Samsung One UI 4 all new features

Samsung One UI 4 brings many new features to Galaxy smartphones. It also bring new privacy control to smartphone users.

Samsung has already started One UI 4 OTA update for its newly launched smartphone models.

Samsung 61 smartphone models will get this update through OTA. Older models will get this update later this year.

List of Samsung eligible device for One UI 4 update is already available with OTA update date on this blog.

One UI 4 upgrade is based on Android 12 which is the latest Android version launched by Google.

One UI 4 top features

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Permission info at a glance: You can now see when any app access sensitive permissions such as Camera, Location or Microphone in Permission usage.

Camera and microphone indicators: You will find a green dot at the upper right corner of your smartphone screen when any app is using the camera or microphone.

Samsung Keyboard

Quick access to GIFs, emojis, and stickers: Emojis, GIFs, and stickers are directly accessible from the keyboard with a single button.

Animated emoji pairs: You can now combine two emojis together, then add an animation to really get your feelings across.

Writing assistant: Grammar and spelling checker for English language is available in the keyboard which is powered by Grammarly.

Home screen

New widget design: Widgets look better than ever, with info that’s easy to see at a glance and a more consistent style.

Easier widget selection: You can now scroll through the widget list to see what’s available from each app. Recommendations for useful widgets is also provided here.

Lock screen

Listen where you want: At the lockscreen itself you can now switch audio output from buds to speakers & vice-versa in your phone.

Voice recording: You can now record voice memo at the lockscreen itself without unlocking your smartphone.

Calendar and schedule at once: You can now watch the full month calendar with schedules on the Lock screen.

One UI 4 Camera features

Cleaner Photo mode: The scene optimizer button only appears in Photo mode if there’s low light or you’re scanning a document.

Clearer zoom levels: Lens icons show the magnification level, so you know how much you’re zoomed in.

Take quick videos: In Photo mode, you can touch and hold the Shutter button to start recording a quick video, then drag your finger to the Lock icon to continue recording without holding down the Shutter.

Pro photography: A cleaner look in Pro mode helps you focus on the shot, and the new level indicators help you keep shots balanced.

Enhanced stories: Enjoy automatically created highlight videos by tapping the preview at the top of each story. You can also explore where the pictures in your stories were taken in the new Map view.

Easier albums: Sort albums by how many pictures and videos they contain. A cover image also appears at the top of the screen when you view an album.

More control over information: Change or remove the date, time, and location of your pictures to correct it or keep it private.

Photo and video editor App

Emojis and stickers: Use an emoji to cover the face of a shy friend or add stickers to create fun pictures and videos.

Video collages: Make moving collages that include pictures, videos, or a combination of both.

Lighting control: The Light balance feature helps you pull out details from poorly-lit shots to make them look great.

Highlight reels: Just choose a theme, and the AI will add the music and transitions to your highlight video automatically.

Never lose the original: You can now revert both pictures and videos back to their original versions after they’re saved, or save them as copies to keep both the original and edited versions.

AR Emoji

Jazz up your profile: Use an AR emoji as your profile picture in Contacts and Samsung account.

Face stickers: Pretend to be your emoji with new stickers of your emoji’s face.

Dance the night away: Make your emoji dance with moves from 10 different categories including #Fun, #Cute, and #Party.

Design your own clothes: Use your own drawings to create unique clothes for your AR emojis.


More customization: Customize the list of apps that appear when you share content to keep the clutter away and focus only on the apps you use regularly.

Easier navigation: Swipe left or right to scroll through apps and contacts when you’re sharing.

Photo sharing: When you share a picture that’s out of focus or not framed well, we’ll let you know and give you suggestions for fixing it.


Quick add events: Now you just need to enter a title to add something in your calendar it will automatically be added quickly in the calendar app.

Recover deleted events: Recycle bin feature has been added in calendar app and the deleted evets will stay in the Trash for 30 days.

Share events: It is very easy to share your calendars with other Samsung smartphone users.

Samsung Internet

Home screen search: The new search widget is added at home screen which helps you find what you’re looking for.

Secret mode: Samsung Internet browser will automatically start in Secret mode if have used Secret mode during your previous browsing session.

Device Care App Features

Battery and security: Device care app shows you Battery and security issues on the main screen of the app so you can solve resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Device overall status: To understand your phone status instantly it will be reflected as an emoji.

Diagnostic checks: Diagnostic check is the feature in Device care app which is capable of testing and finding problems in your smartphone. It will also show you suggestions to resolve the problem quickly.

Samsung Health App

All-new design: Four tabs are available at the bottom of the screen for your easy reach to important functions.

My page: My page tab can provide a summary of your health stats, achievements, personal bests, and progress at a place.

Challenge your friends: You can now invite friends by sending a link to start a challenge in a very simple way.

Bixby Routines

More conditions: Start a routine during a call, when a certain notification arrives, and more.

More actions: You can now turn on Enhanced processing & all other features with a routine.

More control: Touch & hold the actions to reorder them. Advanced options have been added to let you wait before an action starts, confirm actions, and more.

Accessibility: It is very easy to access accessibility features very fast with a floating button that’s always available.

Mouse gestures: It is very easy to perform actions very fast by moving mouse pointer to one of the 4 corners of the screen.

Adjust your screen at once: In high contrast or large display mode you can now adjust contrast and size at the same time with custom Display mode.

Eye comfort: Eye comfort mode is optimized to reduce transparency/blur to keep your eyes comfortable.

Extra dim screen: You can now turn on Extra dim for more comfortable reading at night time.

More features and improvements

Always On Display: Always on display has become batter now you can set it to turn on whenever you get a notification.

Enhanced Dark mode: Dark mode is improved & now it can automatically dims wallpapers and icons.

Safety and emergency menu: Safety and emergency menu in system Settings provide you the ability to manage the emergency contacts & safety information all at a single place.

Keep your eyes on the road: Driving monitor in Digital Wellbeing keeps track of when you use your phone while driving.

Skip alarm once: You can turn off any repeating alarm for one day. It will automatically turn on after one day.

Switch from texts to calls: Tap the person’s name at the top of the conversation to see their details or start a voice or video call.

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