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Samsung A Series vs M Series difference & which is batter

Samsung Galaxy A Series vs Samsung Galaxy M Series has become a hot topic among the youth and everyone who is willing to buy a new Samsung smartphone is curious to know the winner between both of these.

Samsung is a tech giant company and it dominants in smartphone market also. Samsung has launched many Series for the classification of its different smartphone models.

Samsung has many smartphone series including A Series, F Series, M Series, S Series, Note Series, Premium Series, Tab Series and abandoned J Series also.

So it has become very confusing for people to select one series and then one smartphone from a particular selected series from Samsung itself.

In this post, we have discussed Samsung two major mid range budget series Samsung Galaxy A Series VS Samsung Galaxy M Series.

Samsung A Series VS M Series Overview

Samsung Galaxy A Series and M Series are the popular smartphone series. Samsung Galaxy A Series is more mature than Samsung M Series as Galaxy M series is relatively new series from Samsung.

Galaxy A Series by Samsung was released on 31 Oct 2014 with launch of Samsung A3 smartphone. Samsung A Series is a series of premium smartphones.

You will always find Samsung A series smartphones are more costlier than M Series even when the specifications are almost same.

Samsung always try to provide premium smartphones for its A Series. On the other hand Samsung try to provide budget smartphone with more features in its M Series and due to which she has to use low quality spare parts in its M series.

Samsung M Series was first launched on 05 Feb 2019 with launch of Samsun M10 & M20 smartphones. After that M series became very much popular and people started comparing it with Samsung A series.

Difference between Samsung A series & M series

There are so many factors which can differentiate between Galaxy A and M series by Samsung.

So we have tried to went into the roots of both the Samsung smartphones series and tried to provide the best available information to you in this post.

Samsung A vs M series Market

Samsung A Series is a premium smartphone series and this series phones are launched worldwide in online and offline market.

However, Samsung A series is focused for offline market. So Samsung has to pay commission for retailers and shop owners in between.

These things also increase the final price of any product. Samsun A series products are sold in mainly offline market so this is also one of the major reason that makes its price higher than M series phones.

Whereas, Samsung M Series is mainly focused on online market. And it is hard to buy Samsung M series offline with offers. So Samsung can save some amount by selling this series phones in online market.

Samsung M Series is a low budget series which is focused on mainly Indian smartphone market so Samsung try to provide more specifications in this series at a lower price to compete leading Chinse brands Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus in India.

So Samsung always compromise with quality in this series but always try to provide more features in this series at a low price.

Design & Built Quality

Design and built quality is the major feature which is very much helpful to differentiate between both these Samsung smartphone series.

Many times we find that Samsung launches almost similar smartphone with similar features but the price difference between both is very high. Sometime the price difference become 5K-7K on a single phone.

This is because of the built quality. Samsung uses very cheap spare parts and mainboard in its M Series smartphones.

Sometimes it is found that Samsung uses low quality mainboard/motherboard than Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and Realme and offer these smartphone at relatively higher price.

If you really don’t trust it then go to comment section of these posts and you will find that people are searching for mainboard of Samsung M31, Samsung M21, Samsung M51 & Samsung M30.


Samsung A series has relatively more features than M series smartphones.

Previously Samsung used different UI for A series and M series smartphones but fortunately Samsung is offering same One UI with almost same software based features.

But still there are so many software based features which are missing in Samsung M series but are available in A series smartphones.

Some features which are available in all A series smartphones but available in only few M series phones are as follows: Good lock, Always on Display, Samsung Message app, Screen recording, Bixby, Secure Folder, Knox security and Samsung Pay.

FeatureA SeriesM Series
Good LockYesNo
Knox SecurityYesNo
Secure FolderYesNo
Screen RecordingYesNo
Always on DisplayYesNo
Samsung PayYesNo
Samsung SMS appYesNo
Samsung RoutineYesNo

Note: Some of the latest smartphones from M Series also offer these software based feature but older doesn’t offer. And some are getting these features via OTA update.


It is always noticed that Samsung A series smartphones gets relatively more security patches update. And also Samsung A series smartphone have more features than M series smartphones.

But these days M series latest smartphones are also getting all the features which come pre-installed in A series phones.

You can also find more push notifications and bloatware’s in M series smartphones. But you can still fix some of these in M series also.


In terms of hardware it depends upon model to model. Many times we have found that Samsung M series smartphones offer batter hardware than A series smartphones at same price range.

HardwareA SeriesM Series

In our opinion, most of the M series smartphone offer good hardware as compare to A Series at the in the same price smartphones. But the durability and built quality is always found batter in A series smartphones.

This thing is not applicable on all smartphones but applicable on most of the cases.


It is also noticed that even when Samsung A series phone capture batter photos even when same lens are used in M series and A series smartphone.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is the feature which is used to shoot smooth and non shaky videos in cameras.

OIS feature is also not available in M series smartphones. But it is available in A series smartphones.

Video pro mode is also available in A series smartphones but not available in all M series smartphones.

Because photos depends on 4 things of a smartphone when camera operator and lighting conditions are same:

Camera lens: Batter camera quality = battery photographs

Processor: Batter processor = batter photographs

Display: Good display = batter color production

Software: Good camera software optimization = batter photographs

So finally there are always some things found batter in A series smartphones which produce batter images in A series smartphones as compare to M series phones.


Samsung has moved their Asia based display factory from China to India even then they will not provide batter display for all models in India.

Other Chinese brands purchases Display from Samsung, uses in their smartphones and launches those smartphones at a lower price then Samsung.

Display also depend on model to model in both the series smartphones. There are so many A series smartphone users who are searching to replace display for their smartphones.

Some of the A series smartphones Display issues can be noted from the comment section of these posts: Samsung A51, Samsung A50, Samsung A30, Samsung A31, Samsung A70.


Stereo speakers are available in Samsung A series smartphones and are not available in M series. M series smartphones are having Mono speakers.

On the other hand Dolby Atmos is a software based feature which is available on almost all A series smartphones but it is not available in all M series smartphones.

However newly launched M series smartphones are also having Dolby Atmos features for sound enhancements.

Samsung A series or M series which is better

We have done a detailed comparison of Samsung A series and M series smartphones. Now we have to choose the batter series between these both.

Before we go to conclusion we want to recap every thing in the form of a table so that everything become more clear.

FeatureA SeriesM Series
DurabilityHigh Normal
Built QualityGoodAverage
Dolby AtmosYesNo
Always on DisplayYesNo
Screen RecordingYesNo
Video Pro modeYesNo
Carrier aggregationYesNo
One UIYesYes
Software UpdatesMoreLess
Good LockYesNo
Knox SecurityYesNo
Secure FolderYesNo
Samsung PayYesNo
Samsung SMS AppYesNo
Samsung RoutineYesNo
Countries WorldIndia

Note: This thing is not applicable on all Samsung A & M series smartphones but it is applicable on most of the cases.


Here we have discussed on various aspects of Samsung A series vs M series and reach at the final conclusion.

I want to make you clear in only few words and make it clear which Samsung series is batter M series or A series. Samsung has improved its M series smartphone in 2022 as compare to previous years.

In terms of features, durability and built quality Samsung A series is always batter than M series.

If you always try to compare your smartphone with others and you have good budget then you must go for Samsung A series as it provide batter software optimization, features and built quality.

And if you rarely compare you smartphone with others and having less budget then you can consider Samsung M series smartphones because having relatively low price and large battery.

But I will still recommend if you can manage to buy A series smartphone then you should always go for it.

Best ModelBuy Online
Samsung A71Amazon
Samsung A52Grab the Deal
Samsung A52sAmazon
Samsung M52Grab the Deal
Samsung M32Amazon
Samsung M12Grab the Deal

I must tell you that there so many cases of motherboard damage in Samsung M series after one year of usages are noted so don’t buy M series phones in 2022 also.

Information provided on this post is taken from multiple trusted sources and looks more correct in Q2 of 2022. We will try to update the information if changes in future but we don’t commit it.

We hope that its now clear to you which Samsung smartphone series is batter and which series smartphone fits you and your budget.

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