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Samsung smartphones are highly customized devices. Samsung latest devices comes with customized version of stock Android by google which is also known as One UI.

Samsung mobile comes with many latest features. And apart from its user interface Samsung also provide USSD secret codes for its users.

Samsung secret codes are very less known to its users as these are advanced codes used to test advanced features of the mobile.

In this post, We have discussed Samsung mobile all USSD secret codes in details.

There are plenty of Samsung secret codes but here we have used most used secret codes. Some of these codes work on all the Android smartphones.

Samsung secret codes for One UI

Secret CodeFunction
*#06#IMEI number
*#0*#Test Hardware
*#0808#Change USB settings
*#0228#Battery status
*#0011#GSM Network
*#2222#Hardware Version
*#1234#Software Version
*#9090#Diagnostic configuration
*#9900#Dump mode
*#12580*369#Software & hardware info
 *#0283#Audio loopback
*#34971539#Update Camera firmware
#7465625*638*#Network lock keycode
*#2663#TSP and TSK firmware update
*#272IMEI#*Check Product code
*#272*IMEI#Buyer code
*#1111#software version
*43# [dial]Call waiting
*135#[dial]Own phone number
**04*[old Pin]*[new Pin]*[new Pin]#Change device PIN
*#004*[number]#Call Divert
*#004#Call divert status
#004#Deactivate call divert
##004#Erase call diversion

Samsung IMEI check code

Secret CodeDirect Dial
*#06# Click to Check

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique 15-digit code that precisely identifies the device. The first 14 digits are defined by GSM Association organization.

IMEI is associated with the SIM card. If your mobile has two SIM cards then there are two IMEI number for your device. The easiest way to find out the IMEI number of smartphone is to dial *#06#

Check Samsung Model number

If you buy a new mobile from the offline store and want to check the exact model number of Samsung mobile then you can check by dialing short code given below in the table.

Secret CodeDirect Dial
*#1234#Click to Check

Samsung mobile check code

Samsung mobile check code is also known as test mode code. Samsung mobile check code is very useful as you can check every function of your Samsung smartphone.

You can check screen touch, mic, display colors, Bluetooth, battery, sensors, camera, speaker, network and more.

If you are buying a second hand smartphone then this code is very very important for you because you want to test every function of your smartphone.

Secret CodeDirect Dial
*#0*# Click to Check

Samsung hardware & software version code

This specific code tell hardware and software version of the smartphone. This code is useful for Engineers while starting repair process.

Secret CodeDirect Dial
*#12580*369# Click to Check

Samsung USB settings code

You can set default USB settings for you mobile using the USB setting code. You can set default USB settings when you connect your mobile with PC.

You can switch between two settings MTP and (RNDIS+ACM+DM) USB ethernet. If you have set MTP to default then you can directly access you file and photos to your PC when connected.

If you have set (RNDIS+ACM+DM) USB ethernet then you can access your smartphone data to your PC directly without making any changes. However this option can be enabled from USB tethering option in Hotspot option of your mobile.

Secret CodeDirect Dial
*#0808#Click to Check

Samsung codes list PDF

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