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Samsung Magician Software for SSD Drive Management FAQ

Samsung magician software is the tool developed by Samsung to manage its SSD drives. This tool can be very useful for you if you have Samsung SSD and having so much data stored in it.

This is great tool to manage and customize Samsung SSD. This tool is totally free to download and use without any advertisement.

Once you download, install and start using your Samsung Magician Software you will find it very useful.

In this post, we have discussed about Samsung Magician Software in details. This article is all about Samsung Magician Software questions and answers.

Many of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s are covered in this post so don’t forget to check answers to your questions.

You can also ask you question related to Samsung Magician Software as well as you can answer to questions asked in comment section below.

Samsung Magician FAQ

Ques: What is Samsung Magician Software?

Ans: Samsung Magician is a software developed by Samsung for its internal as well as portable SSD to monitor drive health, maximize driver performance and customization of Samsung SSD.

Ques: Do I need Samsung Magician Software?

Ans: If you own Samsung SSD then you must try Samsung Magician Software at once as it has multiple features to customize, secure & boost the SSD performance.

Ques: Is Samsung Magician free?

Ans: Samsung Magician software is totally free to download and use so you need not to pay anything to use it. But it will only work with Samsung drives as it doesn’t support other brand drives.

Ques: Does Samsung Magician really work?

Ans: Yes, Samsung Magician Software really work for Samsung SSD. But it doesn’t support other brand drives. So it will only work with Samsung SSD but will not work with only other brand drive.

Ques: How to download Samsung Magician Software?

Ans: Samsung Magician Software is free to download and use. You can download it from Samsung official Website. You can also download Samsung Magician Software from this website also.

Ques: How to update samsung magician software?

Ans: Samsung Magician is very easy to update. You can update it from its dashboard. Open Magician software in you PC or Mac and click on Update option given left bottom of your software dashboard. Make sure your PC or Mac is connected to internet.

Ques: Failed to update Samsung Magician Software?

Ans: If you are unable to update Samsung Magician Software using built-in update option in the software then you can try to download and install the latest version from the Samsung official website manually.

Ques: Samsung magician software doesn’t recognize SSD?

Ans: Make sure your SSD is showing in File Manager of your PC. If it is not showing in File Manager then check the connections properly. Follow the steps if SSD is showing in File Manager:

  • Check your SSD is supported by Samsung Magician Software from the supported device list.
  • Make sure your SSD is working and not damaged.
  • Try to restart you PC and reconnect SSD.

Ques: Samsung magician software requirements?

Ans: The minimum requirement for Magician software are as follows:

  • Samsung original SSD (Internal or Portable) connected to your PC.
  • Windows 32bit or 64bit PC OR also work on Mac book.
  • Windows 7/8/10 home or Pro version.
  • For more information refer Samsung Magician Software Installation guide.

Ques: Samsung magician software user manual?

Ans: You can download the official documentation on how to install and how to use it properly from the download links given below.

Ques: Samsung Magician Software secure erase?

Ans: This software provides you many security features which are as follows:

  • Activate Encrypted Drive to protect private and sensitive data.
  • Magician lets you review your drive’s current security settings.
  • It also helps you with the security setup process.
  • Permanently delete sensitive data without compromising the functionality of your SSD.

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