Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 & A9 Pro display battery motherboard price

Galaxy A9 2018 & A9 Pro are the older smartphone which were launched between 2016 to 2018. These smartphones are not available to buy in 2022 and no one is interested to buy these smartphones.

But people are still interesting to buy old A9 smartphone because they are having issues with their A9 smartphone and want to replace there faulty parts with working parts of other smartphones.

If you own Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 & A9 Pro phone then you might be curious about display, battery, motherboard and other spare parts price of it.

In this post, we have discussed Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 & A9 Pro original display, battery and motherboard price and we have also discussed other spare parts price in details.

You should always note that price mentioned below in this post are excluded of GST so you may have to pay extra CGST+SGST on the spare parts of the smartphones.

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You should use complete protection because of the following reasons:

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  • A good back cover gives new and premium look to your smartphone.
  • Good tempered glass protect your mobile screen from scratches and damage.
  • Good tempered glass also protect your mobile screen from finger marks.
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Samsung Galaxy A9 series display price

A9 20185,664₹
A9 Pro4607

Galaxy A9 series back glass price

A9 20182,224₹
A9 Pro894

Samsung Galaxy A9 series motherboard price

A9 2018128GB12,850₹
A9 Pro32GB7,566₹

Samsung Galaxy A9 series Battery price

A9 20181,084₹
A9 Pro1,572

Galaxy A9 2018 camera price


Galaxy A9 Pro camera price


Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 and A9 Pro smartphones spare parts price shown in the above tables are subject to change according to Samsung internal policy. Some of the things to note about Samsung spare parts price are as follows:

  • Price mentioned above are excluded with GST so Samsung can add GST at the time of purchase.
  • The price mentioned above are original parts price only so if you want to change above mentioned price in your smartphone then you also have to pay labor charge if your Samsung product is out of warranty.
  • No labor charges will be levied if your product is under warranty.

Samsung Galaxy A9 series Warranty

Samsung offers 12 months of standard Warranty for all smartphones as well as on tablets. And Samsung Galaxy Display also has 12 months of warranty. You can check Warranty Status of your Galaxy device by counting 12 months from the date of purchase of your Galaxy product.

Samsung offers limited Warranty period on any repair carried out in case the same part fails again depending on the part. In order to avail the warranty, customer shall be required to produce the customer service record or invoice of the repair of the said product.

If you replace your smartphone display from Samsung authorized service center than you will again get 03 months of Warranty on new display from the date of replacement. You can also refer Samsung Warranty page for more detailed information.

ProductsWarranty Period
Tablet12 months
Handset12 months
12 months
(if changed separately)
03 months

Samsung has also launched its program where you can also extend Samsung Warranty after paying in advanced. You can also visit Samsung spare parts price on their official site.

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