing event, which held on 5th March, 2022. I am from Pune. The event was in the hotel, Westin. I got the box containing S22 Ultra Phone, Galaxy Watch and buds. But the dealer, where I prebooked the S22 Ultra, is asking for the Payment of Rs.2999 for Galaxy Watch and Rs.999 for Buds. I checked on the internet and even on site and found that the Watch and Buds are completely free for the participants of Epic Unboxing event. I am really confused and surprised.

    Kindly guide me regarding this. My cell number is 9822036412.

    MOBILE NO-9084934708

  51. I repaired my Samsung Android phone M31 From Samsung service center but they gave me fake Fake/doctored INVOICE and DUPLICATE screen display. From 4th February 2022 i am trying to got original Samsung display but local employees and service center not taking my complaint seriously. And resolving my problem fastly so please do some strict action on these personals and give me my ORIGINAL display which I also paid 4700 rupees

  52. First Name : Ajeet
    Last Name :Patel
    Email Id :
    Contact Number :8349215144
    Request type: New Product Installation, Service engineer visit request, Technical advice require, etc
    Product Model Number: UA43AUE60AKLXL
    Product Serial number: BO92BJMT8Q / OALG3PAR600518
    Address: F-408, Nilgiri Apartment, Kalindi Mid Town, Devguradia, INDORE, M.P. 452001.

    ISSUE: I bought this TV on 12-Sep-21, it’s hardly 4-5 months, there is a problem with the volume, y’day service guy came and said, the motherboard needs to be replaced, as it’s on a warranty period. My question is, it’s just 4-5 months and this product is creating the problem, it’s an expensive product and if it’ll create the same problem after the warranty period then I have to bear the huge cost. Do I need to expect this kind of quality from a good brand like SAMSUNG ??

    My request is to replace the whole product so that I’ll rest assured of the same kind of problem

    • This has been more than 4 weeks, still, no solution provided as per my expectations from SAMSUNG INDIA Team.

      I bought this SAMSUNG 43 inch TV on 12-Sep-21 via AMAZON, it’s hardly 4-5 months, there is a problem with the volume, #SAMSUNG service guy came and said, the Motherboard needs to be replaced, as it’s on a warranty period.

      My question is, it’s just 4-5 months and this product is creating the problem, it’s an expensive product and if it’ll create the same problem after the warranty period will over, then I have to bear the huge cost for this #defective product.

      Do I need to expect this kind of quality from a good brand like SAMSUNG ??

      My product’s warranty is already applicable for the next one year, it means till 11th Sep 2022. There is no point in offering me 6 months of extended warranty post repair. “Either you guys should extend the warranty for another 36 months or shall replace your defective product.”

      Disappointed customer of #SAMSUNGINDIA


    • Boy do I agree on that the run around you get when you buy a expensive phone and only have it for a month then it bleeds thru and SAMSUNG won’t do nothing about it that’s pretty sad. I will never buy a SAMSUNG product again. Still haven’t gotten my phone fixed from SAMSUNG.

  54. I, my Samsung has got problem , active your device, when try it doesn’t complete then error ” connection error 6600″
    Model : s9+

  55. It is such a waste company to buy product from. They should shut the door in India. All the employees should look out for some other company, as the Indians are not bad it is management who don’t care after sale service. Else, there are fantastic examples of great customer services of other companies.
    I am sure it’s been more then 70-80 reminder emails sent but they are not even awake.

  56. Date : 30.01.2022
    Day : Sunday
    Place : TBRL Society, Ministry of Defence, Chandigarh.

    The Managing Director

    Subject (s) :

    1. Purchased a new Refrigerator 415 Liters (Double Door) for Rs. 45000/- on cash payment on 17.01.2022.
    2. Fridge Model Name – RT42M5538S8/TL with S. No. – 0EPL4DARB00628J. Online SAMSUNG website shows the 12 months warranty on new Fridge.
    3. Seller name – DEE KAY VISION SCO – 374, Sector – 35 B, Chandigarh – 160035. 0172-4645454, 4665454, 5075353, 5075454.
    4. OPEN Fraud in the dealing with us (To the Customer) by the seller.
    5. Product shown different and handed over different (Incomplete and fake Dealing). Other commitments are still pending.
    6. Shown us the fridge of 10 years warranty on compressor at the time of display in his showroom, a sticker of 10 years warranty was sticked on that fridge.
    7. Also assured by seller that a one year insurance will also be done free of cost and given to us.
    8. A strict request to cancel the BUSINESS LICENSE of DEE KAY VISION with immediate effect, so that in future a sincere and innocent customer like us will not suffer like this.
    9. We are suffering high harassment because of the fraud dealing by the Samsung seller.

    Sir / Madam,

    Please be informed as follows on immediate basis :-

    In Chandigarh fraud SAMSUNG dealers are selling SAMSUNG products by making open fool of the customers. We have suffered a loss of 45000/- and faith (Fore ever on Samsung sellers) as we have purchased a new fridge on 17.01.2022 (Photo Document Proof attached). At the time of survey on 17.01.2022, the seller shown us the fridge of 415 liters double door Model SAMSUNG with 10 years warranty sticker on it. Fridge Model Name – RT42M5538S8/TL with S. No. – 0EPL4DARB00628J.

    Our as customer requirements regarding fridge was good warranty on fridge compressor and good space inside the fridge. We have paid Rs. 45000/- in advance to the seller in faith. The fridge I have received does not contains any sticker of 10 years warranty. I immediately register my SAMSUNG new fridge and checked the warranty of the fridge online. The warranty shown to me was of 12 months (Photo document proof attached).

    Also, no one talked about the free one year insurance of the product. Again a fake statement to make fool of the customer by the seller.

    After checking online the warranty of the fridge, I immediately called on the customer care no. 180057267864. The attending customer care person informed me clearly that I must call & go to the seller and they will do the required. I immediately called the DEE KAY VISION on landline No. – 0172-4645454. The attending person informed me to come to the showroom and there they will hand over to me the sticker and also the one year Insurance document of the fridge.

    I visited the seller showroom and there no one listened to my complaint. I again and again requested the seller to help me in this matter but in vain.

    I came back to my house and again sent messages on whatsapp No. of the customer care no. of Samsung Mentioned above. I have send him the complete details of the complaint. The attending person named Mr. AMAN again informed me to go to the seller again. I informed him that I already called and visited the seller and no one listened us and neither helped us.

    This is a clear case of fraud by the seller. I request you to kindly interfere in this matter and kindly refund us our complete amount with the auto rikshaw delivery amount of Rs. 500 also. Total 45500/-. We do not need this fridge. Also the Business License of the seller must be cancelled by the SAMSUNG company on immediate basis, so that the innocent customers will not be tempered to such an extent like us. The seller behavior is Deaf, Dumb and Blind towards our complaint. No one is bothered.

    Why there is no check on the sellers and the dealers about the products they are selling to the innocent customers; by the Samsung company. The frauds are selling the Samsung products and the innocent customers are facing and bearing these frauds. Isn’t this a big question on the SAMSUNG organization and its working.

    These sellers are making fool of the innocent customers like us.

    I hope you understand the present situation of ours.

    This is for your immediate information, for your office records and for immediate action, please.

    Thanking you.

    H. No.- 3208,
    Defence Scientists TBRL Co-op H/b 1st Society Ltd.,
    Second Floor,
    Sector – 51 D,
    Chandigarh – 160047.
    Mob. – 9041755986, 9041755987.

      • Sir / Madam,

        I have sent this complaint multiple times online to the Support Head, Service Head & the Hon. CEO of SAMSUNG INDIA, but nothing has been done till date. The product (415 Ltr Fridge) which I have Selected, purchased by paying complete amount of Rs. 45000/- at the time of delivery at our house, the product received is different. No one listens to us. What is the responsibility of the SAMSUNG Company. The SAMSUNG products are too costly. How insulting is this for the innocent customers, who are purchasing in faith on the company name.

  57. I bought an air conditioner from samsung on line which was installed on.6 Dec 2021. Reference– Od 1232349723375550003/11/2020. It was not working about which I complained on 14 Dec. Then a service person came and inspected the ac within two days. He left without repairing. I called the service centre on 24 Dec again. They promised me immediate action. But to this day ie 10 Jan 2022 no response from them

    Is this the way a leading brand is treating its customers?
    I would like to know

    • Yes unfortunately that’s true. It’s time to shut doors on them. Have been requesting support for my refrigerator since 10 days. They don’t care. Just passing the buck. Creating service tickets and cancelling without my consent. I have used all possible medium of interaction.

  58. Jatto Haruna is my name Nigeria, I’m Samsung s8 plus with the following details:
    Model number: SM-G955U
    Serial number: R38J40BMBTK
    I wanted to update my phone from version 9 to 10 or 11 and it is showing “Software version not supported visit service center”
    Kindly assist me update the phone.

  59. Hi,
    I have bought SAMSUNG S20 FE 5g mobile on 21-Oct-2021 and I have been facing a lot of issues in the mobile for the past one month and the mobile is with service center at the moment. I am writing this mail to explain about the grievance about the mobile issues and kind of customer care support(terrible) I received from SAMSUNG.

    Event Map :
    21-Oct-2021 – Mobile was purchased from Chatram Bus stand Poorvika store(offline), Trichy.
    *started facing multiple issues such as WIFI issue, battery drain issue, touch slow response issue, slow charging issue. etc.,*
    *As I”m a working professional and heavy rain in Trichy, I couldn”t take the mobile to Service Centre and the mobile screen was dead on 14-Oct-2021*
    15-Nov-2021 – I took the mobile to Service entre and they replaced the OS(I had to forego all the data on my mobile) and received the mobile and had to hurry back to home as it was late.
    16-Oct-2021 – Mobile screen dead issue got resolved, but the other issues persist.
    17-Oct-2021 – Have taken the mobile to service center and they asked me to surrender the mobile.
    18-Oct-2021 – I have been told that OS has been replaces again and mother board has to replaced. I was very disappointed and I requested a replacement considering the fact that the mobile age hasn’t even reached a month and I have insisted to reach customer care support for replacement request.
    SO far I have reached customer care support for more than 4 times and the kind of response I have received from SAMSUNG customer service is horrible. I hate to say this but I have been fan of SAMSUNG mobiles and purchased more than 5 mobiles for my family in the past and I will never purchase anymore gadgets/products from SAMSUNG.

    Note : The mobile is still with Service center and I afraid I will not receive the mobile till early next week.

    Requesting you to look into the issue provide an remedy for the same.


    • Yaaaa, customer care helpless and hopeless, their mercy are not to make it easy to replace one for one even if buy it within 1 week, and to make your life difficult such you’ll forget the whole incidence and do not buy SAMSUNG product any more. They have the perception that there are million others buyer in the world “why bother “. I am writing as I have the same experience to my Samsung Actve 2 smart watch which IS under warranty, they refuse to repair or replace as the water has entered the watch despite they claimed that you can take the watch fir SWIMMING, and IP68.

  60. We have ordered mobile online and ordered number is 11054545000 and deducted money from paytm rs 8329/- dated on 9 October. 3:13 pm from paytm account and samsung has cancelled order after payment.

    We have called so many times to samsung service and they saying will refund and credit in my paytm account from last 1 month but not received yet.

    So please credit amount of 8329/- in my paytm as soon as posible as its been 1 month.

  61. My samsung galaxy tab A7 screen got much will it cost me to fix it back SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A7.Model:SM_T500NZATXAR.SKU:SMT500NZATG.

  62. Service request no. -4333055960

    We bought a 58 inches TV in the month of Jan ‘2021 and the same TV display has stopped working since 25th sep’2021. Complaint has been raised on 27th September and till now it has not been repaired.

    Even after 15 days if the company is not providing the proper service to customers then why should we go with your brand by spending a good amount of money.

    Today, when I spoke with one of your call center executives, Mr. Amerander had no clue about my concern and raised voice on me.

    Kindly look into the matter and do the needful before the TAT which you committed else do the replacement.

  63. Dear Sir,

    I need an immediate solution for the issue below…

    I bought a Samsung 32 inches TV from Croma showroom – T Nagar location chennai with my complete family. I am very happy. After delivery 2 day itself i got sound issue in that tv immediately i raised compliant samsung customer care and croma team convinced me and solved issue but i ask them replacement of new TV but not done.

    Date of Purchase – 1st Sept 2019.
    Brand : Samsung
    Model No. :UA32N4300ARXXL / 2019
    Equipment : LED TV
    Screen Size : 32

    Sept 26th 2021 night i got issue in TV i called customer care raised compliant 4333017066 next day service technician visited my house checked TV he found motherboard issue it need to release new board only it charge Rs.6300/- (Samsung service technician also confused power issue means 1st adapter or Everest stabilizer want to repair in your house but directly motherboard issue)

    Then i complaint against your supervisor called me i explained my problem she said we will not replace and suddenly call disconnected i waited till evening again i raised compliant customer care given me again complaint number :1171058251.

    I need motherboard to be replace without paying money paying service charge to your person or any discount require because i have LG tv before using samsung tv 5 years no complaint received 5th year i got display problem service person said need to change mean want to spend 4000 to 5000 repair cost so that only i decided to go new TV understand my situation i selected Samsung TV i got problem one and half year itself so please understand my situation help me on this issue tomorrow 1st half itself.

    Awaiting for your immediate response

    Arunprasad G
    7823998903 / 9841998415

  64. Dear Team,
    This is to inform you that I am facing a problem with A70S last three months.
    I also visit three-time at the service center and also rais complain by your customer care no. I am sharing all details with the attachment for your reference.

    I purchased this mobile dated 18 May 2021.
    I am giving you the service center reference number- 4331732038 dated-06.09.2021.
    I am also sharing customer care complain no- Usha (Customer support Executive)-1170577885, 1170601923, Prashant-8465521859.
    Purchase date- 18/05/2021
    serial number RZ8MB0DQSBT
    Model name – galaxy A70s
    Model number – SM-A707F/DSM
    reference number- 4331732038
    reference number- 4332636515
    Q&A id – 10742496
    No one is back with the solution, I already requested to area manager with this ref- 1170577885.

    I hope this mail will resolve the issue because I don’t want to go to consumer court regarding the same.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mob No. +91-9893972555 / 9773553718

  65. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 mobile phone in India. I discovered that the phone has a short-term performance instrument that becomes unusable after one year. From the very beginning I couldn’t guess that it was a handset problem. Initially it was automatically restarted after two or three days but gradually it is now being restarted much more automatically. Now my display starts flickering in time interval of every 12 hours. I am not getting any remedy from the India Samsung team to solve my Samsung S20 handset problem. I have been in contact with them for about 15 days to know my handset problem. They say I have to pay after the 1-year warranty period even if it is caused by Samsung.

    Same issue I have experienced with my Samsung S8 . I have changed my display of that phone 3 time and Mother board 2 times under warranty and my phone still is in same condition since 4 years.
    Now I am facing same issue with my Samsung S20. Both phone I have bought with pre booking order.

    This issue started in my Samsung S20 after upgrading my OS to Android 11.

    Samsung S20
    EAN #: 8806090360497 8517
    IMEI : 354460112791536

  66. Dear Team,
    This is to inform you that I am facing a problem with A70S last three months.
    I also visit three-time at the service center and also rais complain by your customer care no. I am sharing all details with the attachment for your reference.

    I purchased this mobile dated 18 May 2021.
    I am giving you the service center reference number- 4331732038 dated-06.09.2021.
    I am also sharing customer care complain no- Usha (Customer support Executive)-1170577885, 1170601923, Prashant-8465521859.
    Purchase date- 18/05/2021
    serial number RZ8MB0DQSBT
    Model name – galaxy A70s
    Model number – SM-A707F/DSM
    No one is back with the solution, I already requested to area manager with this ref- 1170577885.

    I hope this mail will resolve the issue because I don’t want to go to consumer court regarding the same.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mob No. +91-9893972555 / 9773553718

  67. Nihad A.Helwa
    Address: 16 Ibn Kotaiba street, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
    Mobile :+201270005014-+2 01220190806
    Reference no : Maintenance order no: 4249407863

    Messer Samsung;
    I wish to complain about the smart TV with the following data
    Model Code: UA 43NU7100SXEG
    Version No.:DA04/|UNU7100
    S/N :04D03K3KB00627X
    Made by Samsung in Egypt
    that I purchased in May 2019- Cairo
    I am complaining because just 2 months after the warranty expiry date , the LED Bar was malfunctioning . We were informed t from the Maintenance Department at Samsung , that the life span of this part is only 2 years, and the cost of this spare part is almost 50% of the tv set current price now .This means that Samsung with all its reputation and ego is selling products that will go malfunction just after the expiry date of the warranty i.e long lasting products that has manufacturing defects . This is a kind of cheating and stealing , to sell a product that its life span is just the warranty duration(Defect Products).
    To resolve this problem I would like Samsung to fix my tv set without money or at least with a moderate price as I did nothing wrong except that I trusted a grand name like Samsung .
    When I first learned of this problem, I contacted the Maintenance Department at your company in Egypt through both the what‘s up and phone . They told us that the call is recorded. Then they answered back and I was told that nothing could be done about my problem as the warranty is expired though this is an industry defect and there is no misuse from my side . I believe that this response is unfair because there was no misuse from my side . I do believe that the company has an obligation to me. I would like a written statement explaining your company’s position and what you will do about my complaint.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. I request you to take this case as priority and get my TV fixed and provide guarantee that it won’t happen again
    Nihad A.Helwa

  68. Dear All,

    It is a waste to buy samsung products in India, their post-sales services are pathetic.
    If nobody is listening to you in samsung whether their simple support system, service head, or even CEO (India), please raise a consumer complaint at the national consumer helpline and further to Edakhil to prosecute samsung legally.
    This is how you sort out the issue with a pathetic company like samsung, I am sharing this out of my experience.

    • Dear Sujith,

      I am also facing same issue, I request you to share your experience and course of action you taken. Also share the procedure to fight legally at this forum so that lot of customers will get help.




  69. R/s,

    On 4th August 2021, we made a purchase of a Samsung 1.5 ton split AC.
    From day 1 we have reported cooling and remote issues. Even the technicians who have visited twice have confirmed the same.
    They have said that we will arrange a 2nd level technician visit. For the last 10 days we have approached customer care multiple times , still no Senior technician has visited and no further path is shared, just keep on getting messages that they are trying to expedite it.

    Further we raised similar issue with Samsung service head email address.

    We got a response from Service head email address, the person arranged a visit too from another Service Center, they also confirm the cooling defect in AC. Still not action has been taken.

    This is going for long, address it at the earliest.

    Rohit Srivastav

  70. i purchased samsung mobile model a22 on 03 aug 21
    from (m/s goyal brothers enterprises,sangatpura,mandi gobindgarh pb) (gstin:03BISPK8082M1ZK) with bill no.801

    within 10/12 days of purchase the phone was started hang up
    but no any satisfaction from samsung service center
    service center job-sheet no is 4331378745

    i am very upset with this phone model a22 5g 6/128
    wrost phone, very bad service after sale
    i am thinking to go at consumer court

    मैंने 03 अगस्त 21 को सैमसंग मोबाइल मॉडल ए22 खरीदा
    से (मैसर्स गोयल ब्रदर्स इंटरप्राइजेज, संगतपुरा, मंडी गोबिंदगढ़ पंजाब) (जीएसटीआईएन:03बीआईएसपीके8082एम1जेडके) बिल नंबर 801 के साथ

    खरीद के 10/12 दिनों के भीतर फोन हैंग अप शुरू हो गया था
    लेकिन सैमसंग सर्विस सेंटर से कोई संतुष्टि नहीं
    सर्विस सेंटर जॉब-शीट नंबर 4331378745 . है

    मैं इस फोन मॉडल a22 5g 6/128 . से बहुत परेशान हूं
    खराब फोन, बिक्री के बाद बहुत खराब सेवा
    मैं कंज्यूमर कोर्ट जाने की सोच रहा हूं

  71. Dear Concern, It’s extremely sad the way Samsung has treated or cheated me while purchasing a Fridge worth 40,000. This could have been a nice experience, but this nightmare has made me resolute to never buy from Samsung Again. I have been handed over a dented and scratched refrigerator, after umpteen complaints to the Samsung, Sonipat, they have not been able to either exchange the refrigerator or the door/screen/parts. Meanwhile, I have been contacted by 12 people or so, saying this and that. So just as a suggestion – try firing a few ones, to reduce the fat and improve the bottom line. Below are the phone numbers, who made a fool out of me: +91-9254688212, +91-9205700493, +91-9289109514, 9896337404, (not sure about this one, after all, there were too many calls!). I have a feeling that this is a business as usual for pushing the defective items. Although now I am not expecting any exchange of the refrigerator or it’s parts from the store or the company, I am just writing to you to tell you that you just lost a customer who was thinking of getting back to you for other home appliances. Even though LG products might not be as good as yours, their after-sales service is amazing as compared to yours, which to say the least is nightmarish. Just as a suggestion, don’t cheat people, it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, almost unforgettable. Thanks and regards Chitresh +91-8084029266

      • I wish to highlight my problem here, On 12th september morning i came to know that my phone M31 needs software update, so i put my phone on update, post software updation the phone was not restarting. (The screen got White).

        I visited the service center (Ghatkopar west) of yours. They simply refused to cover the warranty stating that the phone came in contact with water.

        Let me clarify here that I am staying in Mumbai & here the rainy season is on but my phone never came in contact with water.

        The phone is always in the phone cover.

        My phone is under warranty & Bill is attached.

        My request from Samsung is to please look into it and do whatever it takes to work.

  72. Dear Team Samsung
    After the 10th july 2021 i am contacting you all people, many mails i sent, But i sorry to say you this is really shameful experience from Samsung customer care and no one is caring about customer issues, is this Samsung Services…?
    Only fake assurance and promises giving and i can say that Samsung is playing with customer emotions even the small mobile repair technician have a good customer service rather than a big Brand.
    Due to low cooling in my refrigerator , I have lodge the complaint on 10th july 2021 and the same on same day with

    charge of Rs. 2922 /- .

    But the problem is still pending from 10th july to till date . in this view I have lodge many time call to Samsung help

    line No. and Service Center No. but they are not listen my complaint seriously .

    I am very greatful to you if you repair my refrigerator earlier .

    Thanking you

    (Sanjeev Gupta )


  73. Sir/Mam,
                    Here I have a Galaxy M31 device with a charging problem so I’ll send it to Namakkal authorised Samsung service center on (09.08.2021). they said your device on motherboard problem it i’ll be ready to on 15 days its on warranty claim,  but still (28.08.2021) they will not respond to me it takes almost 20 days, they ill created the job card on yesterday onwards. why they will not created the job card in the last 18 days.  and also they will not inform me to take a backup of your device. I want to know how many days are taken on service time. if you don’t have a spare for a product then why are you launching the product on the market.

    My information, product detail & service center job card copy & my service confirmation massages are attached below.

    check & revert me ASAP…
            If you can’t repair  that product in 10 days of service time can you replace the product?

               I’ve already filed a complaint, details mentioned below…
                    Still im didn’t have job card number   Thank you for contacting Samsung customer care. Your reference number is 1170066223. For any query, WhatsApp us on 180057267864 or click

  74. I have purchased GALAXY M31 Android phone in May2020. On 20th August 2021 suddenly my phone hanged. I approached SAMSUNG SERVICE CENTER in Khandwa MP, there it was told that this problem of FREEZING AND HANGING is due to software update done in JULY 2021. Due to which MOTHER BOARD of my mobile will require to be changed which will cost around Rs.8500.
    Your customer care when contacted on phone tolled that SAMSUNG MOBILE are facing this problem due to this. Within 3,4 days SAMSUNG will take some decision.
    Sir, please confirm what should I do.

  75. I have been Cheated by a Non-Indian Company. I had Purchased a Samsung Plasma 55 Inch TV some Years Ago. This is the 3rd Time I Getting Troubled because of it. First its Screen got Damaged then Second Time Any Internal Part got Damaged. I have Complained More than 1 Month ago. And, your Service Person Visited my House for Checking it. He told that he will do Solve the Problem and took 300/- from Us as a Visiting Charge and told us that the part would cost near about 6,000/- his Name was SALIM SHAIKH. Today He Visited our House again after a Complaint Lodge. Then he told that this Part is not Available in the Company, and he is Telling Us to talk to the Dealer ‘Parakh Electronics, Nashik’, and He is Telling Us that he Can’t do anything in this. We are Very Much Fed Up because of the TV. Now a Days we have a Fear of Purchasing Samsung Products because of this kind of Service. Call Regarding this ASAP on +91-8605690711 & +91-9822210766. Our Service Number 4330890772.
    Tushar Gupta.

  76. Hi Team

    This is regarding Bill no 4330362695,
    my phone stop working while watching facebook on 15th Night
    On 16th I went to your service center “Trimula communication” Kukatpalli Hyderbad to get it to fix.
    I requested your service center staff to repair my phone by 16th as it’s very important for me to get it to fix on the same day
    Your service center staff had argued with me and was asking for the Bribe to repair the phone on an urgent basis
    I denied paying the bribe and there was a hit argument happened and after that, they are saying that my phone has a dent. which is false
    I told your service center staff why you are doing this, I simply requested you to repair it asap and when I denied to pay you a bribe why are you mentioning this.
    Your. service center staff was biased and adamant about it. I asked him to show me the phone which you are saying good condition and thankfully I have taken a snap of that both phones:- Enclosing the attachment
    I have shown my phone to multiple customers who visited the service center and cross-verified from them in front of your service center staff to check if my phone has any dent on the phone and everyone told your staff that there is no dent.
    Your team has written warranty status as “full Warranty” on the job sheet and defect description as Blank Display Dent on Display
    At last, I signed on both the job sheet :1 remains with service center and the other is with me as acknowledgment latter, but I circle out the Dent on display on both the sheet and mentioned my comment that “Forced by the service center, There is no Dent, verified from multiple person in service center “:- Please find the enclosed snapshot of the acknowledgment slip and you can also cross verified from the service center to send the scan copy of. the job sheet which is with service center staff
    On 17th August, when I checked the status of my phone it was showing as repaired:- please find the enclosed screenshot
    I kept following with your human assistant staff for this and raised the concern of the service center staff with all details:- request number 1169863176,1169930815
    On Sat 21st august, your supervisor called me and I explained to him all the situation verbally
    support center supervisor promised me that my issue will be resolved by Monday 23rd August but no luck
    Please expedite the solution as I am facing a lot of problems without that.

    Navin Kumar



  78. Dear Sir,
    I bought a Samsung A32 mobile on 1st June 2021. And ever since the mobile has been taken, there is some problem in it. Sometimes it hangs so much that if an important call comes, it is not received, the application automatically opens in the mobile kept on its own, there is no call conference. If so much problem comes in new mobile then how will it work.? All the members of my house have only Samsung mobile phone but till now no one has faced so much problem. And I myself like Samsung brand so much that I have recommended to take Samsung in my colleagues, friends and also in my office. All the work of my office is done by mobile but now it is not being done. Kindly request you to replace my mobile.

    I also got the software updated from the service center but still the same problem is coming in front of me. Please do some help.
    I am losing a lot of my office work.

  79. On 6 June 2021 I bought a Samsung A32 mobile phone from you. I have discovered that the phone has the following problem Hanging camara mobile not working proply .

    The [Consumer Rights Act / Sale of Goods Act 1979] makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

    As you are in breach of contract I am entitled to have the phone replaced and I would request that you confirm that you will do this very early
    customer care is very fraudulent tumache service center pan proper reply karat nahi spacially Omkar electronic vashi haware Fantasia I have not been able to get out of the service center, I have not been able to get out of the bag, and I have not been able to get the customer to miss me.

    I have lodged a complaint with the Vashi police station For that person Rajesh Sing

    I also require you to confirm whether you will arrange for my phone to be collected or will reimburse me for the cost of returning it.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Yours faithfully,
    Rohit Dhanawade

  80. This issue is about the complaint I have raised for manufacturing defect in Samsung 345L Double Door Freeze which is covered under warranty. I purchased this product from flipkart on 18.10.2020 and started using it from 10.06.2021 post my marriage. I observed too much water leaking from inside and outside the freeze after couple of days post using it. All the foods kept inside were spoiled completely and water was spreaded all over the place. Then, I raised the complaint number 4325974160 dated 12.06.2021 and provided all the details. After copule of days the complaint was automatically closed by Samsung Service Center, Begusarai even without visiting my place or even contacting me over phone. When I did follow up with customer care, then came to know about this.

    I escalated this issue to the supervisor team and then they logged another complaint number 4326206235 dated 16.06.2021 and insured me that it will be resolved in 48 hrs. I waited for couple of days and again nothing happened. After doing multiple follow up then one Service engineer guy ,named Michael, came to visit my place and he checked everything and tried all options and finally told us that there is manufacturing defect in freeze as too much water was leaking which is not the usual case. Please raise this to customer care and ask for replacement of fridge. Then I contacted the customer care and they told me that they will sort this out again in just 48 hrs.

    I can’t even count now – How many 48 hrs have passed from the day I raised the complaint. I have done follow up more than hundred times and every time I get reply – Sir we will arrange the replacement or send some expert. But nothing has been done till today.

    I am literally frustrated now and being mentally harassed by kept on waiting to connect to customer care, listening covid care protocols thousand times. Most often it takes more than 30 mins to connect to customer care representative, and many times they used to disconnect the call by keeping me on hold for more than half an hour. It’s ridicolous , no body is bothered about the consumer. This is really pathetic experience , and I never expected this from a brand named SAMSUNG. I am unable to use my freeze till date that too in peak summer season.

    Please let me know whether you will investigate this issue and get it resolved immediately or tell me – Why should I not take legal action against the company?

    I have all the call records, compalint details/documents and you can also easily track the number of times I did follow up by going though the complaint number mentioned in para 1 and 2.

    You can reach out to me at +91 6287123373.

  81. Sir I purchased a phone from flipkart on 18 October 2020 phone got a pink patch on screen..I go to service center and they talk so rude…they checked ph from out side and told that this pink patch got from dropping on the floor…they even not open the back cover also …so how can they know that????…I called flipkart About this they say to take a complaint copy ….service center give me astimate bill for repair of 4600rs can a middle class person afford this kind of service? The samsung warranty is waste of money and time…plz don’t buy samsung products….I don’t expect this from a brand like samsung…in future we will never buy any thing from samsung

  82. i purchased samsung television and ii got a message from samsung that installation team will come on 28.07.2021 and gave me the number of the service engineer name RAM having mobile no 8800664615 he didnt turned up, when i called him he refused to come and said he will come on 29.07.2021 in the morning before 12.again he didnt turned up when i called him again he was very rude while talking and he said he will come according to his comfort and wish not by my request. When i called CC against the same they said they will arrange someone who will come in morning between 9 to 11 on 30.07.2021 but again i got a message from samsung that engineer will come between 2 to 5. this is height of unprofessionalism from such a big brand name samsung. they harass their customers and their staffs are very rude to talk i talked to 3 to 4 executive they all without any knowledge and they simply say sorry sir sir. extremely disappointed by such after sales act by samsung would never buy any product from samsung again. even a local brand has people who talk decently with their customers.

  83. Dear Team Samsung

    Since the 21 June 2021 i am contacting you all people, many mails i sent, But i sorry to say you this is really shameful experience from Samsung customer care and no one is caring about customer issues, is this Samsung Services…?

    Only fake assurance and promises giving and i can say that Samsung is playing with customer emotions even the small mobile repair technician have a good customer service rather than a big Brand.

    Pushpendra Singh Panwar
    TVS Auto Assist (India) Limited

  84. It Is to be update you that my Samsung Galaxy M21dispaly is not working, and we visited to your exclusive show room they are saying 4000 rupees will be applicable which is under warranty. Please find the shop details for the same. Wz- 261, Main Najafgarh Road, Opposite Pillar No 670 Uttam Nagar, Delhi – 110059, I would request you to provide the resolution for the same. PURCHASE DATE 14 APRIL 2021

    • SM-M317FZKEINS_serial number RZ8R40DVFZK

      Samsung Team,
      SAMSUNG M31S bought Last month on 11/06 suddenly stopped working due to boot loop issue, when phone switch on showing only SAMSUNG logo.. i approached customer care center, without check they declared screen issue and asking money to pay..i will file complaint in consumer forum.

      Phone details-
      Purchase date- 09/06/21
      serial number RZ8R40DVFZK
      Model- SM-M317FZKEINS

      No one there to get customer pain , you feel fool after paying hard-earned money to purchase Samsung products

  85. worst product and worst service ever.. i have purchased Samsung A32 phone, it having a horrible network and heating problems…! I have tried to return or replace it within a 4 days.. but they are not considering.. not replacing or refunding my money…!! I am struggling since last 3 to 4 months..!! But company not paying attention or giving any solution..!!

  86. Very Very bad experience with Samsung Support Team.
    Ther mobile phones are are just horrible and they don’t even consider under warranty.

    • Yes you are right man, worst product ever.. i have purchased Samsung A32 phone, it having a horrible network and heating problems…! I have tried to return or replace it within a 4 days.. but they are not considering.. not replacing or refunding my money…!! I am struggling since last 3 to 4 months..!! But company not paying attention or giving any solution..!!

  87. No proper response from the Samsung. It’s the worst company. They cheat customers by selling the faulty manufacturing handsets.

  88. Hi Sir/Madam,
    Myself karthick from thanjavur -District, tamilnadu-State. Lastweek my mobile phone (SAMSUNG M21) facing the hanging issue.
    I have visited your CARWIN ELECTRONICS (SAMSUNG)service centre in thanjavur.
    They kept my mobile phone and said we don’t have the board to change.
    We can place an order by today and get it by 4days and get back your phone by 5th day .
    Then I go for day 6 again they are saying the same . Then I go for the 8th day they are again saying the same.
    Kindly Check with them..

  89. I have sent several e-mail regarding my note 9 handset (quality issue). Reference no – 1168350524.
    No specific response received.
    Everybody is only assuring and asking for more time to respond. Already 07 days gone till date no solution.
    Customer care executives are only referring each other and reference numbers are being generated, subsequently closed at their end.
    Sad to note that Service engineer of karuna Management Pvt. ltd uploaded the false remark in the system regarding mobile condition and while objecting different report submitted to me by doing some changes in hand.
    Very sad to note that Samsung like brand is not responding to customer.

    I lost my money on Samsung product, not recommended.

  90. Hi,
    Writing this mail as I am completely frustrated because of the service and the product that I have bought is having a manufacturing defect (3 to 4 dark lines are appearing on screen), main importantly as there no resolution for a week now :((

    Coming to the point, dark line started appearing on TV screen last Saturday (26th June 2021) and I have escalated on the same day (I have taken a picture at the same time when this issue started) it’s just 6months TV :((
    Monday a technician has come and taken all pictures and said it will repaired as soon as possible and went but no response till now, I have invested money for this premium TV of samsung to face these kind of issues ?

    Now the lines are increasing day by day and I am done following with the samsung services team and these are words I am hearing from them ” We are looking in to and we need approvals we are waiting for higher authority” I mean seriously !!

    It’s having a manufacturing defect and it should be addressed very soon but what is happening here? I was having a Huge trust with Samsung and we always buy Samsung products only and now I am only facing all these issue :(((

    I request you to take this case as priority and get my TV fixed and provide guarantee that it won’t happen again, I bought this in Flipkart (invoice copy is attached) and it’s Just 6 months which still under guarantee

    My complaint reference no. is 4326899989

  91. I had issue with my Samsung A50S and as per your instructions I have booted it and visited service center. They kept my device 5 days and returned me back. Still the issue persists. What is the solution now. It’s not even 1 year old phone and I’m facing the hanging issue. Better you guys change your company name from Samsung to ‘Hang’sung. Have some common sense before you commit anything to your customers. Tell me the solution now.


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