samsung warranty check india

Samsung warranty check India

Samsung Warranty Check

Samsung warranty check India: In this article, we are going to discuss Samsung warranty terms and conditions. We will describe all Samsung items covered under Samsung warranty checks in India. For the peace of your mind, Samsung provides a warranty on all the original Samsung items. The warranty period is different for different categories of items.

Samsung mobile warranty period

ProductWarranty Time
Handset (📱)12 Months
Smart watch12 Months
Smart Buds12 Months
Fitness band12 Months

All Samsung handset (GSM/CDMA) including mobile battery has 12 months of the warranty period from the date of purchase. Samsung mobile accessories that come with a new mobile like hands-free, charging adopter, data cable have 6 months warranty.

You can also get more information by visiting our separate post on Samsung mobile warranty. Samsung provides repair service at every authorized Samsung service center.

Samsung accessories warranty period

ProductWarranty Time
(with mobile)
06 Months
(Purchased separately)
12 Months
(Purchased separately)
06 Months
Wearables12 Months

Samsung accessories purchased separately – Battery and Bluetooth have 12 months of replacement warranty from the date of purchase. You can claim your warranty only on authorized Samsung service centers across India (with in the same country).

Samsung accessories purchased separately – Handsfree,  Data cable, S pen, Charger, AV Out Cable, Plug-in speaker has 6 months of replacement warranty from the date of purchase. You can claim your warranty on the authorized Samsung service centre. Valid Invoice copy of item purchased is required.

Samsung TV & AV warranty period

LFD TV36 Months
Camcorder36 Months
Digital Camcorder
24 Months
MP3 Players12 Months
Audio / DVD12 Months
Galaxy Camera
12 Months
Home Theater12 Months
Sound Bar12 Months

Samsung products – LED/LCD/PDP/CTV, MP3 Player, Audio/DVD, Galaxy Camera (GSM/LTE), Home theater and soundbar has 12 months of repair warranty from the date of purchase.

Samsung products – hospitality display large format display (LFD) has 36 months of repair warranty. Samsung offers one-time free demo and installation in 12 months from the date of purchase.

Samsung camcorder has 36 months of the warranty period from the date of purchase. Warranty only includes repair on authorized Samsung service centre. A valid invoice copy is required at the service centre.

Digital Camcorder (Miniket) has 24 months of the repair warranty period from the date of purchase.

Samsung Home appliances warranty period

Refrigerator12 Months
Air Conditioner12 Months
Microwave Oven12 Months
Air Purifier12 Months
Vacuum Cleaner12 Months
Dish Washer24 Months
Washing Machine
(Semi Automatic)
24 Months
Washing Machine
(Fully Automatic Top Loading)
24 Months
Washing Machine
(Fully Automatic Front Loading (Pre July 2015)
24 Months
Washing Machine
(Fully Automatic Front Loading (July 2015 onward)
36 Months

Washing Machine

Samsung products – Washing Machine – Semi-Automatic, Washing Machine – Fully Automatic Top Loading, Washing Machine – Fully Automatic Front Loading and Dish Washer has 24 months of the repair warranty period. The repair facility will be provided at the customer’s place (home service).

Samsung offers one time free demo & installation within the 6 months of the date of invoice for all the above products.

Additional information – these products except Washing Machine – Semi Automatic have 60 months induction motor (only part) warranty and 120 months digital inverter motor (only part) warranty.

Warranty period for Washing Machine – Fully Automatic Front Loading launched after Jul 2015 has been extended to 36 months.

Samsung ProductsRefrigerator (Comprehensive), Air Conditioner (Comprehensive), Microwave Oven, Air Purifier and Vacuum Cleaner have 12 months of repair warranty at the customer’s place (home service) by authorized Samsung Engineer.

Additional information –  Samsung refrigerator and the air conditioner has 60 months compressor (part only) warranty and digital inverter compressor has 120 months (part only) warranty.

Samsung PC & Office warranty period

CDT Monitors
(up to 15″)
24 Months
Monitors36 Months
Notebook12 Months

CDT monitor (up to 15″) has 24 months repair warranty on the customer place (home service) from the date of purchase.

Monitor – CDT monitor (above 15″), LFD, TFT/LCD monitor has 36 months repair warranty on customer place (home service).

Notebook –  Notebook has 12 months of repair warranty including battery at authorized Samsung service centre.

We hope that you came to know about your Samsung product warranty period and what is covered in the warranty. If you have any question or suggestion then lets us know in the comment box below. And for additional information on Samsung warranty check India terms and conditions you can also visit the official Samsung Warranty page.

Samsung Extended Warranty

Samsung extended warranty program provides complete piece of mind even after the standard warranty expires. Samsung warranty extend program is also known as Samsung Care.

Samsung believe that customer satisfaction holds utmost important. So Samsung has introduced Samsung Care, which extend 01 year additional Samsung warranty. So even after your original manufacturer warranty has over, there is no need to worry as extended warranty is similar to manufacturer warranty.


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