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4C or 4E Error code meaning & troubleshooting in Samsung washing machine

Samsung top loading fully automatic washing machine shows a lot of error codes to alert the users. In this post, we have discussed 4C error code and describe the easiest way to fix the problem.

4C error code in Samsung washing machine is also known as 4E error code. So 4C and 4E error codes are same.

4E (4C) error code

Samsung washer 4E code meaning

4E (4E) error code is related to water supply. So if you get the 4E code then there is issue with the water supply in your top loading fully automatic Samsung washing machine.

Samsung washing machine 4E code is shows due to blocked or kinked water supply hose.

Reason of 4E (4C) error code

blockage in water supply in samsung washing machine
blockage in water supply in washer

The only main reason of 4E error code is water blockage or deficiency in Samsung washing machine. And water blockage can occur due to the following reasons:

  • No water supply in tab connected to the washing machine.
  • Water tap connected to washing machine not opened properly.
  • Water supply hose blocked due to sand or other obstructions.
  • Kinked water supply hose can cause restrictions to the flow of water.
  • Very less water flowing through hose due to limited amount of water supply.

Samsung washing machine 4E code troubleshooting

open water tap to full

Troubleshooting Samsung washing machine 4E code is very easy and simple. As we have already discussed that this issue occurs due to stoppage in water supply in washing machine.

We can check the following things to troubleshoot 4C error in Samsung washing machine:

  • Make sure that adequate water supply is available in your tap.
  • Washing machine is connected to the tap via water supply hose.
  • Check that water tap connected to the washing machine is open to full.
  • Check for the kinks or bents in the water hose connected to the machine and remove bents and kinks if available.
  • Now check for any blockage in the water hose mesh filter.

Clean the water hose mesh filter

samsung washing machine water hose mesh filter
samsung washing machine water hose mesh filter

Samsung washing machine 4C error can also be shown due to blockage in water hose mesh filter. You can follow the steps given below to clear the blockage in water hose mesh filter:

  • Turn off the water supply to washing machine by turning off the water tap.
  • Remove the water hose from the washing machine.
  • Gently pull out the mesh filter from the end of the hose, You can use use a pair of pliers to pull the mesh filter.
  • Now rinse the mesh filter under the tap, until it is clean properly.
  • Push the filter back into place.
  • Screw the hose back onto the washing machine.
  • Turn on the tap and then make sure all the pipe connections are watertight.
  • Now restart the washing machine by switching the power button off and then on again.

Check for the 4E Code

Turn ON the washing Machine back on and start a cycle.

The washing machine should drain at the beginning of the test cycle. If it does not, contact customer care to request service.

Sometimes, Samsung fully automatic washing machine also shows 4E (4C) error code. Troubleshooting to 5E (4C) code can be find on our dedicated post, How to fix 4E code in Samsung Washer.

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