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Samsung One UI 4.1 Update list & release date

Samsung has started rolling out its software update for new smartphones. Samsung One UI 4.0 based phones are upgrading to Samsung One UI 4.1 gradually.

Samsung one UI is one of the best skin user interfaces for smartphones and Samsung update their UI for the improvement on the regular basis.

If you are having a Samsung phone with you then this post is very important to you. We have provided Samsung One UI 4.1 Update release date list for all eligible smartphones.

You can check if your Samsung phone is available in the update list given below.

Samsung one UI 4.1 will be available to download and update for newly released smartphones from all Series.

This update brings improved user interface and few new features to Gallery, Camera improvements, Color improvements, Photo editor and smart widgets.

Apart from these improvements there are some other minor changes made in Samsung One UI 4.1 Update.

I must tell you that Samsung One UI 4.1 is still based on Android 12 version by Google.

For any Samsung related query, you can contact Samsung customer care helpline number and also contact at Samsung support email ID.

Samsung One UI 4.1 Update list

Samsung has not released any roadmap for Samsung One UI 4.1 Update list on their official website. But we have find a list from internet which shows list of all Samsung One UI 4.1 eligible smartphones.

So checkout if your smartphone fall in this list or not.

All Samsung phones working on Samsung One UI 4.0 are eligible to get Samsung One UI 4.1 latest update.

Galaxy S series

Galaxy S21 UltraSoon
Galaxy S21+Soon
Galaxy S21Soon
Galaxy S20 UltraSoon
Galaxy S20+Soon
Galaxy S20Soon
Galaxy S20 FESoon
Galaxy S10 5GDelay
Galaxy S10Delay
Galaxy S10+Delay
Galaxy S10eDelay
Galaxy S10 LiteDelay

Galaxy Note Series

Galaxy Note 20 UltraSoon
Galaxy Note 20Soon
Galaxy Note 10+Delay
Galaxy Note 10Delay
Galaxy Note 10 LiteDelay

Galaxy Z series

Galaxy Z Flip 3Soon
Galaxy Z Fold 3Soon
Galaxy Z Flip 2Soon
Galaxy Z Fold 2Soon
Galaxy FlipDelay
Galaxy FoldDelay

Galaxy A Series

Galaxy A71Soon
Galaxy A51Soon
Galaxy A52sSoon
Galaxy A72Soon
Galaxy A QuantumSoon
Galaxy Quantum 2Soon
Galaxy A42Soon
Galaxy A03sSoon
Galaxy A12 NachoSoon
Galaxy A32Soon
Galaxy A22Soon
Galaxy A90Delay
Galaxy A01Delay
Galaxy A11Delay
Galaxy A31Delay
Galaxy A41Delay
Galaxy A02Delay
Galaxy A02sDelay
Galaxy A12Delay

Galaxy M series

Galaxy M42Soon
Galaxy M12Soon
Galaxy M62Soon
Galaxy M01Soon
Galaxy M22Soon
Galaxy M31Soon
Galaxy M32Soon
Galaxy M52Soon
Galaxy M02sDelay
Galaxy M02Delay
Galaxy M21Delay
Galaxy M31
Prime Edition
Galaxy M51Delay
Galaxy M21sDelay
Galaxy M31sDelay

Galaxy F series

Galaxy F42 5GSoon
Galaxy F62Soon
Galaxy F12Soon
Galaxy F22Soon
Galaxy F41Delay
Galaxy F02sDelay

Galaxy Tab Series

Galaxy Tab S7+Soon
Galaxy Tab S7Soon
Galaxy Tab S7 FESoon
Galaxy Tab S6Soon
Galaxy Tab S6 LiteSoon
Galaxy Tab A8 10.5Soon
Galaxy Tab A 8.4Delay
Galaxy Tab A7Delay
Galaxy Tab A7 LiteDelay
Galaxy Tab Active 3Delay

How to update Samsung phone to latest version

You can update your Samsung phone to latest version. Samsung release updates through OTA for all of its devices.

Follow the simple steps to update your Samsung phone to Samsung One UI 4.1 now:

  • Go to System Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Software Update.
  • Tap on Download & Install.
  • Now you can follow the on-screen guidance.

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