Samsung A14 Display price & specifications

Galaxy A14 is a recently launched smartphone by Samsung. In this post, we have discussed the Samsung A14 display in detail. We have provided all details about the Samsung A14 display specifications and price.

Samsung is known for its best products and it is also leading the smartphone market for many years. Many people want to own Samsung products.

Samsung has smartphones for every type of user and they bring smartphones in low, mid and premium range smartphones.

Galaxy A14 is a low-budget smartphone and is available to buy at 14,000 from their official website. You can buy Samsung A14 at a discounted price from other online stores and you can even get more discounts on specific brands’ credit and debit cards.

samsung a14 display specification price

If you are planning to buy a smartphone from the Samsung brand and have a very low budget then Samsung A14 could be a great choice for you.

Samsung A14 Display

Samsung Galaxy A14 has a 16.30cm (6.4 inches) rounded corners Full HD+ display. Samsung A14 display supports 1080×2408 pixel resolutions so you can easily play Full HD videos on this smartphone.

Galaxy A14 display is built by using PLS LCD technology. PLS LCD is developed by Samsung and it is the improved version of LG’s IPS display technology. Samsung has improved viewing angles in the PLS LCD technology.

So we can say that PLS LCD technology is nothing but an improved version of IPS LCD technology. But AMOLED technology is far better than PLS LCD technology. But still, you can get good picture quality in a Samsung A14 display with nice viewing angles.

samsung a14 display

Samsung A14 display also supports 16M colour depth so we can say that at this price range, Samsung A14 is providing a good display that can easily support FHD+ videos.

Galaxy A14 display specifications

Here we have provided all the details of Samsung A14 in the table given below. You can easily find and compare the parameters of the Samsung A14 display with other brand devices.

Samsung A14Display Details
Display size16.72cm
6.6 inches
TechnologyPLS LCD
Resolutions1080 x 2408
Pixel density400ppi
Refresh rate90Hz
Color Depth16M

Galaxy A14 display quality

Samsung had provided a 720P HD display in Galaxy A13 and Samsung upgraded the display in A14 and provided 6.6 inches FHD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Galaxy A14 is the successor of the Galaxy A13 and Samsung has only made changes in the display department in A14. Other than the display department Samsung has made minor changes in A14 over Galaxy A13.

In our opinion, Samsung A14 offers a good display at this price range as no smartphone brand offers an AMOLED display in low-budget smartphones.

samsung a14 design front and back

We have already mentioned that Samsung’s PLS LCD display is better than the IPS LCD display and we can also say that the PLS LCD display is an improved version of the IPS LCD display. Samsung has made improvements in viewing angles in this type of display over IPS LCD display.

Samsung A14 display price

Samsung Galaxy A14 display price at the authorized service center is 3,518₹ and the Samsung A14 total screen replacement cost is approx 4,446₹.

samsung a14 display price

Galaxy A14 total screen replacement cost includes display cost (spare part), labour charges and GST. Samsung has not mentioned GST and labour costs on their website for Galaxy A14.

Galaxy A14Price
Labor Cost295₹
Total Cost4,446₹

We have tried to provide the complete details of Samsung Galaxy A14 display including its specifications and replacement cost. If you still have any question or feedback then let us know in the comment box below.


Does Samsung A14 have an AMOLED display?

No, Samsung A14 doesn’t have an AMOLED display but it has PLS LCD which is the improved version of the IPS LCD display. However, PLS LCD is not better than the AMOLED display but still it provides good colours and viewing angles.

How good is Samsung A14?

Samsung A14 smartphone is a low-budget range smartphone and it provides good features at this price range. If you want a feature-rich smartphone at this price range then you need to buy a Chinese-brand smartphone.

Is Samsung A14 plastic?

Yes, the Samsung A14 body is a mixture of plastic and other carbon components. It doesn’t feature any metal body. But still, Samsung A14 has a great design and good quality plastic body.

What is the refresh rate of the A14 display?

Samsung Galaxy A14 screen offers a 90Hz display refresh rate. At this price range, a 90Hz refresh rate is satisfactory and a good option.

What is the price of an A14 display?

Samsung A14’s price on the Samsung website is 12,999 and you may get it at a discounted price on online stores like Flipkart and Amazon.

What kind of screen does the Samsung Galaxy A14 have?

Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone offers a PLS LCD FHD+ display. PLS LCD display is the improved version of the IPS LCD. Samsung has improved viewing angles in PLS LCD display over IPS LCD.

How old is the Galaxy A14?

Samsung Galaxy A14 is the latest smartphone by Samsung which was released in March 2023.

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