Samsung Galaxy A30 display, battery & spare parts price at service center

Samsung Galaxy A30 display, motherboard, battery, camera, and other spare parts prices at the authorized service centers. Samsung A30 was announced on 25 Feb 2019 and it was made available in March 2019 for the public to buy on online stores and offline markets.

Samsung A30 is a very popular smartphone and people are still using it in 2023. If you have started facing problem with your Samsung Galaxy A30 then you might want to fix your smartphone at the service center.

Smartphones generally face two types of problems either software or hardware, if your Samsung A30 is having software related problems then these can be fixed by updating your smartphone to the latest version, doing a factory reset or re-installing the operating system generally known as software.

samsung a30 spare parts price

But in case of hardware related problems you have to replace the specific part of your Samsung smartphone so you have to get the faulty parts replaced with new one at the service center.

You have to pay for the spare parts if replaced and service charges if your smartphone warranty period has over. In some cases you also may have to pay for these charges even if your smartphone is under warranty if it doesn’t fulfill the warranty terms and conditions.

Samsung Galaxy A30 spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy A30 spare parts has a long list and includes display, battery, motherboard, camera lenses, speaker, charging jack, audio jack, vibration motor and much more.

samsung galaxy a30 original spare parts price

Here we have provided all the details of Samsung Galaxy A30 original spare parts price list.

Samsung A30Price
Front camera₹1,032
Rear camera₹1,885

Samsung Galaxy A30 Display price

samsung galaxy a30 display price

Most of the Samsung Galaxy devices come with Super AMOLED display with FHD+ picxel resolution. Samsung A30 also comes with the Super AMOLED display with the pixel resolution of 1080×2340 pixels and a pixel density of 403ppi.

The Samsung Galaxy A30 original display price at authorized service center is ₹3,769. This price doesn’t include GST and labor cost. So the total screen replacement cost for Samsung A30 including GST and labor cost is ₹4,860.

Samsung A30Display Price
Labor charges₹350

Samsung Galaxy A30 Battery price

samsung galaxy a30 battery price and mah capacity

The Samsung Galaxy A30 comes with 4,000mAh battery capacity that provides the sufficient battery backup to the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A30 battery replacement cost at the authorized service center is ₹1,355 including GST and labor cost.

Samsung A30Battery Price
Labor charges₹350

Samsung A30 motherboard price

Samsung A30 comes in two storage and two RAM variants. It is powered by the Samsung’s own Exynos 7904 processor. The motherboard replacement cost of the Galaxy A30 is ₹1,355 at the authorized service center.

Samsung A30Battery Price
Labor charges₹350

Galaxy A30 Back glass price

Samsung A30Back glass Price

Galaxy A30 Camera price

The Galaxy A30 comes with 16MP dual rear camera setup and a 16MP selfie camera. Now a days smartphones come with Quad camera setup and also support high resolution camera lenses. Photography has evovled to the next level in smartphones.

samsung a30 rear camera lenses

The Samsung A30 front camera price is ₹1,032 and the rear camera price is ₹1,885. And these prices doesn’t include GST and labour cost you may have to pay for the extra labor cost.

Samsung A30Camera Price
Front Camera₹1,032
Rear Camera₹1,885

We hope that you have found all important information related to Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone. If you still have any questions or feedback then let us know in the comments section below. You can also visit Samsung spare parts prices on their official site.

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  1. i want samsung A30 display. 2nd hand mil jayega kya, agar han to please mail kijiye mera mobile ka display gaya hai urjent hai

    • The Price Of Samsung Galaxy A30s Is Rs.3390 (Excluded GST And Labour Charges)
      If Your Phone Is In Warrenty Price Will Be Rs.3390 + GST

    • If the smartphone battery is swelling, then you need to replace it immediately otherwise it can damage other parts of the smartphone. Visit the nearest samsung authorized service center to replace your A30 battery with new one.
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