Samsung Galaxy S20 display, battery & spare parts price in service center

If you own Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone then you might be curious about its display, battery and other spare parts price.

So in this post, we have discussed Samsung Galaxy S20 original display, battery and other spare parts price in details.

We also have talked about specification of Samsung Galaxy S20 in this post. So let us get started with its spare parts price.

You can also visit Samsung service center after your smartphone warranty period has completed. But this time you have to pay for the labor charges as well as spare parts replaced.

Samsung Galaxy S20 spare parts price list is given in the table below.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy S20 spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy S20 Display price

S20 ModelDisplay Price
S20 UltraMain 16,461
Sub 11,273
S20+Main 12,537
Sub 10,184
S20Main 13,071
Sub 9,950

Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery price

S20 ModelBattery Price
S20 Ultra1,755

Samsung Galaxy S20 Mainboard price

S20 ModelMotherboard Price
S20 Ultra (128GB)22,539
S20+ (128GB)19,098
S20 (128GB)21,558

Samsung Galaxy S20 Back glass price

S20 ModelBack glass Price
S20 Ultra3,272

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera price

S20 ModelCamera Price
S20 Ultra• Front 1,946
• Rear 9,177
• Ultra Wide 2,551
• Tele 1,933
S20+• Front 1,961
• Rear 5,819
• Ultra Wide 1,939
• Tele 1,937
S20• Front 2,030
• Rear 6,133
• Tele 1,937

Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone price

S20 ModelMobile Price
S20 Ultra77,999

Samsung Galaxy S20 spare parts shown above in the table are subject to change according to Samsung internal policy. Some of the things to note about Samsung spare parts price are as follows:

  • Price mentioned above are excluded with GST so Samsung can add GST at the time of purchase.
  • The price mentioned above are original parts price only so if you want to change above mentioned price in your smartphone then you also have to pay labor charge if your Samsung product is out of warranty. No labor charges will be levied if your product is under warranty.

You can also visit Samsung spare parts price on their official site.

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