Samsung Secret Codes 100% working & PDF

Secret codes are the shortcodes used in any Android device to get direct access to hidden features. Likewise, Samsung secret codes are used to get access to certain hidden and advanced features in Galaxy devices.

Whether you have any Galaxy model from any of its series like A-series, M-series, J-series, S-series, Note-series, and other premium and budget series, these Samsung secret codes will work on all of the Samsung devices.

Samsung smartphones are highly customized devices. Samsung’s latest devices come with a customized version of stock Android and are also known as One UI.

Samsung mobile comes with many latest features. Apart from its user interface Samsung also provides USSD secret codes for its users.

If you are having some issues with your Samsung mobile, Samsung factory reset code can help you to troubleshoot many issues.

The secret codes are very little known to its users as these are advanced codes used to test advanced features of the mobile.

In this post, we have discussed Samsung mobile and all USSD secret codes in detail. There are plenty of Samsung secret codes but here we have used the most used secret codes. Some of these codes work on all Android smartphones.

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What are Samsung secret codes?

Samsung secret codes are the numbers that allow Galaxy users to access certain hidden features and settings on their smartphones. You can enter the secret codes into the default dialer app. These Samsung secret codes are capable of performing various tasks, such as testing hardware components and accessing diagnostic information.

Secret codes are mainly used to unlock advanced settings in Galaxy devices that are not generally available in the system settings and through the user interface. Secret codes are generally used by advanced users and smartphone technicians to diagnose certain issues in Galaxy devices.

How to use Samsung secret codes

Here we have compiled widely used important Secret Codes for Samsung devices in a consolidated table. You can try these codes on your Samsung Galaxy device according to your requirements. You can also use the below-mentioned codes with caution.

Some of the codes mentioned in the table given below may not work on your device if your device as some codes are accepted in older versions of Android devices and some are used in newly launched Galaxy devices.

In order to use the Samsung secret codes in Samsung Galaxy devices you can follow the simple steps given below:

  • Open the Dailer app on a Samsung phone.
  • Type the Samsung Secret codes starting with the “*” key and ending with the “#” key.
  • It will automatically open the hidden options.
  • Use these hidden options according to your requirements.
  • Some codes require permission before executing.
  • And additional caution is required while dealing with the USSD codes.

Secret code table for Galaxy devices

Secret CodeFunction
*#06#IMEI number
*#07#SAR Value
*#0*#Test Hardware
#*#0*#*#*Screen test
*#0588#Proximity Sensor
*#0589#Light sensor test
*#0808#Change USB settings
*#0228#Battery status
*#0011#GSM Network
SIM Information
*#2222#FTA Hardware Version
*#*#4636#*#*Phone information
*#1234#Software Version
*#9090#Diagnostic configuration Info
*#2683662#Advanced service mode
*#9900#SysDump mode
*#12580*369#Software & hardware info
*#0283#Audio loopback
*#0842#Vibration motor test
*#34971539#Camera Status & firmware
#7465625*638*#Network lock keycode
*#2663#TSP and TSK firmware update
*#272IMEI#*Check Product code
*#272*IMEI#Buyer code
*#272*IMEI#Change device CSC
*#1111#FTA Software version
*43# [dial]Call waiting
*135#[dial]Own phone number
**04*[old Pin]*[new Pin]*[new Pin]#
Example: **04*0000*1234*1234#
Change SIM card PIN
*#004*[number]#Call Divert
*#004#Call divert status
*#004#Deactivate call divert
*#004#Erase call diversion
*#*#786#*#*Refurbished check
*#*#7780#*#*Reset or Format the Phone
*#22558463#Reset total call time
*135#[dial]Check own phone number

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Samsung IMEI check code

Secret CodePurpose
*#06# IMEI Check

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique 15-digit code that precisely identifies the device. The first 14 digits are defined by the GSM Association organization.

IMEI is associated with the SIM card. If your mobile has two SIM cards, then there are two IMEI numbers for your device. The easiest way to find out the IMEI number of smartphones is to dial *#06#.

samsung imei number secret code

SAR Value check code

Secret CodePurpose
*#07# SAR Value

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is a specific value measured for every smartphone which indicates their radiation levels. It is a calculation of the energy absorption rate by the human body while receiving and making calls or when exposed to a radio frequency used by the smartphone.

SAR values of every device are listed in the user manual guide that comes out of the box.

You can get the SAR value of your Samsung Galaxy phone by dialing the simple code *#07# from the system dialer app. Different countries approve different SAR values in their countries. The accepted SAR value in India for mobile phones including basic and smartphone should be less than 1.6 W/Kg.

sar value samsung phones
SAR value Samsung phones

Check Samsung Model number

If you buy a new mobile from the offline store and want to check the exact model number of the Samsung mobile, then you can check by dialing the short code given below in the table.

Secret CodePurpose
*#1234# Model Number

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Samsung mobile check code

Samsung mobile check code is also known as the test mode code. Samsung mobile check code is very useful as you can check every function of your Samsung smartphone.

You can check screen touch, mic, display colors, Bluetooth, battery, sensors, camera, speaker, network, and more.

If you are buying a secondhand smartphone, then this code is very important for you because you want to test every function of your smartphone.

Secret CodePurpose
*#0*# Mobile tests

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Samsung hardware & software version code

This specific code tells the hardware and software versions of the smartphone. This code is useful for Engineers while starting the repair process.

Secret CodePurpose
*#12580*369# Version

Samsung USB settings code

You can set the default USB settings for your mobile using the USB setting code. You can set default USB settings when you connect your mobile to your PC.

samsung usb settings

You can switch between two settings MTP and (RNDIS+ACM+DM) USB ethernet. If you have set MTP to default, then you can directly access your files and photos on your PC when connected.

If you have set (RNDIS+ACM+DM) USB ethernet then you can access your smartphone data to your PC directly without making any changes. However, this option can be enabled from the USB tethering option in the Hotspot option of your mobile.

You can get access to the default USB settings shortcut from developer options by dialing Samsung secret code *#0808# from your Galaxy device dialer app.

Secret CodePurpose
*#0808#USB settings

Samsung general test code

Samsung’s general test code is used to test all the hardware parts installed in the smartphone. You can test Samsung phones in a very easy and interesting way.

Test code is known as Engineering mode code because it is mainly used by phone technicians to troubleshoot problems in smartphones.

You can also use the Samsung engineering code to test the serviceability of hardware parts in your phone including the display, mic, camera, sensors, speaker, Bluetooth, vibration motor, Wi-Fi, and more.

Secret CodePurpose
*#0*#General Test 1
*#0011#General Test 2

In some Samsung smartphone models, *#0*# code is working as Samsung test code but on the other hand *#0011# is working in engineering mode.

So, we have provided both of these codes so that you can finally reach the test mode on your Samsung phone easily.

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Samsung mobile battery health check code

You are getting very little battery backup in your Samsung phone. Then you are planning to replace your battery with the original new one.

Before replacing your old battery with a new one don’t forget to test the battery installed in your Samsung phone. You can check your Galaxy device battery health check by dialing Samsung secret code *#0228# from the system dialer app.

Because there are mainly two reasons for less battery backup. 1) Mobile is draining high battery and it’s a usage issue. 2) Battery performance has decreased.

Secret CodePurpose
*#0228#Battery Health

You can check if you are really required to replace your battery or need to optimize your Samsung phone for battery performance by using the Samsung mobile battery health check code.

samsung battery health check

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Increase Samsung phone storage using a code

First of all, you need to open the dialer app on your phone and type the Samsung USSD code *#9900# and it will open a secret window and you will find the option to clean system dump files.

For more information follow the given below steps one by one:

  • Open the dialer app on a Samsung phone.
  • Dial the Samsung USSD code *#9900#.
  • It will open a secret window.
  • Find and select the Delete Dumpstate/logcat option.
  • Tap on OK to confirm.
  • It will delete dumpstate files from your phone storage and free up the space from internal storage.

Things to know about Secret Codes

You should always use Samsung secret codes with caution as these codes provide access to advanced settings that are generally used by technicians for troubleshooting purposes.

If you are using these secret codes for learning purposes on your main device then you can try to open hidden features and settings in your Galaxy device but should not make any changes if you are not sure.

You should also understand the consequences of every secret code and proceed at your own risk only. We also advise you to take a complete backup of your smartphone including data stored and settings before using advanced codes.

A few secret codes are very basic codes and provide you with system information only and on the other hand some codes allow you to get access to hidden advanced features so you should take precautionary measures while dealing with advanced secret codes.

Samsung secret codes list PDF

Apart from the above Samsung code table, there are many more USSD codes that work on certain models and certain countries. So, you can also download the Samsung code pdf list from the download links given below.

We have provided two lists of USSD Codes where you can find multiple USSD codes for Android devices. These USSD codes list is not model specific so all codes will not work on all Samsung models.

Samsung Secret Codes PDF

Android USSD codes pdf list

We hope that you have liked the article and found it helpful to you. If you still have any questions or feedback, then let us know in the comments section below.

Your feedback is always appreciated and helpful to us because it helps us to improve our services.

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What are Samsung secret codes?

Secret codes in any smartphone are the codes that can be used to access the hidden features of the device. You can also use secret codes to diagnose your phone issues and find system information like IMEI number, serial number, and model of the smartphone.

These codes generally start from *# and end with #, *#06# code is the best example of secret code which is widely used to get the IMEI number of any smartphone.
These codes may harm your device so you should always use these with caution.
Secret codes are also known as USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes.

What are the USSD codes?

The full form of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. USSD codes are short codes used to perform specific tasks or access specific information on a phone.
These are mainly used by Network operators and phone manufacturers to access hidden menus. You can use these codes in the dialer app and directly open the hidden information or menus on your mobile phone.

These codes generally start from *# and end with #, *#06# code is the best example of secret code which is widely used to get the IMEI number of any smartphone.

How do I unlock Samsung secret menu?

You can easily unlock secret menus in a Samsung phone using USSD codes. Open the Dialer app on your phone and type the secret code ##4636## it will open a secret menu on your phone.

You can also try #4636# or *#*#4636#*#* if the above code doesn’t work for you. You can diagnose your phone hardware by following the on-screen required options.

What does *#0*# do on Samsung?

*#0*# is a general test code used to test all the different functions of the Samsung phone. It is also known as Engineering mode as it is widely used by technicians and Engineers to find and troubleshoot problems.

You can also try #*#0*#*#* USSD code to test your smartphone display.

What is #4636# Android secret codes?

Android USSD code #4636# in Android phones is used to access the secret menu. In this menu, you can test every hardware component of your smartphone.

You can also try ##4636## or *#*#4636#*#* if the above code doesn’t work for you. You can diagnose your phone hardware by following the on-screen required options.

How do I know if my phone is brand new or refurbished using secret USSD codes?

If you have purchased a smartphone from an online or offline store and you want to check if your smartphone is new or refurbished, then you may want to check it using USSD codes.

You can dial *#*#786#*#* USSD code in the dialer app to access the Reconditioned status menu of your device.

If you find the Reconditioned status is Yes, then it is refurbished, and if the status is showing No then your phone is BrandNew.

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  1. hi dears

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    his cellphone is made by Vietnam but mine made by china both 4GB RAM..128GB both android 13
    the phone made by vietnam can dial *#0*# but mine does not

    have i bought a fake phone ?

    • If you are unable to dial a code in your phone it’s not mean that you have bought a fake phone. If your phone is taking regular One UI updates and security patches then you need not worry. Some codes are blocked in some countries due to the country specific restrictions. Or there might be some other issue with your phone.

  2. P.S. ON CHarles Hood. Samsung phone is AO2 Aand the SKU is SMA025V2KYZ. Device id. ef6168ffed3ad562. Product date 11/21 if that helps. Thank again.

  3. I bought my Samsung from walmart for Verizon use on my grandson`s account on 11/21. When I no longer needed it he had it removed it from his account. They say it is not locked, but it shows device status locked. It has been well past the 6 month time they say it should be unlocked. We have spoken to several different people and get the same answer: your phone is unlocked. Any idea? Thanks.

  4. Hi everyone

    Samsung A32 not the 5g 1
    i added a lock screen (Pattern) but they didnt ask me to supply or setup a back up pin incase you forget pattern….

    so I forgot the new pattern I made… here is the thing… it doesnt have the option or function of typing the code or drawing the pattern incorrectly 5 times and then being offerd to select forgot pin or pattern….

    so I have tried numerous patterns even searched google to see if i could find a pattern that looks similar or the same and so on BUT NO LUCK!!!

    I do NOT WANT TO HARD RESET – i have more than 9000 unbacked up images and documents that i cant afford 2 lose 🙁 🙁

    i tried with my Samsung account to access the phone but the remote access is apparently not activated !!!

    WHAT THE HELL NOW… i am currently only able to try a new pattern every 5mins it was 30seconds then became 3mins and currently at 5mins


    • The carrier has them Blocked whether you are paid off your phone or not. Those codes can damage your phone more than they can help so they block them. I asked my Carrier the same thing and flat out told me that. My phone is unlocked without root permission because samsung won’t allow it on some models, My phone is completely paid off and I don’t have a warranty left on it and he still wouldn’t do it. That is samsungs only fault if you ask me.

    • How do I know if my Partner has secret apps on his phone?. It’s an A50 and if always says duel sim always on but he’s only got one sim card in upon checking and the font is faded where it says duel sim always on almost as if he must take a sim card out when home. He also uses things like Samsung dialer etc.. I can’t think off the top of my head but it shows in his goggle history. I do have sceenshots if that would help in helping someone solve my problem. Also, how do I get it back to one sim only as mine is duel aslo but because I’ve only ever used one sim (he swears he’s only ever had one too) mine doesn’t show up as duel sim always on.. I’m just baffled and want to ensure nothing is being hidden before we marry this year. It also always says on recent searches things like screenshots, downloads, secure files, secret mode etc.. please ???? any help I’d massively appreciate.

      • You should not marry, or even be with, somebody whom you do not trust. If you feel that it’s necessary to go through your partners phone all the time to see if they’re being honest with you then you have a big problem and it’s definitely not going to get solved on here!

  5. I have a Samsung galaxy s21 that I had lost and found it yesterday but I don’t remember the 4 digit pass code too. I have tried every code I can think of so now I can only try different one every 30 seconds. I don’t want to do a factory reset or a data dump. It has my nephew that passed away on it and I don’t want to lose those pics. If there is anyone that can help please tell me how to do so and keep all of my info on the phone. My email address is, also i will check on here for any updates or reply’s. Thanks Heather

    • There are 10000 4 digit combinations of the numbers 0 to 9999. As long as your phone allows it, you could try 100 combinations each day. At worst you’ll crack it in a 100 days. Just start at 0000, 0001,0002 etc… Good luck.

  6. I need to unlock my Samsung Galaxy A 13 5g. I have the IMEI number. Boost mobile is refusing to help, even though I have had an account in good standing for 5 years. I just purchased this phone in the last 30 days and am being told I have to have this new phone activated for 12 months before they will unlock! I have to switch carriers as I have no signal where I have moved. Please help

    • ok so now i know that with unlocking carriers are anything but willing to do so. but the other thing i know is you mine as well flush the darn thing down the tolilet cause that is way less of a dam headache then dealing with Sprint… wich boost is a branch from sprint. But little do most people know that back in like 2010 2011some wherein there Obmama passed a law that warrites phone compyies to allow 3 FREE UNLOCK A YEAR PER COMPANY, and when they dont hold up their end of it your spouse to report them (wich no one dose report them). By reporting them and complaining about them it gets noted in their commpany files and well if we all start doing our part them asshole will probly quit making it so dam hard cause lest face it no one wants a bunch of Tarnishes on their company name i mean isntthata sign of bad business have a whole shit ton of bad marks. point being file a complaint with the FCC THEY SUPOSEDLY CAN BE RECHED HERE FOR (FONE-1-888-225-5322) AND (ALSO THEY HAVE A VIDEOPHONE LINE- 1-844-432-2275) and well i cant say itll even fix your issue right awy but i do bet its easier and less of a headache thn trying to deal with boost (AKA SPRINT). Please know that its not going to be easy but i promise itll be wroth it cause its a law and they all really just do what they want and i really hate sprint.

    • Go on Amazon and but and network unlock sim card. It’s the same size as your sim card and you put it in on top of your sim card for whatever company. You will get instructions on exactly what to do me and my son used these and yes they work. So go look up network unlock sim cards

  7. Dear
    auto signal is not working when we go some where signal is not there, then even though we come back to signal area, automatically phone is not catching signal Why

      • Not Boost Mobile. I fought with them for 2 weeks, including corporate office. They refused to unlock my phone because I had it less than a year, despite being a customer for 5 years. Had to go to BBB before I got anywhere.

        • I had this same problem. Well my husband has boost, had a phone but UPGRADED TO A MORE EXPENSIVE ONE. ONE THAT HE WAS STILL PAYING OFF, So how do they thank like a 15 year customer who bought a phone and liked a nicer one ? They wont unlock the old phone. Ok, it wasnt turned on a year … Because it was transferred to a new phone, so the actual device wasnt on a year but the service was and whats more important to the phone service Provider??? The phone? They arent the phones manufacturer…so the phone shouldn’t be the thing “active” for a year. But the service. Like how stupid.

    • If you think your Samsung phone is hacked, then factory reset your smartphone and change all of your account passwords, security pin in your phone, everything will be in control. Make sure to take a complete backup of your data in external storage media before doing factory reset.
      And only install the required apps from google play store.

    • Having the same problem on all three fonts. Done what’s said still same problem. It’s linked to a computer called Linux. But not able to do anything about it. It’s really annoying.

  8. I forgot my passcode on my Samsung S20. How do I open the lock screen? Find my mobile is not working. I don’t want to loose my info if I can help it.

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    • They can be, if the number to divert is dialed in dialed by other person, or with apk third party installation packs.

      Thanks, Google Developer, for making stalking, snooping, and overall being acomplete trash person, must more accessible. The step by step instructions help ensure even the dumbest of the dumb can creep as well as the rest of em. ????


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